Often we hear/read about bands and descriptions of their music and when we actually get to hear them for ourselves get bitterly disappointed. I can guarantee that if I describe VIIMEINEN KOLONNA’S sound as early Finnish H.C. Punk then that’s exactly what they sound like. Get hold of their EP ‘cos this lot really are the bastard offspring of Terveet Kadet, Mellakka and Tampere SS. Here we go………..


 1) Well tell us (briefly please) something about the history of the band? As most of the people reading this aren't likely to be fluent in Finnish, what does VIIMEINEN KOLONNA mean?

Kaide: Viimeinen Kolonna (the last column) started late 2000, after my ex-band Agenda split up. We wanted to play something that comes natural, traditional Finnish HC. We have done "Onnellisuus Ahdistaa" EP, two songs on "Perkeleen Punkit" comp. CD and a video from song "Turvattu" (58 sec.). Line up is: Pete-bass, Miikka-drums, Kaide-vocals and Mika-guitar.

Pete: Don’t you really have to learn finnish in school there???!?


2) Sure I hear the traditional Finnish HC sound in your music. Tampere SS, Mellakka and the better Terveet Kadet stuff springs to mind. Would it be correct of me if I described you are a mixture of those three?

Kaide: That sounds fine. You sure get nice cocktail from those. When we started we talked about starting to play something like early Terveet Kädet, and we even play Mellakka cover.


Pete: At the very start VK was supposed to play like TK attitude but somehow we turned to get some more spice to our newer songs from bands like Sacrilege (UK), Death Angel (!?), Napalm Death(!?!!??) Ataque Frontal (!?%"&"#¤!) etc.... but you obviously cant recognise those things.


3) No I can’t recognise those things. I do remember the Mellakka cover from your gig, was it ei valitta from their first ep? Another thing I noticed was how drunk you were(especially Mika) and you seemed to stagger drunkardly through your set! I take it you don't have any 'rules' about staying sober before gigs?

Kaide: Yes, the cover was "Ei-Oikeus valita" from their first ep. Mika was little bit too drunk and he got some serious ass whipping after the show. We don’t have any rules, but we try to play our songs right.

Mika: Well...  What can I say?  Songs really aren’t so difficult to play that we can’t drink "few" beer before the gig, but sometimes things just go like that...  NO (drinking) RULES!!!

Pete: Hey, but the second gig in Lieto was excellent (Except Mika puked just before playing, and that is not even a bad thing). It’s strange that even we are grown up adults its veeery hard to drink fitting amount of alcohol. At least I am going to take it more easy before gigs. The videos of our gigs are just so humiliating to watch. And what comes to the drinking rules, they always make us just drink harder.


Taking a step back to the Terveet Kadet influences. I can definitely see it in your record artwork (S & M imagery). I know Pete is an S & M freak as I saw that inflatable sheep (love ewe) at his flat. Are the rest of you guys into that (you talked about ass-whipping)? Where the fuck did you get the picture from for the ep front cover?

Kaide: Oh yes, we all are naughty little perverts!  Some more and some less into the artform of S/M. The cover picture is stolen from the movie called Brazil.

Pete: Mmmm... sheep.... Sodomy and lust!


 Lets move on....I feel that considering Helsinki is quite a small City it has a massive amount to offer musically. Please tell the readers about some of the stuff that's going on?

Kaide: Quite big scenes in Punk, Hardcore (tough guy), Metal, Tekno etc. Punk shows once in a month or more, 5 good places for punk shows, few good bars where punks and metalheads hang out. Helsinki is a capital city of Finland, so I think here’s more punks than in other cities.

Pete: Yep! Here is some excellent bars by the way, in some bars you can even bring your own records (hmm... mostly its a metalbar) and pass out where you like! Almost do whatever you want and still not get kicked out! That is what I call service. There was even some gigs but they went maybe too far and its not possible anymore. This was a bit off the topic...Playing in a bands and other musical activities is  a bit like in Iceland where you really don’t have much to do than create some shit... Well... like always, I could be wrong,,,,,


One thing that surprised me was 15-year-old punks with Rattus Riistetyt

on their jackets.....another thing is that the same musicians seem to be playing in a lot of different to comment?

Kaide: Young punks always seem to find the same bands again. First Sex Pistols, Exploited etc. and then Discharge, Rattus, Riistetyt etc. We have so few people who can play, but so many bands. I have always wondered why our punk generation have so many bands compared to younger generations. What’s wrong with the youngsters?

Pete: Rattus and stuff? Quality and originality is always remembered. Finland, the inbred country? Well, what comes to Helsinki scene and bands, its always easier to find fitting musicians in your network of friends than put ads to papers or walls. But that is also what I am bored of. Its always refreshing to see some new bands and musicians coming around....


Nothing wrong with youngsters, youngsters into Rattus is so cool. In  England we have  youngsters into Offspring and Clash (recently Blink 182).......Anyway can we talk about the lyrics. We already mentioned your influences (music) are you influenced by the same bands lyrically (piss, shit S/M, TK influence, or anti-war Mellakka influence). Maybe you even sing about some original stuff?


Kaide: Lyrics comes to my head from some bigger force. Lyrics are Influenced by everything that influences me. Some have a message and some don’t, some are from apocalypse(bible), some are just "weird" stuff, some are S/M or something and even some are anti-war(someway). (did you get enough some -words?)


So what's the deal with Fight Records? Are you happy with the 7"? What are your future recording plans?

Pete: Well... In fact the first EP is released together by Fight rec., Kämäset levyt (Lousy rec.) and by the band. We are satisfied with that. Firstly the material was made as demo but it ended this way. The press is just 500 pieces but there might be another press in future, maybe our excellent promo video of song "Turvattu" will get business growing...

Kaide: Yes, the 7" ended up good. Next release will be split EP with

Nailbiter from UK and it will be done the same way (fight, kämäset & us). After that maybe our own EP or mini CD. We are allways looking for good labels to release our stuff or to make foreign prints from our records!!! We try to put the promovideo to our homepage too, watch out!  It`s for all you punkettes out there, includes male nudity.

Pete: Hmmm... If you are really interested to get that video track and maybe some live shite, get in touch!

And the forthcoming split will be much better earfucker! Extrafucking big hello to that multinational NAILBITER!! Carlos=Freke Jonsson jr.!





Thanks for the interview, have you anything else to say?

Onnellisuus ahdistaa EP and split EP with Nailbiter available from our address, 5 € (euros) each, post paid worldwide. Thank you for the nice "live" interview.

All Hail the Absolut Nailbiter and Markasm!!!

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