Hi readers of Ripping Trash and welcome to Croatian hc/punk scene report! My name is Branimir (some friends call me Gajo), I am 24, sXe and im involved with scene for some years now so I`ll try to present you Croatian hc/punk scene the best I can. First I`m gonna say something about Croatia itself. Croatia is small country placed in so called Eastern Europe and it has borders with Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Monte Negro, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. Yes there was war here but it`s over for almost 10 years ago and its funny that some people still thinks its dangerous to come here (it`s definitely safest than New York, ha, ha!). But the country is fucked not just because of war but also because of politicians who are greedy bastards that don`t give a fuck about people or country`s development. Unemployment is big and also nationalism is too fuckin big! But still i think that it`s better living here than in some other countries. We still must serve 6 months of military service (which is hopefully slowly dying out) but we have alternative of civil service.



Ok, enough of whining, let`s talk about bands, zines, clubs and stuff! First i wanna say that scene here is not divided in scenes like sXe, Anarcho, emo... Here it is all one hc/punk scene and that is what makes it unique. I will start with Zagreb (which is capital of Cro) cause scene here is most productive. This is cause lots of people from other towns come here to study or work so we have people from all over Croatia in Zagreb. In Zagreb there are two clubs for hc/punk gigs and happenings (and they are next to each other). First is Attack which is totally DIY club run by people from scene. If you want to play in Attack you can contact these people : Petar (, Mario ( or Oliver ( The other club is called Mochwara and is more oriented on all subculture styles (hc/punk, dub, metal, rock, hip-hop...) and its a bit more fancy than Attack but it`s a great club. If you want to play in Mochwara you can contact Six at



         Senata Fox



 Let`s talk about some bands in Zagreb! My favourite band is Senata Fox (1 split tape out) and they play fast hardcore with screaming vocals (ala Los Crudos) with pissed off lyrics about scene, world, etc... they are great to listen live and are also cool people. Contact them at Ak 47 is one of most active bands on scene (1 split ep and 2 tapes) and they play anarcho crust hc with some metal parts. Their singer Fistra is one of most active people on scene, he runs distro/label DHP & AK 47. Contact : Amok is evil new school metal (nothing released yet) and they are awesome live! Also nice people and Slobich their bass player runs zine/label/distro Mesmerized. Contact :



Fight Back



Analena is probably most known band outside Croatia (2 cds, 2 eps and 1 tape) and they play intense noise hc with emo parts. Contact : Drotweiler is pretty new band (nothing released yet) with members from Senata Fox, Analena... They play some kind of crust hc with emo parts. contact same as Senata Fox. Mikrofonija is melodic hc/punk band (3 tapes out) but sorry i don`t have their e mail. Igut is new band that has some Theysuck and ex Amok members. they play modern new school metal with emo and noise parts (nothing released yet but they`ve just recorded a demo). Contact :






Then there are bands where i play. I play drums in Lasting Values (1 tape, soon a new one) and we play old school hardcore mostly youth crew stuff. Actually two members are from town Samobor but never mind. Contact me or


I sing in Theysuck! (nothing released but lots of rehearsal tapes/over 400 songs!!!) and we play early 80s hc/punk but we have no guitar (only vocals, bass and drums). 


You can contact me or I also play drums in Equal (1 tape) which don’t have all members from Zagreb but never mind. We play youth crew hc ala YOT with sarcastic lyrics about scene but at the moment we are looking for new singer so we are not too active. Contact me or there were more bands in the past but lots of them broke up...


Ok, lets talk about some bands from suburbs of Zagreb. In Samobor there are few bands. Deafness By noise (1 cd, 1 ep & soon new stuff) is playing for 10 years and they play NYC hardcore. Sorry no e mail. Intoxicate is crust hc/metal band (1 split tape) and Grob play similar style but have nothing released yet. Also no e mails for these two bands... From Velika gorica there is great band Chang Foss (few demo cds) that play slow new breed metal (but no MTV attitudes) and they are great live. Sorry no email. Now lets talk about other towns where something is happening. In Labin lots of gigs are happening lately. There is great place to play Lamparna (its sort of a squat but not real one). if you wanna play there contact this really great guy Max (


In Labin two bands are most active - Protest Mozga is engaged hc/punk band (2 tapes, soon new) that are very nice people. Contact Max. Wishya is melodic hc/punk band (soon tape) that have same people in band as Protest mozga so also contact Max. There is also in summer happening hc/punk festival so if you are near in end of july come and visit us. Rijeka is close town to Labin. Im not sure is there place for gigs but if you wanna play there try to contact Pendić at Panaceja is great band that play fast thrash hc with power violence parts (nothing released but they just recorded demo). Contact: Pandemija is more crusty hc with grind parts (nothing rel yet) and you can contact them at Averzija also has some Labin guys in band and they are playing crust grind hc (nothing rel but just recorded demo) . Contact : Mord is pretty new band that have members from all these bands and they play grind/fast hc (nothing rel yet). Contact: Pasi is melodic hc/punk band (1 cd & 2 tapes) but i don`t have their e mail.


One most active towns is definitely Požega. There you can play in bar called Harlekin and you can contact Filip for gigs at Apatridi is the oldest band (from 89) and they play anarcho raw hc/punk (1 lp, 1 split tape and lots of demos). senseless are also playing for along time and they are crusty hc with power violence parts (1 split ep and few split tapes). Dislike is great crust/dis hc band (1 split tapes) and you can also contact them at Senseless e mail.  



Debeli Precjednik                                                                  


Loš Primjer is melodic hc/punk with some heavy metal parts (1 tape). Fightback is playing crust hc/punk (1 split tape). Starvation is playing crust hc but more metal sounding (1 split tape). Nepravda is thrash hc/crust (nothing rel yet) band. Kutina also has graet place for playing, DIY club Baraka and if you wanna play there contact Lana at


Kutina used to be next to Zagreb the most productive place but now there’s not one single band there. Kutina had great bands like Razlog Za (old school hc, 1 ep, 1 split lp, 3 tapes & 2 live tapes), KOO (melodic old school hc, 2 tapes), La Kurtizana (all girl new school hc, 1 split tape)... If you wanna know more about those bands contact me or Lana. Other tows are not so active but something is going on so ill quickly mention some bands/places for playing...

 Outre (Čakovec) is great band that play fast hc with screaming vocals (nothing rel yet). Farewell Reason (Čakovec) is playing emo hc (1 demo cd).


If you wanna play in Čakovec contact Filo at Fakofbolan (Pula) is playing hymnic punk rock with oi and ska parts (1 split lp, 1 lp & 2 cds). If you wanna play in Pula you can contact Monte paradiso club at There are also happening big hc/punk fest every year (which is too big for me last few years but its ok) wich is happening in beginning of august. Nula (Šibenik) is one of oldest bands that play anarcho hc/punk (2 split lps, 1 split 10 & 3 tapes). Meniga (drumer of Nula) can also help you with gigs in Cro.


Beer System



Debeli precjednik (Osijek) is melodic hc/punk band (1 cds, 1 ep & 2 tapes). Learning English (Osijek) is also playing melodic hc/punk (1 demo cd). There are some projects in Osijek like Cheerleaders (melodic punk rock, 1 demo cd) and Upsidedown (melodic hc/punk, 1 demo cd) and you can contact both bands at If you wanna play in Osijek try tru Debeli Precjednik contact. Apfuken (Varaždin) is hc/punk band with some melodic parts ( 2 demo cds). Also if you wanna play in Varaždin contact pinta at this e mail. Reborn (Šibenik) is new school emo metal band (nothing rel yet). Crasso De Odio (Zadar) are crust hc/punk band (1 demo cd). Titos Bojs (Rovinj) are playing 70s punk rock (1 demo cd and 1 cd). And that’s it for bands! there are more of them but i either i don`t know much about them or i dont consider them hc/punk or DIY so i didn’t mention them.


Ok, let`s talk about zines. There are not many zines like it was in 95-99 period, it seems that people somehow lost the interest in doing and reading zines. I don`t know why is that but there are some people who are still trying and doing great zines. My favourite zine is LA Bean (7 issues, since 7th number on english, so check it out!)- great scene zine with lots of interesting stuff. . Then, there is Mesmerized (3 issues so far)- it would be everyones favourite zine if it would be in english. Unfortunately, its in croatian but it is a really good zine. . Fecal forces (10 issues out) one of the oldest zines; in English. In it you can read about magick and some anarcho stuff. 


Another zine thats in english is You & me (4 issues out). Its not into scene or music but about sex and anarchy- . The rest of the zines are in Croatian, so I’m just gonna mention them: iks fajles (3 issues)- ; disleksija (7 issues)- ; korak naprijed (2 issues)- ; potomci (16 issues)- sorry, I don’t know her mail; ponos provincije (8 issues)- ; ovo je nekad bilo drvo (2 issues); roargh (5 issues)- sorry, no address. I also do zines: first is called No, all! (3 issues, 4th- soon) which I do with my girlfriend Masa. The second one is called International oldschool conspiracy (one issue so far, the second one will be in english). You can contact me at . That is all about the zines in Croatia. Its a pity that there are few in english, but check them out!


LABELS/DISTRIBUTIONS: In the last few years we have some pretty good labels. They are all DIY, but the releases have good quality. DHP/AK 47- they have over 30 releases so far (you can contact them at HUMANITA NOVA- also lots of stuff released. One of the oldest distros here ( MESMERISED- 3 tapes so far- ( HCM (9 releases)- ; LIBBERTEA (3 releases)- ; BRAND NEW PLACE- 2 tapes ( ; LA BEAN- 6 tapes


As for some political activities... I’m not that much into political stuff, but I go to some demonstrations and events, and sometimes help my girlfriend Masa who is active in Green Action. There are lots of activities here, like Food not bombs, demos against war in Iraq, initiative Better world is possible, etc... If you want to know more about that you can contact Marko at .


Ok, that’s it, I hope I didn’t bore you with such huge scene report, but you cant read a scene report from Croatia so often, right? Of course, if you want to know more, you can contact me or anyone on this list. And if you would like to read something like this about some neighbour countries (Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), I will be happy to help. Thanx to Steve once again, and hello to all positive people that are doing something for the scene. Stay hcpunk! XBranimirXgajoX


Branimir Gajcevic; Kauzlaricev prilaz 15, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia