releasing semi-regular records, and some self-produced CDR albums as well. All DIY/non-profit and hopefully some benefit releases along the way.

Distros/traders please get in touch.    PRICES postpaid (UK/EUROPE/WORLD)

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FCR025 Summer 2014 - VITRIOLIC RESPONSE / SYSTEM SHIT split 7"EP Crust punk from UK/Canada.... multi label collaboration... we have 100 of these.... available for £4 ppd.  Distro's - want to take some copies? We'll trade/swap etc...

FCR024 DEC 2009 - AFTER THE LAST SKY / S.A.T.A.N. split 7"EP - metallic grind from UKs AFTLS and fast grindcore from Poland's S.A.T.A.N. - get this quick - only 50 copies at FCR.


6/2/10: Sample track from each band now posted on the mp3 page,check it out!

FCR023 POUNDAFLESH / REJECTED split CD  -  new release for summer 2008 – new recordings from Derby’s premier punk/crust band, Rejected are fastish punk from South Wales including Payney from blind destruction records/ex-In The Shit)  - NOW SOLD OUT.


FCR022 - KRUPSKAYA Clouds Over Pripyat CD  out now! A debut of crushing metallic grindcore from Stoke on Trent, UK, featuring the ex-Eggraid and F.H.P. vocalist. Inc. 16 page booklet.  - NOW SOLD OUT.


FCR020 - ATOMGEVITTER/FILTHPACT split LP - 2 Scottish bands team up here, Atomgevitter playing rocking thrash punk, Filthpact playing old school grindcore. On lovely red vinyl. This one's taken a while to come to fruition but its worth the wait! Thrash ahoy! - SOLD OUT

CD version STILL AVAILABLE reduced to £1.50 (plus postage) (April 2012)  - NOW SOLD OUT



FCR019 - ACAO DIRETA Entre A Bencao E O Caos LP - furious hardcore punk from Brazil. We like 'em so much this is our 2nd release with 'em! This is a 12" vinyl re-release of their 3rd album.  NOW SOLD OUT

"This is the third album from this longstanding Brazilian hardcore act. This is my first exposure to the band, but the material here ranges from straightforward hardcore with a fast crossover feel to some slower, heavier moments that almost lean towards a NYHC type of style, and a few tracks with a noticeable punk vibe as well (all with shouted vocals). There's definitely a lot going on. Hell, "A Natureza Humana" is even based around acoustic guitars and multiple layers of tribal percussion with some thick bass and shouted vocals, with one distorted lead break… fucking awesome. "17 de Abril" is an instrumental with some wonderful acoustic guitars and prominent bass runs, there's almost a jazz sort of vibe… fucking beautiful. They also do a cover of Terveet Kadet's "The Darkness". Not too shabby..." from the Aversionline review


FCR018 - FUCK HATE PROPAGANDA / SICK TERROR (UK/Brazil) split 7”EP (an old FCR release that we have some copies of back in) £2.50/$6/$6



FCR017 - V/A Ripping Thrash the tape - compilation CDR, originally release on tape in ?1988 and was our first ever attempt at an international comp tape. Bands include: HEAVY DISCIPLINE (UK), NO FRAUD (USA), SUBTERRANEAN KIDS (Spain), WRETCHED (Italy), INFEZIONE (Italy), INHUMAN CONDITIONS (Germany), GRB (Spain), FEED YOUR HEAD (UK) and more. 33 tracks. £1/$3/$4 - plus postage -we've remade the last batch of copies of this.... 14 copies. Get yours now!

2/1/17 - NOW SOLD OUT...................

FCR016 STATE OF FILTH / ANARCHY SPANKY split CDR -  fast noisy crust/grind stuff from Preston meets 80s style punk rock from Bolton… a true Lancashire hotpot here… Anarchy Spanky’s last release too and their best yet.. snap it up !!  April 2012 - REDUCED TO £1 (plus postage) - NOW SOLD OUT.

FCR015 - POUNDAFLESH Cry From The People CD CDR single version of their recent 7”, with 2 extra tracks, one of which is a Discharge cover…. Burton/Derby hardcore crust punk along the lines of Varukers and MTA… only £2/$5/$6 - NOW SOLD OUT

FCR012 - V/A THRASH FROM SPAIN CD - compilation CDR, re-mastered from tape, originally released in 1988

9/2/09: This CD is now SOLD OUT.

FCR011 - V/A FOLLOW YOUR LEADER double CD 2 CDRs, over 30 bands from around the world, DIY hardcore punk here with ACAO DIRETA (Brazil), BOXED IN (England), BEYOND DESCRIPTION (Japan), SICK TERROR (Brazil), THE YOUNG ONES (USA), EYE FOR AN EYE (Poland), FIGHT BACK (Croatia), BREZHNEV (Holland), BUG CENTRAL (Engalnd), FASTARD (Scotland), TOXIC TV (France), WORM (England), HATEMAIL KILLERZ (USA), and loads more!! Benefit for Rape Crisis groups and for the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs Campaign.  NOW SOLD OUT





FCR009 - V/A WAR ON TERROR CD - compilation CDR co-released by FCR and Thrash And Die Records.












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