CROATIA SCENE REPORT..update November 2003


Ok, some news from Croatian scene: Senata Fox (Zagreb) released split 7" EP with Unison (hardcore/punk from Beograd, Serbia) wich kiks ass!!! Also they have new e-mail so you can contact them on:  AK 47 (Zagreb) released mini disc that looks & sounds awesome! They also released split tape with FxPxOx (fast sXe hardcore from Skopje, Macedonia) wich is the same material as on mini disc. Contact:  Fistra (singer) also put out issue # 5 of his zine Borba (struggle) wich was dead for a wile but now is back! Zine is unfortunatly on Croatian. Lasting Values (Zagreb) is planing to release soon new material on CD and a tape, contact:  Theysuck! (Zagreb) will release soon split tape with Protest mozga (hardcore thrash from Labin, Croatia). Contact: or Protest Mozga contact:  My other band Equal broke up sadly...  Panaceja (Rijeka) released great CD, great thrash ultra fast hardcore! Contact:  Pandemija (Rijeka) broke up but I think they will release 4 way split tape with Fightback (Pozega, Cro), Nepravda (Pozega, Cro) & Deep Cunt. Contact:  In previous scene report I forgot to mention Beer System from Pozega wich is playing crusty punk with some metal touches. They have released 4 way split tape with (Steve, I can remember, so Iīll send you tomorrow what are other bands, ok?). Contact:  I must mention town Slavonski Brod where lately some new fresh young people came on scene with some good bands and zines. Faak am See is crust hardcore band, contact:   Faul is melodic hc/punk band, contact:  Kriva Istina is also melodic hc/punk band, contact:   Lotus is emo punk band, contact:  All these 4 bands are released on CD-r demo compilation so if youīre interested you can contact them on previous adresses. They also doing some zines (Korak Naprijed & soon a new one) but those are on Croatian.  As for zines there are lotīs of new coming out lately (Goropadnik, Reasons, Knknpnkn...) but they are all on Croatian. But Max from Labin puted out issue # 8 of his great La Bean zine wich is on English so check it out. Contact:   Also Kukatz from Pozega is working on issue # 11 of is Fecal Forces zine (also on English). Contact:  and Teo from Mursko Sredisce is working on issue # 5 of his You & Me zine (on English, zine about sex & stuff). Contact:   I also must mention one distribution/records label that I didnīt mentioned last time, itīs Demonkracija with so far 7 releases and lotīso f good stuff on distro like records, zines & books. Contact:  I think thatīs all for now, maybe I left some cause it sleeped my mind, but hey, Iīm human too.