(all reviews by Steve unless Stated)

**NOTE: in these reviews, CDs might mean pressed CDs, or CD-R's. I ain't gonna distinguish between the 2 formats even though some CD elitist snobs do! If something gets a good review here, then in my view you should check it out and it ain't gonna be any less good just because it’s a CDR. So there!


LOS CRUDOS Discografia CD Wow ! What a discography this is !! 74 tracks in 71 minutes !! I thought it might be too much to listen to in one go, but I enjoyed it all. Albums, comp tracks, live tracks you got the lot. Raging US latino HC  to the max. Members are now in Limp Wrist I believe but I have yet to hear said band.  This is full on raging hispanic punk and it don't come much better than this! BEAT GENERATION / APDO 18107 MADRID / 2080 MADRID / SPAIN/

SIN DIOS Ingobernables CD Sin Dios are just amazing. Best band I've seen in 2002…. From Spain, they are playing mainly fast hc punk, but unlike a lot of other bands, although its raging as hell, they manage to craft some great tunes without losing any anger (this band is very political and you get full texts,lyrics etc, in spanish though, with both the CD and LP versions). This is their latest album, but their previous 3 albums are also fuckin shit hot.  If you see anything on distros by this band, pick the fucker up! Reminds me of angry european bands from the 80s/90s before everything went crust !!! New CD Odio al Imperio is now out too and its their best yet !! DON'T BELONG RECORDS / APDO. 8035 / 33200 XIXON / SPAIN.

INTESTINAL DISEASE Counting The Damage LP This is great stuff from Belgium here. They had  previous split LP with Rot, but they weren't as extreme grindcore sounding as Rot, this ain't no tame shit here though, it really hit me straightaway as it rages big time from the first track….. not a typical band either, I thought they had a big Seein Red sound in a lot of places, which ain't that common.. sure they do some faster and more grind influenced stuff too….. varied enough to keep ya interested but never veering from the noise attack. This record is a fucker! They sound like they mean It in the music and in the lyrics!! UXICON RECCORDS / BURT BEYENS / VEST 36 / 3271 ZICHEM / BELGIUM and BUSHOS DISCOS / CX POSTAL 12 / CENTRO ST. ANDRE / SP-09001-970 / BRAZIL.

DEATHSIDE The Will Never Die CD Deathside were the bees-knees of Japanese hardcore punk…. A bootleg I assume. Here you got all the singles and compilation tracks they ever did, Top stuff, 33 tracks in all…. Absolute classic. Typical Jap hardcore, blazing all the way, some metal influences here and there.  PROLE RECORDS / KASKENKATU 6 B 19 / 20700 TURKU / FINLAND.

NK6 Keep On Keeping On CD Wow! This is the stuff. It's only a 12 minute MCD, but this is shit hot! Typical old style Japanese hardcore punk is the order of the day here. Crazy stuff with multitudes of energy. This one has been produced by one of the Gauze members, so you know what to expect ! Where do all these Japanese bands come from ??!! DERANGED RECORDS / P O BOX 543 / STN. P TORONTO / ON M5S 2T1 / CANADA.

V/A Tomorrow Will Be Worse comp CD Wow ! Sound Pollution put out some truly great stuff! They specialise in fast,noisy stuff from all over, hc/crust noise stuff but without the metal overtones that so many adopt these days! Great from start to finish this. SCALPLOCK have 3 tracks that piss all over the LP I have by them. You also get REAL REGGAE (Japan), 9 SHOCKS TERROR (US), RUIDO (US),KRIGSHOT (Sweden), MUKEKA DI RATO (Brazil), UNCURBED (Swe) and MK ULTRA (US). Phew! Sound Pollution have lots of stuff around and its all great: SOUND POLLUTION / P O BOX 17742 / COVINGTON / KY 41017 / USA.

 CONTRASTO Statico Senso LP Great Italian political HC punk here. Very fast played (mostly) and angry sounding, but like the old Italian bands still trying to sound tuneful too… and those furious Italian vocals that are renowned from past Italian bands…. If you like Sin Dios then you can't go wrong with this…. It's quality this. A nice thick booklet too with lyrics, texts and explanations in both italian and english. AGIPUNK / c/o MILANI GIAMPIERO / CP 63 / 27100 PAVIA / ITALY.

PAINTBOX Singing Shouting Crying CD  I fuckin' love this! Classic Japcore here from the HG Fact label who release tons of stuff. Crazy but relatively tuneful, and slightly metally. If you think TETSUARREY meets DEATHSIDE then you'll have an idea what this sounds like. I have some of these on my distro list. They have 2 other CDs available too, I am going to try and get them too! HG FACT / 401  HONGO-M / 2-36 2 YAYOI-CHO / NAKANO / TOKYO / ZIP 164-0013 / JAPAN.

THE EXECUTE 13 Grave Society CD The Execute were a fuckin' ace band from Japan from the 80s, but this is the most I've ever heard by em.. they had a track on the P.E.A.C.E. double LP all those years ago. They were in the first wave of HC punk bands from Japan, before it all went fast and crazy!! This ain't tame stuff though, far from it, although its not fast, its still raging and intense as fuck! On this CD seems to be more or less everything they ever put out and some stuff off comps too. It's a Japanese classic - and as it says on the cover - "play at full volume as break ears!" !!! SPOCK RECORDS, no address. (bootleg ??)

KAAOS Ismit CD The title of this CD translates as Isms… well this is a masterpiece in raging political hardcore punkism (!)… fuckin great stuff, Kaaos are back. You sometimes wonder about bands who reform etc, but no fears with this lot. They sound exactly like they did in the 80s, a little more ‘polished’ maybe, but not in a bad way. The is THE album of the moment. Hard to get hold of though, already sold out I believe, surely more copies will be made? It originally came out as a 10” on Fight Records in Finland, then pressed on CD in Brazil. FIGHT RECORDS, address elsewhere or USINA DE SANQUE RECORDS / c/o FABIO DE VALLE / CAIXA POSTAL 155 / CEP 09910-970 / DIADEMA – SP / BRAZIL or TERROTTEN RECORDS / c/o RENAN FAVERO / BOX 8080 / CEP 90201-970 / PORTO ALEGRE – RS / BRAZIL.


V/A Music For The Underprivileged CD A comp of mainly street punk bands here brought to you by various labels from the UK, like Disclocate Records, Kirk To Scotty Records, Rock Em Dead, and Punk Shit Records. 5 bands, Blisterhead are from Europe somewhere I think, but not sure where – Scandinavian ?? they’re pretty awful though. Homebrew from Yorkshire – best of the bunch. Bombscare from Australia are pretty good, and good lyrics, and they have a song called McDonalds Is Shit! Then you have Dogshit Sandwich, sorry but pretty awful stuff here, and finally Tower Blocks, streetpunk skinhead stuff from Germany. Get this if you’re into your streetpunk, great value for money and DIY as fuck! KIRK TO SCOTTY / 25 PLANTHILL ROAD / HIGHER BLACKLEY / MANCHESTER / M9 6WH.

EASTFIELD Keep It Spikey CD How many years have Brummies Eastfield been at it now ? It must be a fair few, I remember seeing them live years ago and to be honest not reckoning that much to ‘em, but now with two albums out, and albeit a much changed lineup, and they seem to gig like buggery this year, I’ve grown to like em a lot. Their latest album (Fanaticos Para Trenes) is great, and this one I was sent for review is their first album re-mastered and re-released. Bouncy uptempo simple punk here. They really should ditch the train spotter stuff though…don’t they know that the train systems totally fucked beyond hope? RUPTURED AMBITIONS / OLD FORGE COTTAGE / RUSHFORD / LAMERTON / TAVISTOCK / DEVON / PL19 8RY.

SCISSORFIST ..Think Demo EP Not sure on the available formats for this one, but mines on CDR… pretty good it is too. Young upcoming band from the Manchester area, won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a nice change to all the strreetpunk that seems resurgence in todays uk scene.. anyway, this is fast hc punk, reminds me a little of eggraid, but not as tight and not quite as raw. Hope to see more from these lot.  7 tracks here in 10 minutes or so. 25 PLANTHILL ROAD / HIGHER BLACKLEY / MANCHESTER / M9 6WH.

GOTHAM C.T. LP I like this. Ska from France, proper ska ala Bad Manners etc…. I’d never heard them before but I do play this one from time to time and its an enjoyable listen. Mostly instrumental songs, only 1 track has lyrics. Oh, and they have an obsession with Batman it seems…. SKALAM’ALIKOUM 25 / RUE ST GABRIEL / 59000 LILLE / FRANCE.

KANSANDEMOKRATIA Vainottu 7"EP This was a nice surprise from Fight Records. Not your usual crusty Finnish core, this is more like 80's Finnish stuff, fast and spastic but remaining quite tuneful, with some jazzy bits here and there. This is the kind of stuff I used to like years ago,  think Raped Teenagers etc.  Sung in Finnish which adds spice to the mixture. Love this! FIGHT RECORDS / HIKIVUORENKATU 17 D 36 / 33710 TAMPERE / FINLAND.

PIZDA MATERNA / BRIGADE OD split LP Well it’s been a long time since I’ve pulled out a record & gone WOW! This was due to the LP being a multi coloured picture disc, not what you’d expect from Slovenian crust bands but very impressive none the less as is the Brigade OD side’s black & white industrial picture but you don’t judge books by covers or records by sleeves etc, so what’s this sound like – well there’s an undeniable quality all the way through – P.M. have a high quality studio recording that grabs you, female/male vocals screamed and sung (one part has a SEARS feel to it) but with a slightly metal chord feel to it. Angry aggressive aware crust punk – Lea’s vocals are both as powerful on the sung and screamed parts. I can imagine a great live performance from these people. B.O.D. although a live recording at the MKNZ, like all MKNZ live recordings this is totally top bollocks a clear fast assault in a European crust style – fantastic drumming, great vocals an heavy guitars, makes you wish you were there. Hard to put a comparison to these but has the power and energy of Forca Macabra, try and get hold of this. Also to add to the intrigue of this, one side plays at 33, the other 45 rpm. Mad as fuck!  (D-Fekt) ATOMIC FART / Matjaz Lican / Vojkovo nab. 31a / 6000 Koper / SLOVENIA

ARTIMUS PYLE Civil Dead 12” More heavy hardcore type stuff from Prank Records, US, fast screaming hardcore, done pretty well, but it’s not something I’ll be listening to over and over, it doesn’t really stand out from a lot of similar bands for me. 8 tracks on a 45rpm 12”. The lyrics to Injustice At North County were written by one of San Francisco’s 14000 homeless. Other lyrics are about money and apathy from what I can make out. PRANK RECORDS / P  O BOX 410892 / SAN FRANCISCO / CA 94141-0892 / USA.

UNKIND Plant The Seed 10”LP This is a great record from Finland. I liked their EP, and this follows on from that. Raging HC/punk in a crusty vein, but good in that is veers away from the usua Scandi dis or crust styles and forges it’s own. As well as the ragers, they also slow it down from time to time. The first two tracks are classics! If I have a criticism, it’s that the screaming vocals get a bit much towards the end of the record…. All vocals in English except for the first song. You also get a lyrics booklet and a smart poster, the packaging is impressive, as always from Fight Records. Lyrics cover domestic violence, the pigs, environment and animal rights. They have a new CD recently out which is great too! Check em out! FIGHT RECORDS address elsewhere.

DISFIGURED CORPSE Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core 2000 LP Grindcore here from the Czech Republic…. Mostly fast stuff in the ROT / AGATHOCLES / NARCOSIS style..but not all the way through, quite a bit of slower crust style…. Sounds alright too… lyrics seem a bit strange but that may be the translations.. there is a anti-nazi song that is quite clear though !! An OK LP, but I prefer their countrymen Cerebral Turbulency in this genre. HYENYZM RECORDS / PETR HALGAS / LESKOVEC 340 / P DVORCE U BRUNTALU / 793 68 CZECH REPUBLIC.

V/A Rajoitettu Ydinsota – Tribute to Rattus CD New from Fight Records, great packaging again for this CD, a tribute to Rattus, one of the first Finnish HC punk bands back in the 80s, with 16 bands playing Rattus covers – bands like DOOM, AOB, ACAO DIRETA, UNKIND, KAAOS, CONTRASTO, OLHO SECO, WARCOLLAPSE, etc. Some great tracks, one or two duffers as you’d expect on a comp. If I had one criticism, it’s that for a compilation, it’s rather short at 30 minutes… FIGHT RECORDS, add elsewhere

DIASPORA Gaikkodibehtet muvrrat vuolas LP This is one of those releases that just surprises you from nowhere – fucking great stuff from Finland, not your usual Finnish classic punk sound, but crusty punk stuff with male/vocals, in the vein of fellow Finns Positive/Negative and Unkind. I guess you’d say English sounding really, although it reminds me of Detestation as well ! Thoughtful caring lyrics that are detailed, not just short sharp slogans, in fact there’s a song about sloganeering and having an alternative, thinking ahead beyond the ‘revolution’. I can’t really fault this LP at all, anyone into punk / crust should get this ! Released collectively by several labels, in the UK: BBP / BOX 81 / 82 COLSTON ST / BRISTOL / BS1 5BB.

V/A Stockholm’s Mangel CD Classic bands from the Swedish scene of 1983 – 1986 here, some of the bands who started the mangel or skandicrust style. Here we kick off with the hyperspeed MOB 47, then the more Discharge styled AGONI, then back to the hyperspeed thrash attack of CRUDITY, then similar from PROTES BENGT (ie fast and brutal as fuck but NO METAL!), finishing off with DISCARD (Dis-style) and ROJERS. Worth iit for MOB 47 and PROTES BENGT alone, legendary bands, but DISCARD are the only duffers on this comp (ie they’re predictable and boring !) DISTORTION RECORDS / P O BOX 6294 / 400 60 GOTHENBURG / SWEDEN.

V/A Barricades And Broken Dreams – An International Tribute To Conflict CD A follow up to the Subhumans covers CD a couple of years ago which seemed to be a success, the same concept here with this tribute to anarcho punk faves Conflict. Although I preferred Subhumans back in the 80s, I think out of the 2 tributes I prefer this one… most the bands manage to make iit angry sounding in true Conflict style. You get sleeve notes by Ian Blackfish who compiled the CD and also by most of the bands, which include: FREEBASE, AUS ROTTEN, KISMET HC, IN THE SHIT, ROTUNDA, WAT TYLER, EGG RAID, DOGSHIT SANDWICH, DRILLER KILLER etc etc. It’s an ALF supporters group benefit too… BLACKFISH RECORDS / P O BOX 15 / LEDBURY / HR8 1YG.

AGE OF CHAOS Stop The Torture CD 1st full length release by this lot, lyrics are more serious this time round, musically err, Bus Station Loonies, UK Subs sorta especially on Stop The Debt, wouldn't mind seeing this lot live. (ANT) AGE OF CHAOS / 49 SUSSEX VILLAGE / MANOR WAY / BOGNOR REGIS / W SUSSEX / PO22 6LF.

CHAOTIC END In Front Of Paranoia CD The only album of this now defunct Greek band has been re-released on CD format. Members of this band were previously in Negative Stance, and are now in Hibernation…. Moody and heavy crust punk with the trademark greek vocals, in fact this band was typical of the Greek punk/crust scene.. heavily influenced by UK bands such as Antisect and Amebix. If you never heard this band before, then you ought to try this out! ALEX SISMANIDIS / P O BOX 24107 / 110 10 PATISIA / ATHENS / GREECE.

DENAK 7"EP This longtime Spanish band have lots of releases out.. old style grindcore in the vein of old Napalm Death.. there's even a Napalm Death cover song, and also a Ripcord cover among the 12 tracks on here. Sung in Spanish with no translations. BiM RECORDS / F. PALM / MADANGSG. 4B / 41702 / GOTHENBURG / SWEDEN.

THE RESTARTS / LEFT FOR DEAD split 7"EP UK anarcho punk is still alive ! 2 UK bands, Restarts are pretty known already in the scene, Left For Dead play similar stuff ie.  Raging punk, a pretty raw sound on this EP but these bands do play with a hint of a tune. 2 songs from each band.  Restarts lyrics are about bigotry and about the perpetuation of slavery by having kids! Yeah ! Erm, Left For Dead have a song about having to fight violence with violence, and a song that's pretty negative about things (but probably accurate.).  LEFT FOR DEAD / P O BOX 8 / ETCHINGHAM / TN19 7WZ.

MY NAME IS SATAN Refuse To Kneel CD Heavy stuff here from Ireland….. if you think His Hero Is Gone then you're on the right lines. Lyrically covers various topics but as you might expect religion comes up a few times lyrically and in the artwork… there's a lot of this kind of hardcore about these days, it's done well but I can't say it excites me too much… maybe I'm just old fashioned? Fans of the genre would be wise to check this out though. CONTROL RECORDS / P O BOX 6591 / DUN LAOGHAIRE / DUBLIN / IRELAND. or ENSLAVED RECORDS / P O BOX 169 / BRADFORD / W YORKS / BD1 2UJ.

SCROTUM GRINDER The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever CD Similar sort of stuff to the above really, Scrotum Grinder though are less metally and more direct with short sharp bursts of rage.  Good stuff, still a bit too 'modern' for me though.  From the USA. PRANK / P O BOX 410892 / SAN FRANCISCO / CA 94141-0892 / USA.

EARTH CITIZENS Complications LP I think Pablo sent me this for review as he was fed up of seeing so many CD's in my review section these days!!! Certainly CD's seem to dominate these days.. but here I am showing that I will review vinyl, and am pleased to there's still plenty of vinyl out there (I distro loads of it!!) but it seems when it comes to sending stuff for review, folks only send cd's.…. anyway, if you remember, Pablo from Switzerland played on the great Avaricious 10"LP, and also used to do the No Sanctuary zine which is now a radio show done by Chris from Ruptured Ambitions. Pablo played in Earth Citizens in the early 90s and he's just released this LP which is a collection of compilation tracks and the like….. simplistic 80s style punk here done in an intense way with punk as fuck lyrics. Even though the band is no longer going, there's still great effort gone into this LP, there's a booklet enclosed. Sound quality is a bit rough in places.. Pablo has also released their other LP, called "To A Nation Of Party Lovers", which in my view is the better of the 2. Check 'em out! STRONGLY OPPOSED RECORDS / FLURWEG 29 / 2504 BIEL / SWITZERLAND.

ORANGE WORLD Fun Noise And Message 7"EP More vinyl from Pablo. Are there no new bands in Switzerland? This is another vinyl where he's released his old bands!! Orange World were pre-Earth Citizens, similar sort of stuff, a bit more rough sounding and thrashier/more chaotic. ADDRESS as above

CEREBRAL TURBULENCY Impenetrable CD Crazy old style grindcore here from the Czech republic! Grindcore ain't my favourite style, sometimes it sounds like a sack of shit if it's not done well, but when its done as well as this I love it! I reviewed their last album which was ok but this one pisses all over iit! Think old Napalm Death or Carcass. But no sign of lyrics about corpses and body parts thankfully. Political lyrics mostly in english (albeit their english isn't the best!). 26 tracks in 36 minutes. Yep! MICHAL CICHY / HVIEZDOSLAVOVA 2 / 716 00 OSTRAVA-RADVANICE / CZECH REPUBLIC.

IRRITATE Everyday Evil CD An odd sounding CD here from Finland, slowish crustcore for the main part, with the emphasis on a deep bass sound and growling grindcore style vocals…… not sure if I'd like to listen to this too often, kind of a bit one-dimensional after a while, but it's not bad. Complete scandinavian crust freaks would probably be well into this! There were no lyrics with my copy… HOSTILE REGRESSION RECORDS / P O BOX 37 / 55801 IMATRA / FINLAND.

V/A Garanterat Mob 47 tape Nice tape! The first side is a load of bands covering Mob 47 tracks, bands like Hellshit, Warmachine, Crossing Chaos, Kurbits IR etc. Sound quality varies a bit, but raging stuff all the same! Side B consists a Mob 47 last ever rehearsal from september 1986! ALP TAPES / c/o KROGH / EDGRENSG. 27 / 671 50 ARVIKA / SWEDEN.



HATE MAIL KILLERS The Cardboard Effect tape Ace stuff here! One of the best demos I've heard in ages! Riproaring and very fast crust punk with female screamed vocals but thankfully with no hint of metal influence. Just fast as fuck angry hardcore punk like it used to be (and still is if you look in the right places, ok?) LON & MEG / 6676 N. BENDEL / FRESNO / CA 93722 / USA.

SPIKE PILEDRIVER 4 Track Fastcore tape Ha ! fastcore ain't the word ! from the same area as Fastard folks, but this makes Fastard sound tame !!!! Short songs in the old Napalm Death & Carcass vein with rough production to help the effect. And not a typewriter or computer in evidence on the cover. Cover and lyrics all handwritten. Short to the point lyrics that hit the right targets ! Oh, and they're a 2-piece band! JAKE / 94 GORDON PLACE / BRIDGE OF DON / ABERDEEN / AB23 8RB

DYSMORFIC / ULCERRHOEA split 7”EP Noise assault here !! Grindcore to the max from Dysmorfic who are from Italy, and Ulcerrhoea who are from Germany. Fast and unrelenting, good sounding grind here. Dysmorfic remind me a bit of Disharmonic Orchestra, and old Austrian band… Ulcerrhoea are a band we featurerd on a recent comp CD War On Terror, available from the Ripping Thrash address. DYSMORFIC / TOM CONTE / VIA NERUDA 48/c / 46047 BANCOLE (MN) / ITALY.

V/A SchNusic CD A comp CD here from the home of SchNews crew (direct action newsletter). Only 2 punk bands on here, USA's BROKEN, and also 2000 DS, apart from that it's festie/rave/dub stuff which don't interest me in the slightest, but it's all diy stuff and with sound political sentiments.. and you get some info on SchNews with the CD as well…… S.C.R.A.P. RECORDS / P O BOX 2600 / BRIGHTON / EAST SUSSEX / BN2 2DX.

V/A Proud To Be Gay tape Fuckin great crust punk comp tape here from the UPS camp, with most bands shouting about gay issues. Originally this was meant to be a benefit for a guy who refugeed from Romania because he is homosexual. The tape got delayed due to various reasons, so I dunno what happened to the guy. Anyway its still a great tape featuring the likes of BOYCOT, SLAGANFALL, DROP DEAD, SCUM BRIGADE, JESUS CROST, CRESS, AOB and more. This is the sort of anarcho punk crust that inspires and is an incrasing rarity these days…. UPS / WANMOLEN 5 / 3833 ED / LEUSDEN / NETHERLANDS.

V/A What Would Mummy Say? CD A compilation CD of mainly pop punk bands from the UK, plus a couple of ska bands, and some punkier bands too.  Some names you might know are EASTFIELD, DOGSHIT SANDWICH, THE ANTISOCIALWORKERS, ANNALISE, VANILLA POD etc. Released the DIY way and goes to show that in my view the UK pop-punk bands are as good if not better than a lot of the over-rated US big names, they have the spirit and the songs even if not the over-producton, that’s my view anyway… FROZENORTH RECORDS / 64 RIVERBANK FLATS / LALEHAM ROAD / STAINES / MIDDLESEX / TW18 2QF.

V/A Rejected Volume III CD A good sampler here of old and newer material from various UK and Irish bands that Rejected has put out over the years. 30 tracks altogether from the likes of Leatherface, Runnin Riot, Striknien DC, Zero Tolerance, Oi Polloi, Pink Turds in Space, The Dickies, UK Subs, Cowboy Killers, and more. Not sure that all these bands have been on Rejected though ? oh well., Great sampler of UK/Irish punk anyway. REJECTED RECORDS / P O BOX 6591 / DUN LAOGHAIRE / CO DUBLIN / IRELAND.

THE RONG ‘UNS Social Control 7”EP At last the Rong Uns get their EP out, it seems ages since I first heard these tracks… these lot are from Leicester, and they actually have two members from old Leicester grind-punk band SARCASM, hard to believe though when you hear the Rong Uns as its early 80s UK punk for show on here.2 tracks that grow on you, I like ‘em, definitely catchy early 80s influenced punk. WEIRD RECORDS / 61 LONDON ROAD / BALDERTON / NEWARK / NOTTS / NG24 3AG.


V/A Tampere vs Portland 7”EP Well the heavyweight hc punk scenes go head to head here, Tampere Finland and Portland USA, ha!! Who wins? Who cares! 4 vicious hc punk bands from each country here, check out this fucker! Finland are represented by Kaaos, Riistetyt, Pause and Absurd Attitude, Portland’s side features Atrocious Madness, Warmachine, Funeral, and Bloodspit Nights. You will probably not be surprised to learn that for me Finland win this hands down !! FIGHT RECORDS / HIKIVUORENKATU 17 D 36 / 33710 TAMPERE / FINLAND

FASTARD / DREAD 101 split 7”EP You’ve probably heard of Scotland’s FASTARD, with their growls and grinds etc, they make old Napalm Death sound tame! Short sharp blasts here. Dread 101 give us some short sharp blasts of grind/crust and they’re from Czech Republic. This EP is dedicated to an evicted squat in Czech called LADRONKA. PUGGY / PINEWOOD COTTAGE / TORRIES / OYNE / INVERURIE / AB51 5HZ / SCOTLAND.

THE RED EYES On Prescription CD I think its been said in other zines that this band/album is rather bland, and I’d pretty much go along with that. I suppose they’re good at what they do ie. Mainstream kinda rock/punk ala late 70s.. but fo me it just has no spark. ALAN BISHOP / 2/2 83 DUMBARTON ROAD / CLYDEBANK / GLASGOW / G81 1UE / SCOTLAND.

DR GREEN Purvas CD Wow! This is a fucking great album! I play this one a lot. They are a ska punk band from Lithuania. I put out a split tape with them and fellow Lithuanian hc punk band INVAZIJA. This new album sees them progressing a little, the first few tracks on this album are their trademark bouncy ska punk, but later on they slow it down a fair bit with some slower ska and some dub reggae and some weird bits, at first I weren’t so keen, but they pull it off, after a few plays, I appreciate the varied style of the album. They sing in their own language, which justs adds to it, as it gives them quite a uniqueness. A stunning album! DOMAS / P O BOX 790 / VILNIUS 2050 / LITHUANIA.

GRIDE Happy Birthday Gride! 7”EP More raging stuff from Czech, fuck there seems to be a lot of crust and grind bands there. You may remember Gride from the split LP with Mrtva Budoucnost from a few years ago…. Gride fall into the grind category mostly, but in places are just in fast as fuck territory… this EP is a compilation of previous recordings from their 5 year existence. Includes covers by Napalm Death, Health Hazard and Rupture. INSANE SOCIETY RECORDS / P O BOX 6 / 501 01 HRADEC KRALOVE / CZECH REPUBLIC.

TAPASYA / URINE SPECIMEN split 7”EP More grindcore blasts here. Tis noisy, production aint the best here though… Urine Specimen is a one-man grind band from Finland, Tapasya are from Brazil and are the better of the two, they just need a bit better sound… could be a good band. BUCHO DISCOS / CP 12 – CENTRO / STO ANDRE / SP / 09015-970 / BRAZIL

GREEN BERET / MOCOVY KHAMENI split 7”EP Mocovy Khameni is yet another grind band from Czech, 4 pummelling blasts here, a pretty muddy sound spoils this one though. On the flipside, Green Beret are from the US, and they preset 6 tracks of grind with keyboards, and they pull it off, sounds a bit unusual but I enjoyed their tracks. HYENYZM RECS, address elsewhere.

BONES BRIGADE 7”EP This was a nice surprise.. this is usually whats termed old school by those that know…. They’re from the US and here we have 7 blasts of short sharp fast as fuck clean sounding hardcore.. probably like Out Cold or something… pretty good as what they do too, they play really fast but tight as fuck! BELIEF CRISIS RECORDS / P O BOX 35374 / BRIGHTON / MASSACHUSETTS 02135 / USA

INOKENTIJS MARPLS Bitit matos 7”EP This is a really really good EP from a Latvian band who apparently have been playing since 1985, and you can tell that on here they sound like they know exactly what they’re doing.6 tracks here of political punk, starts off in a tuneful old punk sort of style, but a couple of tracks are more hardcore-ish and remind me a lot of the sound that near neighbours Invazija (from Lithuania) used to have on the 7” we did with them. EZIS SPER SOLI RECORDS / c/o EINARS POLUSKINS / ILUKSTES 107-102 / RIGA, LV-1082 / LATVIA.

SCALLY Que Fue De Los Dos 7”EP The 2nd EP from this Swiss band, comes in a nice thick package with a decent cover and one of the things that struck me was how thick the actual vinyl was on this !! Plenty of graphics with this release and the lyrics, but no English translations. Bizarrely for a Swiss band they sing in Spanish! The music is raging but tuneful hardcore punk, kinda in the Econovhrist vein… must be different recordings cause the last two tracks sounded a bit ropey, but the rest of it was ace! OLIVER GARCIA / DORFPLATZ 1 / CH 8750 RIEDERN / SWITZERLAND.


SCATHA / THE DAGDA split 7”EP A 3 label collaboration here, with nice Celtic theme on the cover artwork as always with Scatha releases, one track by each band here, Scatha (pronounced sca-huh) from Scotland, and The Dagda who are from Northern Ireland.  Both bands are quite similar, doing the gruff crust punk sort of thing. I’ve never been that keen on Scatha, but I liked their track on here, and I liked the Dagda’s song too. A pity there’s only 1 song each. 3 labels, but mine came from PANOPTIC VISION / P O BOX 3590 / UDDINGSTON / G71 6YG / SCOTLAND.



SENSA YUMA Every Day’s Your Last Day 7”EP Sorry, but I wasn’t into this at all… Sesa Yuma are mainly Birmingham punks and as far as I am aware they been going years, and they have Stu-Pid, ex- English Dogs and Police Bastard on vocals, but I much prefer his previous bands to this. Bog – standard British punk here. RUPTURED AMBITIONS / OLD FORGE COTTAGE / LAMERTON / TAVISTOCK / DEVON / PL19 8RY.

INSTIGATORS Dine Upon The Dead CD  I was really glad to get this one for review !! It’s the first release by Blackfish in a series called Gone But Not Forgotten… in this case a CD with the first 3 vinyl releases from this 80s band from Dewsbury West Yorkshire who went on to inspire many a band. You get the first EP then their 2 albums. Classic hard hitting, yet tuneful punk, I had always liked these on the compilations I heard, but for whatever reason never got around to checking out their albums, but this is great stuff, especially the EP and first album with Semi on vocals, not so keen on the later tracks when Semi left though. You get a booklet with notes on the bands history including current quotes from the band looking back over those years. Good stuff! BLACKFISH RECORDS / P O BOX 15 / LEDBURY / HR8 1YG / ENGLAND.

ALIENATION MENTAL Ball Spouter CD More grind from the Czech Republic, on Cerebral Turbulency’s label, and I think they may share at least one member too…. Techincal fast as fuck grindcore here, from a technical view this is amazing, crazy shit !!! But in places the drumming is too fast, the drummer is either the fastest drummer ever or else its been speeded up a bit in the studio… KHAARANUS PRODUCTIONS / HVIEZDOSLAVOVA 2 / RADVANICE / 716 00 OSTRAVA / CZECH REPUBLIC.

DC-NINE / PARADE OF ENEMIES split MCD DC-Nine from Stoke kick off this split with 4 tracks of tuneful hardcore, what you would call old school mid80s New York style… Its OK, but they are eclipsed on this split by Parade of Enemies from Southampton, who were also really good when I saw em live, but I’ve heard they’re now split up? 6 tracks of raging hardcore, including a Reagan Youth cover. Decent split CD this SIX MINUTE SET / 12 TIMOTHY CLOSE / STOKE ON TRENT / STAFFS / ST3 5RB.

BREZHNEV www.bullshit/control CD Latest album by this Amsterdam lot that have toured here 3 times I think it is now, they’re here so often I lose track ha ha!! I’ve heard some say this isn’t as good as their last album, but it sounds pretty good to me. Mind you,  the best way to experience Brezhnev is live. I think they’re planning another trip to the UK later this year (2003). One strange thing though:- the title track is about  too many computers in our lives and to get out sass and get out of the web,  yet despite this they have a website and email address…. ? Kinda bizarre. D-FENS RECORDS / PMB 275 / 8 AMLAJACK BLVD / NEWNAN / GA 30265 / USA.

 ACADEMY MORTICIANS What Happened? CD This band have been going for years now, and finally release their debut album, this was recorded in 2000, but various problems happened with labels, and now Iron Man Records have stepped in to get it released. Academy Morticians are a Birmingham band so far as I know, playing melodic punk. I found this a bit light for the most part, its too tuneful and with the sung vocals, it wasn’t really my thing at all, but I must admit after a couple of plays I like it a little better…. The songs are well crafted and the lyrics are great, intelligent and spot on attitude wise, I’m just not that keen on the music. If you like the other bands on Iron Man then you’ll probably be up for this. IRON MAN / P O BOX 9121 / BIRMINGHAM / B13 8AU

4 PAST MIDNIGHT Mental Ward CDEP Glasgow’s 4 Past Midnight are back again!! How many times have they reformed now ?!!! This 4 track CDEP is possibly their best yet, kicks off with the very catchy title track, the rest of the songs are a bit faster, decent production and I like 4PM’s style which is a mix of pop-punk influences and 80s uk punk influences…. PJ64912000@YAHOO.CO.UK

SIR KILLALOT Painting By Numbers CD Fairly bog standard punk here, not bad, but I was a bit bored in the end. Sorry. Starts of ok, powerful punk I thought sounded a ittle Leatherface-ish in a couple of songs, but further in it veers more towards streepunk and I lost interest. REJECTED RECORDS /  P O BOX 6591 / DUN LAOGHAIRE / CO DUBLIN / IRELAND.

ULCERRHOEA / SIVIILIMURHA split 7”EP Definitely a tale of 2 sides this one. Ulcerrhoea are becoming an awesome grindcore band, and up there with ROT or AGATHCOLES… they have stuff out on various releases, but I think this is the best I’ve heard em… I was looking forward to hearing Siviilimurha, as they were interviewed in Hell and Damnation zine, so I thought they would be great, but they are rather awful! Tying to play 80s style classic Finnish core, but with a buzzsaw guitar sound they just come across as rather shitty. Maybe their other recordings are shit hot ? But definitely worth getting for the Ulcerrhoea tracks alone. VITUN APARAT RECORDS / P O BOX 11 10 / D-90538 ECKENTAL / GERMANY.

TOTALT JAVLA MORKER Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri CD Debut album on Distortion after a 7”EP.. not your usual Distortion dis-core here, but some fucking raging hardcore punk, with screaming dual vocals for the most part. Their 7” reminded me a bit of earlier Discharge, but on here they’re more wall of noise sounding. They scream in Swedish, but there are translations of the lyrics which show them to be at the right targets and more than just words about war, dead bodies etc. eg. One of the songs is about nazi parties in some European countries that are made up of middle class middle aged men in suits etc that fool the public, kinda like our own BNP then these days, trying to make out they’re some moderate electable political party….I’ve no idea what the name of the album means, sorry. DISTORTION / BOX 6294 / SE40060 GOTHENBURG / SWEDEN.

LINK The Last Sacrifice CD Crust punk here from Belgium with a drum machine and a female vocalist from Sweden. Sounds good too, yer typical crust punk sort of sound, but I must say I am not a big fan of drum machines and this would sound awesome I reckon with a real drummer. As it is its still good though. DIY as hell burned on a CDR and the band band encourage you to make copies  - FUCK COPYRIGHT it says. YEAH! GEOFFREY GEERAERT / ZORGVLIETSTRAAT 35 / 8900 DIKKEBUS / BELGIUM

AUDIO KOLLAPS Ultima Ratio CD Great crust punk here from Germany. I think this is their first full length but I think they have been around a few years with some 7” vinyl, comps etc… Fuckin storming stuff especially when they play the straightforward fast crust stuff, with metallic influences sometimes, which usually show through when they play the slower songs. Growly vocals add to the heaviness of this along with a top notch production. You could do worse then check this one out – it rages!  EPISTROPHY / P O BOX 312 / 30003 HANNOVER / GERMANY


CAUSE FOR EFFECT Album CD Cause For Effect are a two man (drums and bass) band from Finland, playing jazz-grind sort of stuff. I like the off the wall jazzy style, the bass playing is fuckin awesome, but it gets a tad tedious after a while cause it gets a bit samey without the ‘beef’ of a guitar, and also cause of the monotony of the grunted vocals…. But if you’re a grindcore maniac with a bit of an open mind I guess you would like this. 42 tracks in 30 or so minutes !!! BUCHOS DISCOS / CP 12 / CENTRO / STO ANDRE / SP / 09015-970 / BRAZIL

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER CD Distortion must be branching out as they normally release mainly Swedish stuff of the DIS-variety !!!! But this is a great CD that really surprised me…. The band are from Spain and you’re getting fast and powerful grindcore here…. Not always my favourite style but I like this cause its well crafted and it has a great production sound too…nice and full on. As it seems with most Spanish bands you get good political lyrics that show the band are about more than just music. Good to see a song against animal experimentation which you don’t always see too much of in foreign bands… DISTORTION address elsewhere

PATARENI s/t CD This is a bit of a hard one to review, this is a band from Croatia that’s been going a long time and these songs were recorded in 1994…. Crust/grind kinda stuff here but they have forged their own sound I feel, or maybe its cause its early 90s, so maybe they have more of a yugo/croat sound from those times coming through…  just good noisy hardcore punk but certainly some grind influences and quite a lot of metal licks here which is the one thing I didn’t like about it…. Maybe to sum up – grind before it speeded up and before it became the fashion ??? EPISTROPHY address elsewhere

THE DAGDA CD Debut album from this Northern Ireland band… I wasn’t too keen on this at all when I first heard it a couple of months ago, there are so many bands lately playing the His Hero Is Gone or Severed Head of State sound that I find it a bit generic, but since seeing SHOS on tour I’m getting to like it a bit more.. and this is a good album, no question, good to hear that our own bands can do this as well as the Americans (just my view)…  lots of slow heaviness in parts, but plenty of fast thrashy crustcore numbers too.. growing on me. ENSLAVED / P O BOX 169 / BRADFORD / W YORKS / BD1 2UJ

RASHIT Taksim’de Bangy Jumping 7”EP Rashit is a punk band from Istanbul, Turkey, some of you may be familiar with them as they are featured on some of my compilations etc. They play tuneful punk, kinda basic, but with some obvious Turkish/middle eastern influence (they sing in Turkish too), just punked up a bit! Good lyrics show their political feelings, about capitalism, the hell that is Istanbul etc. There are translations of the lyrics in german, dutch and French as well as English! KROKET RECORDS / BEEKSESTRAAT 76 / 4841 GD PRINSENBEEK / NETHERLANDS.

NOT / SHEEVA YOGA split 7”EP As this was from Czech Republic, I was expecting more all out grindcore, but this is actually a great record and a nice change to all that stuff… SHEEVA YOGA are strange.. fast as fuck but lots of strange twists and jazzy bits mixed in with the ferocious music. Strange lyrics too! NOT is more straightforward sounding, but good too… not really grind but short sharp fastcore. Their lyrics are more overtly political, capitalism gets a big fuck off from these guys and so it should! Both bands sing mostly in Czech but all lyrics are translated in the small booklet. Great split 7”. HYENYZM RECORDS address elsewhere.

THE DIRTY 30s This is Sick 7”EP Raw uncompromising fast hardcore punk here from the US, with no metal or grind in sight! Kinda of like the usual Boston US bands, underproduced sound in a Active Minds kind of way… lyrics go for the jugular in an Oi Polloi style, attacking vivisectionists, war, religion and cops. A good blast this!

FAT DAY Poop 7”EP This is a fuckin strange one! Manic stop start thrash-jazz hardcore fusion that’s all over the place. Wild female vocals just add to the mix. Not your average hardcore band! Good though! 100% BREAKFAST RECORDS / P O BOX 381804 / CAMBRIDGE / MA 02238 / USA.

BRUTAL MASSACRE ..Survival of the sickest.. 7”EP Politically inclined punk here (sung in English) from Switzerland, in fact these are a two man band with no bass player. Raw but sometimes tuneful punk here, sometimes fast sometimes mid-tempo, the obvious comparison is Active Minds cause of the lineup, but they do have that same sort of style and sound.. worth a look this one. STRONGLY OPPOSED RECORDS / FLURWEG 29 / 2504 BIEL / SWITZERLAND.

STRAHLKAHL 7”EP More good hardcore punk from Switzerland here. These go more for the crust punk style, raw and uncompromising. Crust punk seems dead in the UK but its still a big feature of the European scene… and this is a good EP I like it. You get a little booklet with lyrics + translations (they sing in German), anti fascist and anti-system lyrics are the order of the day here. STRONGLY OPPOSED RECORDS

RACAK tape I don’t get many tapes to review these days, and although I don’t release tapes on my label anymore, I still support them as a diy format 100%, especially when they’re as good as this! German’s Racak put out a split 7” with Croatia’s AK47 which was fuckin ace and this is no let up. Totally powerful crust punk sung in Germany. 9 trracks on this one and you should definitely hear this band! SCHANMAUL RECORDS / PF 610617 / 10937 BERLIN / GERMANY.

FxPxO tape Yeah, you guessed it !! – Forever Positively Obsessed is a straight edge band. They are from Macedonia, playing very fast hardcore influenced by the late to mid 80s, but with a raw production sound that makes it sound a little less Americanised…. 12 great sounding tracks I always used to like that fast US hardcore sort of stuff like Infest, Unity, False Liberty etc etc… You get some straight edge lyrics, but also plenty of comments on more important matters.. as they say in the notes their ideology is inspired from the anarchist idea…12 short tracks clocking in at about 12 minutes. Check it out! SCHANDMAUL RECORDS

YHDEKSAS SURMANLUOTI tape This is a fuckin awesome tape – even better than the Rack one in my view… fast as fuck chaotic finnish hardcore punk is how I’d sum it up….the sound on it is good and it simply rages. They do an Infest cover, which can’t be bad. Also a cover by Sian Iho who I’ve never heard of. Sound as fuck lyrics too which are translated in the fold out cover. I want to hear more now! TONI EISKONEN / STURENKATU 43-45 E 77 / FIN-00550 HELSINKI / FINLAND.

URBAN STRIP / OWN DECISION split tape Urban Blight is metally new school hardcore type stuff from Russia. Sounds like they are influenced by that heavier stuff from UK and US.. its ok and well done, but not really my kinda thing… but the lyrics are really good, especially when you consider English aint their first language…  topics include domestic violence, drugs, war and big brother (not the TV show!)… France’s Own Decision are a straight edge band from Lille, they have great lyrics about the destruction of our eco-system , capitalism and animal rights, (and one about straight edge I’m afraid!), but the music is awful. Metally hardcore that’s kinda disjointed and simply doesn’t sound very good! ALWAYS AT WAR RECORDS / ALEX L KUZMIN / P O BOX 162 / SMOLENSK  / 214000 / RUSSIA.