Hi there this is Tom from the Italian grindcore band Dysmorfic. Here’s the report of our tour we did from Oct. 17th to Oct. 25th , in countries such as Spain, France and Switzerland.

Thanx tons to Steve for letting me doing this.

Unluckily 2 out of the 3 gigs planned in France got fucked a week before the start, and one in Switzerland as well. Anyway here I go.

Oct. 17th –Barcelona (Spain) @ Rock n’ Trini

We arrive in Barcelona quite early in the afternoon, the three of us of the band, our driver and a friend of ours. We have to meet up with our Spanish friend Silvia who booked all of the gigs here (thank you very much friend!). Hey Barcelona is fucking big and we get lost but after a while we meet Silvia and go to her house for a rest. We meet her flat mates, hang out a bit and then go the venue. This is very nice, kind of youth centre under the highway bridge!

We play with other 2 bands, one playing grind, the other hardcore. We have some food and set up the distro-table. Hey a lot of people come in and we start to get excited. I liked the other bands quite a bit then it’s our turn to play. The show’s been good I guess, with a lot of people dancing and moving their heads ha, ha, ha! After the gig our drummer complains for the sound on stage, which sucked indeed but I don’t care at all! Time has come to go home and finally sleep. We really feel home at Silvia house and that’s fucking great!!

Oct. 18th-Arnedo (Spain) @ C.S.A. La Cuesta

After some hours of driving we arrive in this very small town, near the Basque Country. Very nice town and very nice squat, very punk!! Tonight we’re gonna play with a cult band from here called Destruccion. It seems that not too far from here Petrograd will play too, so we are afraid the people will go for the big show…Some people come (mostly girls!!) and after a while Destruccion start to play. Good hardcore the old style, the people get nuts!!

It’s our time now but the mic stand is missing so I have to hang the mic on the ceiling-really weird and uncomfortable! Anyway, we start our gig very, very fast and the crowd seems kinda not ready for this. The gig goes on really brutal with all this kids staring at us with the mouth open ha, ha, ha! We finally play our Ramones cover and the people takes a breath!! The concert has been recorded on tape by the guys from the squat so we listen to a coupla cuts and I tell you it’s not bad at all! I hope we can use this live recording for a future release. After the gig we hang out a bit with our new friends then go to sleep on the stage.

Oct. 19th-Donosti (Basque Country) @ Mogambo

This city is not far from Arnedo so the travel by van is not too boring. We arrive at the squat called Kampsa where we were supposed to play and we meet with another mail-friend of ours, Inigo. The gig has been moved to a club called Mogambo, for the squat has had problems with the pigs and they can’t set up gigs anymore. We hang out in Kampsa drinking beer and watching television, then we go to the club.

The venue is awesome! A big backstage, big stage, even a P.A.!!!

Tonight we’re gonna play with RAS, a very brutal act from Tolosa (Spain). I’ve really enjoyed their set, really to the point and violent. They please my ears with a cover from Napalm Death and one from Carcass. Our gig is one of the best we’ve ever done, really tight, fast and brutal. The sound’s great and the crowd goes nuts! Great!

After the gig I talk with some people from the crowd and they really seem impressed by our show, and really this is the best reward a person has a band can have. We have some pasta in the backstage then go for a really nice walk by the ocean!! It’s really great and I’m feeling so happy!!  Time to go now and we go to sleep in Kampsa. This has been a great night!

Oct. 20th-Zaragoza (Spain) @ Arrebato

Man, Zaragoza is awesome!!! We arrive in the city quite early so we have some time to walk the streets and see something. Amazing!! Got also the time to send a postcard to one of my best friends living in Luxembourg!!!

We arrive at this place called Arrebato which is in the very centre of Zaragoza and start drinking beer. The place’s small and it gets packed soon.

The band playing before us is called Angela Chaning and they are very young kids playing live for the first time. They play a good show and me and our driver go dancing at a coupla songs!!

Ok, now Dysmorfic hit the stage and again our show is big! The people really seem to enjoy a lot our set, which is amazing! The only problem we have is that it’s too hot in there and it’s so difficult for me to breath. After the gig I need a fucking rest, man!!!

One of the guy who has helped Silvia in setting up the gig drives us to his place and I fall asleep as I walk in.

Oct. 21st and Oct. 22nd are day off’s as those gigs have been cancelled. We decide to pass them in Barcelona with Silvia and her flat mates. Two days of beer, sangria, and record stores!

Barcelona is great, we’ve seen a lot of things all of which are fucking awesome!!! I wish  I’d come back soon!

Oct. 23rd-Bordeaux (France) @ M.A.C.

We thought the travel would have been much longer, on the contrary we arrive in Bordeaux in perfect time. We are playing in the University Campus, the venue is big, with a great backstage full of  good food. My friend Yann from Undislessed Prod has organized this gig and he’s so kind! He offers us some top quality French wine which we appreciate a lot!

Tonight there are a lot of different bands, playing from punk to grind, from surf to noise. I like this kinda things a lot!

The bands playing before us are quite good, really impressive that singer dressed as a drag queen, and a French band singing in Italian!

Our gig starts and a lot of people come right in front of the stage with their fists in the air and headbanging. Really, I couldn’t believe it. Words cannot describe that feeling, you should’ve seen our smiles on stage while playing!!!!  Again we played tight and fast as hell, giving the audience some fucking grind! Sad thing is we have to leave right after the show as we have to play Switzerland on the next night and it’s more than 1000 Km’s!!! We have a very little time to hang out with people and then we leave.

Oct. 24th-Bremgarten (Switzerland) @ KuZeB

The night in the van was a big pain in the ass and we arrive under the snow; terrible cold for all of us! We did not exactly know where the place was, so we had a stop in Bern and looked for an internet point to check things out.

Oct. 24th-Bremgarten (Switzerland) @ KuZeB

The night in the van was a big pain in the ass and we arrive under the snow; terrible cold for all of us! We did not exactly know where the place was, so we had a stop in Bern and looked for an internet point to check things out.

Finally we come to Bremgarten (near Zurich) and we immediately find the place: it’s one of the best squats we’ve ever seen!! A lot of nice people welcome us and give us food and drink. They are lovely.

I talk with my friend Stephan who set up the gig together with Renč from Endistro/Blutwurscht Prod and I get we’ll be playing with our mates from Gerbophilia (we played with them during our Swiss tour 2001)! That’s great!

I try to sleep a bit on a couch as I’m fucking tired from the travel then we meet with Gerbophilia.

We set the backline on stage  and after a bit the gig starts. Gerbophilia are a bit noisier than what I could remember and anyway the sound pretty sucks. Our gig has been really bad I think, as the sound on stage was nothing but a terrible zffzfzfzfzfzf and a lot people went away. After the show we get to know that unluckily some nazi scum began to throw some bottles from outside the squat and a punk got hurt on his eyebrow. That was why most of the people got away….what can I say? Fuck nazi scum! 

At the end of the night we went to Renč and his wife’s house to sleep. Before going to bed we drink some more beers and listen to some music; again, they make us feel like home and that’s so lovely of them!

Renč gives me some of his own releases (which are killer by the way!!) then we give the goodnight.


Oct. 25th we were supposed to play Lausanne, but again some problems with the pigs fucked our plans up! We try to replace the gig with a small one in our hometown, as some friends were organizing a fest with some hc bands. On the way back to Italy we try to check things out by phone but we can’t get anything.

We finally arrive in Italy, in our hometown and go to the place to ask our friends; unluckily the bill has already been set so no room for Dysmorfic…fuck it seems we can’t make it to play our town!!!

Nobody wants us here!


That’s the end. We have to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the friends who helped out with the gigs and accommodations, all the venues, all the bands who played with us, all the people who came to see us and that we met. You really made us feel at home; it means the world to us. Thank you.

Hope to see you soon again,