Interview with HEWHOCORRUPTS from the US, questions by Dariusz, thanx!!!


1) Let's start with some info on HWC.

-Hewhocorrupts started 2000, in the fall.  Some of the guys from  Kungfu Rick wanted to do a band that had less people and was really goofy and different so we decided to start Hewhocorrupts.  The band is a joke band that acts like a business and deals with business type concepts in songs and on stage.  The drummer, bass player, and singer of Hewhocorrupts are from Kungfu Rick.  The guitar player is from another Chicago hardcore band called Authority Abuse.  We have released three split seven inches with such bands as Godstomper, Tusk, and Wilbur Cobb, and are currently recording for a CDEP and a split seven inch with a Chicago band called Don't Worry About It.

We also plan on recording for a split seven inch with Fork Knife Spoon and for a full length (probably out by now Steve!!)


2) Why the name He Who Corrupts?

The name Hewhocorrupts was taken from my record label called, Hewhocorrupts  Inc., that existed before Hewhocorrupts.  The guys in the band really liked that name so we decided to use it for the band.  That way it would be really confusing for people to know whether someone was referring to the band or label in the future, and we thought that would be funny.  The name also fits with our business theme for the band so all together it works really well with us.


3) What are some of the lyrics about, what do they deal with?

The lyrics are very strange.  They usually deal with a twisted view of capitalist culture through the eyes of someone who is maintaining it.  I decided when the band was started that I would not attack politics the conventional way of just being straight forward about it but from the eye of the oppressor.  That way, one could see the problems from another view and have a different outlook on them.


4) Much happening in your area?  How's the local DIY scene and are there some political active people like Tony Victory (wicked joke)?

The scene around Chicago is very good.  I've been part of it for a long time and it just seems to get better and better.  More bands, more friendship, and more understanding with one another.  There are a lot of new bands that have popped up who are real cool like Step Forward Look West, Beneath The Wheel, Definite Choice, etc.  I haven't heard the name Tony Victory in a while.  I have nothing against him, but I really didn't care for the music that he was associate with.


5) It doesn't seem to be important these days for people in the scene to be vegetarian. What's this shit about personal choice? What's your opinion on this? Surely being involved in a politically active punk scene that's supposed to be against all the evils of our society means being at least vegetarian? What do you think?

Well, I think one can learn a lot through hardcore music and the punk scene and if they don't take vegetarianism away from it that's ok.  Maybe they will take something else.  I would rather not have people come into the punk scene and immediately put on the punk blindfold and take all of punk's ideals up.  I think one should be conscience of what they are willing to take on and if they are not into a certain idea they should not adhere to it.  I myself am vegetarian because I believe in the concept.  However, I can see how many might not believe in it and that is fine.  I think nothing less of them because different people have different views, and if they didn't this world would be a much less interesting place than it is.


6) Who's the best and worst band you've ever seen live?

The best band that I have ever seen perform is In/Humanity.  I was very young at the time but I can remember the feeling I had when I watch them play and they really put it all together for me when they played.  I saw these guys screaming and going wild and I saw that they were doing this because they were truly into what they were doing and were not bothered by the fact that they were playing to a bunch of kids that were 10 years younger than them or that they probably weren't going to get much money that night, or that they drove hours and hours to come play in a basement.  I really can't say who was the worst band that I ever saw because I don't really think about it in those terms.


7) What do HWC guys do outside of the band (jobs, hobbies, etc)?

I go to college and work each day.  On the weekends I play with my bands and work on label stuff.  Our bass player works and goes to school too. Now that I think about it, we all work and go to school.  We are pretty boring aren't we?  Sorry.  Oh, here is a fun fact.  I enjoy playing tennis sometimes!


8) Mr. Bush is having a go at Afghanistan - what's your opinion on his latest work and what do the majority of americans think?

I don't agree with the strikes on Afghanistan.  I think anytime you are going to attack someone others will get hurt in the process and they are being hurt right now.  I do think the Taliban should be dismantled but that is not because of what happened on Sept 11th.  They have had many human rights violations in the past.  I think the majority of American's still agree with the President that we should be in Afghanistan which is sad.  I don't agree with what Bin Laden did, but I also won't ignore what the US has done to warrant such an attack.  Granted no one deserves to die like those on Sept. 11th, but maybe if the USA would have been more considerate to others things like that might have been avoided.  Again, I'm not saying Bin Laden is right, I think he should be punished, but not through death because I do not believe that that solves anything.


9) What news bands have you been listening to a lot recently?

Lately I have been listening to Haymarket Riot, The Brockmeyers, and Calvary a lot.  All are Chicago bands that are punk rock bands.  Haymarket Riot sorta sounds like Fugazi.  The Brockmeyers have an old school punk sound to them similar to The Ramones or The Dead Boys and Calvary sorta sound like Wire from back in the day.  All bands that I recommend people to check out.


10) Well, I guess that's about all I've got to bother you with so is there anything else you wanna add to it or anything you want to say to anybody?

I just wanted to thank you Dariusz for the interview.  You have been a very good friend to me and I wish you the best of luck in the future.  If anyone would like to contact Hewhocorrupts please either write or send us an email.

Thanks.  Ryan.




196 Fairfield

Elmhurst, IL 60126