All zine reviews by Steve unless stated.

MANGELSLAKT #3 This is pretty old now, and I haven’t heard anything since, so I don’t know if this zine is still going? Crusty punk zine in the Profane Existence vein that went to newsprint format in this issue… They love their international hc/punk noise do Nick and Emily, lotsa news, letters section, and lots of reviews, columns, you know the format, right? Ints with Skullcrusher, Kirous (great Finnish band!), and Onward To Mayhem. Great zine, I hope it’s still active… P O BOX 580402 / MINNEAPOLIS / MN 55458-0402 / USA.

REHASH #2 Again, and old US zine, it’s a great zine though… again I don’t know if its still going, I know the editor moved, we were going to trade some zines, but lost track of each other.. so who knows?  Chats with DRI, and a few interviews stolen ? from MRR, with Lou Giordano, Dan, Infest, seems to be a bit of a retro theme going on here, towards 80s hardcore punk etc, oh and there’s a discussion/forum type thing from 1985 with a load of people from Nottingham, one of them being Dig from Earache Records. Rather a strange zine! ZANNE REHASH / P O BOX 201 / TROY / MI 48099-0201 / USA.

INFINITE MONKEY #3 This Bradford zine is done by the bloke who now organises the 1 in 12 club weekenders, first time I’ve seen his zine, can’t say I’m too keen on the bands he likes (but I suppose that works both ways!), mainly the heavier side of hardcore and some weird stuff too. Interviews are with Atomsmasher, Bogdan Raczynski, Song of Zarathustra. Lots of reviews, and some pages of news on UK bands, other stuff the editor likes etc. Good to see a new UK zine, as there ain’t too many new ones these days. Oh, and there’s a review of the Egg Raid CDR where the editor had a preconception that they were a spikey Mohawks/glue/cider type band. Scary thought……….. P O BOX 169 / BRADFORD / BD1 2UJ.

A HC-PUNK COMMUNITY AMONG AN IMPERIALISTIC EMPIRE OF MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES #7 Bit of a mouthful eh? There’s always lots of interesting stuff though in this greek zine… formerly it was a free zine, but this time as there is so much in it and some extra pages, the editor now charges for it, but its still only 1 EURO or equivalaent and you get plenty for your cash. Half in greek, half in English, interviews with Obscure, Joey Keithley, Attitude Problem zine, plus lots of political articles, as you might guess from the title, plus reviews etc. DIMITRIS / P O BOX 3700 / 10210 ATHENS / GREECE.

AFTERMATH Great zine this from Shannon, the editor of Flashpoint zine and the Whizzbanger Distro Guide, this is a one-off zine with lots of writings and some poetry all with the theme of September 11th and the war on terror. I’m not so much into the poetry, but the writings are really good. At $4 it’s a little steep, but its an interesting read. SHANNON COLEBANK / P O BOX 5591 / PORTLAND / OR 97228 / USA.

PARADISE NOISE #10 Quite long standing zine here from France, all in English. HC punk and grind oriented, mainly music related with a lot of fairly short interviews, eg. Disarm, Warcollapse, Phobia, Hirax etc, two of the longer interviews are with the UKs Kismet HC and also Fastard. There’s an article on religion, one on pornography that’s in French, and there’s also an interview with Costes, an underground artist from France that’s also written in French. DAVID CAMMAL / AVENUE DES FRERES / ROQUEPLAN / 13370 MALLEMORT / FRANCE.

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #236 (£2.75 PPD) First time I’ve read MRR in years. When I started out it was one of the main influences, but in later years it seemed to go crap – too many ads, and the musical side of it seemed to lean more towards garage punk and punk n roll, but I just seen this new issue and it’s a little more like the old days. Still too many ads, but plenty to read, some good hardcore punk featured and still some politics.  As with most mags of this size I suppose you have to take the rough with the smooth, there’s some crap in here but some good stuff too!  If any of you, like me, became disillusioned with it, it may be worth you checking it out again. Distro in the UK from: TONY (THRASH AND DIE REC’S) / 25 PLANTHILL ROAD / HIGHER BLACKLEY / MANCHESTER / M9 6WH.

DIRECT HIT #2 (£1.50 PPD) Good to see Mel back with another zine. Its been two years since the last issue that came with the 7”. But who am I to talk? I know all about 2 year hiatuses. As usual with Mel’s zines, neat layouts and plenty to read of a hardcore punk nature. Most interesting reads in this issue I found were the interviews with people running labels Deranged Records, Max from 625 Records, and Reflections Records/zine. Band wise you also get Holding On, Last In Line and The Control. Plus tons of reviews, Mel’s had a lot to catch up on. MEL HUGHES / 26 ST MATTHEWS ESTATE / KEADY / CO. ARMAGH / BT60 3SF / NORTHERN IRELAND.

EAT SHIT #23 Chaotic cut n paste zine here from the US. In a similar vein to our friends at Raw Punk Bastards! There’s a chat with Submission Hold (plus reviews of their gigs!), and McJesus (Local band I think), plus some columns and some reviews, lots of flyers/ads (a little too many I feel?), plus quite a lot of stuff on shoplifting and conscious shopping, which was cool. BOX 4766 / SLT / CA 96157 / USA.

VIOLENCE #4 ($1/1 euro + postage) Huge zine here from Poland covering the international hardcore/thrash/grind scenes. Various contributors helping with some columns and tons of reviews, and more interviews than I’ve probably ever seen in one zine!! Too many to name, but a few of the bands featured are Ratos de Parao, Dropdead, HeWhoCorrupts, Hirax, Napalm Death etc etc. 96 A4 pages altogether !!! SELF MADE GOD RECORDS / P O BOX 46 / 21500 BIALA PODL. / POLAND




REASON TO BELIEVE #8 (free but send stamps to cover postage) Great stuff here from Leeds.  Quarterly free newsprint mag along the lines of Fracture, Heartattack etc but better than any of those zines! Concentrating mainly on UK and Europe punk and hardcore scenes. The usual columns, letters and review pages of course, and main features this issue are interviews with Coalition Records, Fureza X, Vitamin X, Gertrude, and a report on the FTAA, on resistance of globalisation in South America, plus tons of stuff on skateboarding which seems to be the main theme of this issue and this was the only bit that didn’t really interest me. Top zine, and #9 should be due out now (June/July). Support! REASON TO BELIEVE / c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROADS / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

BALD CACTUS #20 50p+SAE The latest from this long running Leeds zine. Top stuff as ever. I thought the interviews were totally great this time, in depth ones with Kismet HC, Fig 4.0, Active Slaughter and Attila The Stockbroker. Plus the usual reviews and Anys rants, including a piece on old fart bands reunions. Oh and a review of last years Leeds punks picnic. BALD CACTUS / c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / W YORKS / LS6 1LJ.

HELL AND DAMNATION #11 40p + SAE Another long running zine and possibly the best yet from Colin.  Featuring the underground of the underground !! Think he goes out of his way to find bands that are even more obscure than the ones in Ripping Thrash ha ha! This time interviews with Vaning 5, Siviilmihurma, Confusione and Schifosi, and a few rants plus loads of reviews of stuff from around the globe. As always great layouts from Colin and this zine has a fuckin ace look to it! Essential reading! COLIN / 22 BURNS VILLAS / STAINFORTH / DONCASTER / S YORKS / DN7 5DP




SUSPECT DEVICE #39 £1 Thick wad of paper here as always with SD, plenty to read. Best interview is with Active Slaughter who are popping up in a lot of zines at the moment and that’s fine cause they have plenty of intelligent things to say.. a bit strange to hear em slagging off the HITS events, then further on in this zine is a full blown review of the HITS weekend !!! Also an interview with some folks who work at MRR which is making a bit of a resurgence. Loads of reviews and columns and some more ints too… worth a quid certainly! P O BOX 295 / SOUTHAMPTON / SO17 1LW

INITONIT #14 50p + SAE This one’s a little old now, maybe a new issue due soon Paul? This one has short sharp chats with Homebrew, WORM, BBP Records & Tapes (good to see non-band interviews), 17 Stiches, Freaks Union, plus a few rants here and there (eg ageism in punk rock). The rants are the best bits in here, short and to the point, absolutely spot on but in places dead funny too! PAUL / THE FLAT / 56A UPGATE / LOUTH / LINCS / LN11 9JN

GADGIE #16 50p + SAE Gadgie is still going strong, and putting about 10 issues out inbetween each issue of mine! The only interview is with Shank, but as I’m sure you know, there’s always lots of funny articles and stories in Gadgie zine, lots of tales of Marv’s youth, dunno how he can remember it all in so much detail !!??? Some columns by some other folks such as Paul Raggity and Dogshit from Brezhnev, and plenty of humour abounds throughout. MARV / P O BOX 93 / BOSTON / LINCS / PE21 7YB.

MOST PUNKS ARE TOTAL ARSEHOLES #1 £1 Controversial title eh ? Well a new zine, but some of you may remember Mark from his rants in the last couple of issues of Ripping Thrash… he was the one going on about the working class and how the left/anarchist movement is too middle class dominated.. well this zine carries on that argument in the whole theme of this zine pretty much. A big rant on it takes centre stage, plus there’s reviews, interviews with Robb Johnson, Bug Central and Terminus, plus a funny ‘Guide to the British Left’, in which Mark gives ratings to various left wing groups in terms of political muscle, fisticuffs rating and typical slogans. Serious but funny at the same time! Check this zine out, it’s a quid but LOTS to read. MPATA / c/o PHOENIX PRESS / P O BOX 824 / LONDON / N1 9DL.

INFECTED BY DEMENTIA #2 Latest issue of this Lithuanian zine that used to be Sperm Oil. Rough cut and paste layouts in the old style, previous issues have been punk/politics oriented, this time the editor states himself  that the zine is now more grind/noise oriented… which shows in the content here. Chats with Dickless Tracey, S.M.E.S., interviews with a couple of people who do distros, some stuff on Lithuania and on a festival that took place there, plus a couple of pages of reviews. ARMANTAS GECIAUSKAS / P O  BOX 186 / VILNIUS / LT-2000 LITHUANIA.

UPS #8 Richard is a busy chap, putting out this zine on quite a regular basis and also doing UPS label and distro, UPS meaning Underground Punk Support which sums things up nicely. As UPS is a great resource zine and is supporting the worldwide hardcore punk scene. Lots of pages and lots to read in here – chats with Betercore, Remains of the Day, Citizen Fish, and lots of reviews, but some other good things to break up the interview/review format – namely a Betercore/Olho de Gato tour report, scene reports from Slovenia and Finland, DOA retrospect (could’ve done without that!), an article about the making of the BSE/PCP 7”, lots of news, and a bit about how Larm/Seein Red are seen as gods or idols by some in the scene but in fact they’re down to earth cool people to have a chat with and are no different from me or you. Great zine! UPS / WANMOLEN 5 / 3833 ED LEUSEN / NETHERLANDS.

COEDEYE #11 50p + SAE Good to see something god is happening in Middlesbrough other than the great football team of course! Well it seems most people from Boro in the past end up moving away to Leeds etc, so it can’t be too nice a place to live, in here there’s a guide to some Boro pubs, not sure about that one! This zine is a quick and easy read, not too much to interest me in here I’m afraid as its concentrates mainly on old bands, kinda like his near neighbour HAGL… chats with TV Smith, Fist Fuck, some reviews of some terrible records, but two interesting pieces, one on an Otter sanctuary and one about idiots who take dogs into gigs.  ROB / 23 FALKLAND ST / MIDDLESBROUGH / TS1 4JH.

FLAGBURNER #10  I’ve only seen recent issues of Flagburner, but it’s a fuckin great zine! This issue you get a free finnish flag and a match to burn it with! Cool! Chats with Avaricious, Submission Hold, Bora, lots of articles by the editor, he certainly has plenty of views and knows his stuff! And I love the travel stories that are always a feature of Flagburner, Janne sure does travel about a bit and I am getting rather envious. In this issue he talks about his visit to Scotland. Most of us Brits haven’t been there I bet…. JANNE NYSTROM / EURANTIE 12A9 / 00550 HELSINKI / FINLAND.

CUWAN #2 Another great Scandinavian zine! Only the 2nd issue but terrific stuff. Cut and paste style but neatly laid out. Interviews with Denak from Spain and Gride from Czech, and Germany’s Tumult, plus reviews, and an interview with 3 ‘mature’ scenesters about how come they’re still involved etc ERIK AHLBERG / VIBORGSSLINGAN 25 / 224 72 / LUND / SWEDEN.

REGARDLESS #2 Another great Swedish zine. Again a new zine, a million times better than my #2 was !!! (Bog roll is better quality than my #2!!)… this has been out a year now, so maybe a new issue is due soon? This has ints with Remains of The Day, Lost, Kontrovers and some columns by one of the editors (2 editors in this zine).. and lots of reviews, hell there’s even more reviews than in here !! And an account of the guitar player of Skitsystem being a complete prick and rockstar. PONTUS REDIG / GULSPARVSGATAN 33 / 412 67 GOTHENBURG / SWEDEN

ATTITUDE PROBLEM #32 50p+ SAE Good to see Steve back with this zine again. He’s relocated to Leeds now, and he’s been pretty active since, not only getting his own zine done but has also been contributing a lot to Reason to Believe. This zine is handwritten, but no problem with being able to read it.  Ints with Axiom, Harum Scarum and Strike Anywhere, and loads of Steve’s rants on various topics, he’s got a lot to say and it makes for a thought provoking zine.. lots of thoughts and ideas are presented in a nice way without it being rammed down your throat – yeah !!! Oh, it’s a benefit for Emmaz Social Centre in London. P O BOX 326 / HARDCORE HOUSE / LEEDS / WEST YORKSHIRE / LS7 3YR.

PICK IT UP! #1 This is a bit old now but I thought worthy of a review.. great to see a zine from Romania !! This guy has good English, so manages to write lots and lots and gets some good in depth interviews with the likes of Life’s A Riot (eg 33 questions!!), and some reviews which shows the editor to be mainly into hardcore punk and crust styles.. scene reports from Czech and from Suisse Romade (one of the Swiss cantons), some pictures, a couple of articles written in French, the original factsheet that was the subject of libel action, stuff on rural communities in Romania and more. Hope to see a new issue of this sometime! RADU MEIER / O.P. 1 C.P. 125 / 1900 TIMISOARA / ROMANIA.

DOWNSIDED #6 Quite longstanding zine from Finland now on its 6th issue. Clean computer type layouts in contrast to those other Scandinavian zines I reviewed, but Toni manages to make it look good all the same. All the Scandinavian zines reviewed this issue look great and a load better than the sack of shit you’re holding now! Interviews with Out Cold, Strong Intention, Haymaker and  Ryhtmihairio (I didn’t know that they reformed in 1998, I have an old LP by em somewhere..). There’s a tour report from when the editors band and another Finnish band spent 5 days doing gigs in Russia, Toni has a couple of columns and there’s some guest columns too, well written too. Oh and there’s a GISM retro piece as well.



DIMINUTIVE RAGE #6 Cool looking crust punk zine from the US. Quite a small zine but interesting content. No pages and pages of pointless reviews like in some crap zines ha ha !! Well there are no reviews in here at all! Interviews with Defuse from Japan and Epajarjestys from Finland, the rest of the zine is made up of Saira’s thoughts and rants about life, mainly personal thoughts, feelings etc. Thought provoking stuff. See you don’t have to be an emo zine to write about your personal thoughts etc !!? SAIRA / P O  BOX 80338 / MINNEAPOLIS / MN 55408 / USA

FECAL FORCES #10  Kukatz is knocking these out quite often these days…. Crust punk/grind zine from Croatia, this time with interviews with Misery and Hell and Damnation zine which is good to see, its always good to read interviews with Colin. There’s also a retro piece on Tozibabe, and old all female hardcore punk band from Slovenia. Lots of non music stuff in this zine concerning the occult, Satanism, sex and so on… so plenty of different things to read if that’s what you’re into.  BORIS MILAKOVIC / SV. DUHA 30 / 34000 POZEGA / CROATIA.

TOILET PAPER #2 This zine is done by a very young German girl (16 years old) so fair play for starting a zine. Mostly stories and personal writings in this, quite a bit from a feminist perspective although the editor says that this wasn’t really the intention, it just ended up so and peoples reaction to her 1st issue was to label it a feminist zine… there’s a few pages on a vegan diet reprinted from leaflets. There’s a crap interview with My Fellow Astonauts. Not a great deal in this took my interest, but its better than what I put out when I was 16 !! ALVA DITTRICH / JOH. KOHLMANN STR. 8 / 53913 / SWISTTAL / GERMANY.

AGITATE #1 (free, just send a stamp!) At last Chris from Aversion is back ! Not enough time to do Aversion zine anymore, but hoping to put out this regular free newsletter.  Only 4 A4 pages this time but he’s hoping to make it more pages next time.  Typical of Chris’ layout style this.  There’s some noise and some political news here, an article on the Anarchist Federation and a smattering of zine and  noise reviews. CHRIS / FLAT 5 / 7 WESTGATE / SHIPLEY / BD18 3QX.  

 INITONIT #15 50P + SAE Just in, great new issue from Paul. Kicking up a stink in rural Lincolnshire it seems. Ints this time with Blisterhead and Assert, plus short and very direct rants on TV, racism, legalising cannabis, a few reviews, then finished off with Buzzkill and Oxymoron interviews. Support the UK fanzine scene and get this! PAUL / THE FLAT / 56A UPGATE / LOUTH / LINCS / LN11 9JN.

CODEYE #12 50P + sae Rob is churning these out quick. Or is it just that I’m so slow? A decent interview with Four Past Midnight, but it goes downhill after that, with reviews of some awful records and equally awful gigs ! Also a 17 Stitches interview, and a rant on the new Music Licensing Law which caught my attention. Think #11 was better.  ROB / 23 FALKLAND ST / MIDDLESBROUGH / CLEVELAND / TS1 4JH.