Alright this is another email about us being ripped off.


The original KISMET HC designed / approved/etc cover (not that rare & not yet out of print) available for about 5 or equivalent, probably cheaper!!!!! ask Steve at P O BOX 152 / BURTON-ON-TRENT / STAFFS / DE14 1XX / ENGLAND or you should check out:







Below is the cover that Joey (of MEDIATTACK!) designed - without the bands agreement & he also changed how the lyrics were written (ie different to the actual songs) also he changed the albums/cd's name from 'our message is of anger.... our voices are of pain' to his choice of 'our message is in the anger'. etc etc.

$100.00 (out of print)
(includes music by
Kismet Hardcore)
(donation negotiable)
designed for Mediattack! Cd's

have you read it...... $100.00

what is the person thinking????????? 


True we are with Fuck Copyright Records but there is some serious shit happening when a so called anarchist punk takes your material, changes it totally (except the music thankfully) & makes money for himself from it & makes a mockery of the ideals of punk & rakes our bands name through the shit. We, as a band, have decided enough is enough & we will not have anything to do with the guy anymore & now here's me trying to stir up the shit & let other people know.  

There's more stuff I could say about this CD he released (& another) but there are other issues. If you want any more info please ask for more details, ok. 

peace Jan


Mediattack!! Interview with Kismet HC


This is an honest, unpersonal question. do any members of your group have spiritual or religious beliefs? if so what are they? 

Not really most of the group doesn't really think about religion.  I think it's a personal choice, and should never really be question, as nobody in the world agrees on what is a true religion or otherwise.  I have personal beliefs that I hold with.  I think there is a life giving force of a kind. If this is, God so be it.  I think people need something to believe in, it's part of life make up.  I think most people misunderstand God, and what religion is.

Do you all believe in language and god? why? The language of God I assume you mean that of the New Testament, which is of love in that case yes.  Why would I wish to hate a fellow human or any other form of life? what do you think of technology and the future? 

What ever is going to happen it's going to happen.  The future is a second away a day away, the future is here now as you read this.  We also live in the 21st century, technology is part of our lives we use it and take it for granted.  Admittedly, the U.S.A and Bush are fucking it up big style as they refuse to sign emissions cut down schemes.  Technology is also a good thing in the way communication is quick and easy to deal with.  Let's face e-mail is great if you are planning direct action; you can let people know very quickly about what's happening.

Do you think that humans abuse god in the name of decadence and self loathing decay, confusion, and socialist irrationalities?

I think on a whole human's abuse everything and anything.

What do you think of power and violence? 

I think nothing of them as I don't agree with any of the items mentioned above.  If it involves animals or people being shit on, I have nothing to do with it.

Do you think that humans can learn to love instead of hate each other because of material and financial reasons? 

No not really there is too much geed in the world today and everybody is out to make a buck off someone else???

Do you believe that humanity can stop all wars and create peace and a better environment?    No, the main reason for wars that happen in the Middle East is due to patriotic inbreeding.  Aggression exists, and their parents are proud to let them die for the cause.


Is self-loathing productive and destructive?  

Yes how can a negative emotion be a positive force?


Why did you choose more than one record label and do you feel that the production of compact discs beyond 1000 is destructive to the earth and people's ability to break free of production and Marxism?   No we thought 1000 was a good number to start with when they have sold.  We will consider a repressing.  In what way would it be destructive to the Earth, when majors run presses of millions????

How do you feel about anarchist constructs that are labelled modernist?  I'm not sure many people understand Anarchy and what it stands for.  It's  about people trusting each other working together in harmony without bullshit and violence.  It's about working a job for the good of the people and not under some nasty assed boss who controls you.  Yes we still need Dr's and the state need to continue perpetual motion; these would work in much the same way only without capitalist freaks controlling the moves.

Do you believe that drugs and alcohol are beneficial to humanity?

Folk are going to drink and do drugs so what.  In the UK, drinking is a social part of life.  I myself drink maybe once a month; I see no limitations with drinking.  Soft drugs I aren't bothered if people do them I myself don't do them I feel no need for them.  However, I don't see why I should force people into accepting my personal views.  They can respect what I feel.  Hard drugs no fuck 'em all see no point they are destructive to the scene to life and the planet and maybe fat twat barrens make to much money that the CIA allow to be trafficked a round the world.


Are you vegans? 

3 of us are veggies and one is vegan.

Do you think that we are targets? 

Targets, in what way.  That we may be singled out for  the way we look and act.  Yes when I was younger and growing up in my town I used to spend lots of time in the Police cells for stuff I hadn't done, no wonder the law has so many enemies when the arrest people for looking different. - peace is the best defence through these eyes. Sometimes peace is not enough and force has to be used.  If you are trying to save yours and others lives, force needs to be used.  Sitting back and  accepting things is a sure road to ruin and self-destruction.  Stand up be counted and fight if it's right!!!!!!!!!!!!