Ripping Thrash #22 noise reviews


TRAGEDY / TOTALITAR split 7”EP Well it seems after all these years Totalitar have called it a day. One of my favourite bands ever, and I feel lucky to have seen em in 1990 when they came to the UK, so far as I know they never came back again… the 2 tracks here are standard Totalitar fare ie. Bloody marvellous! Tragedy surprised me on here, I was expecting heavier style stuff, but the two tracks on here are raging hardcore punk in the style I like and not too much on the heavy style.. on this basis I’ll be checking out more by them.. Great split ! ARMAGEDDON LABEL / P O BOX 56 / PROVIDENCE / RI 02909 / USA.

V/A FOUR OLD MASTERPIECES IN ONE DIRTY TAPE Great tape this! In a way its an annoying tape, cause it’s a 4 way split of some great old bands – Sweden’s SVART FRAMTID and ANTI CIMEX, and the USA’s NEON CHRIST and WHITE CROSS – all fuckin’ awesome, but NEON CHRISTs tracks are first on the tape and I just keep playing their songs over and over, and ignoring the other bands !!! I previously only ever heard a song or two by them but there’s 10 ragers on here. Absolute classic! RICARDO ALEXANDRE / TRAV. STo ANDRE No 10, 2* DRT / 2670-379 LOURES / PORTUGAL

SICK 56 Recipe For Disaster CD This was quite a surprise, these lot seem to be gigging quite a lot all of a sudden, and listening to this CD you wouldn’t think they were a new band… UK 80s influenced punk rock  in the GBH vein etc, given the treatment here, full on powerful sound and so sounding fresh and energetic, they sound like they have been playing for years… Worth checking out for sure. JSNTGM / P O BOX 1025 / BLACKPOOL / FY3 0FA.

V/A No Speed Limit Volume 3 CD Wow! This is an awesome and noisy as hell compilation of bands from around the globe. Definitely errs more towards the crust/grind end of the spectrum, sometimes such compilations can be a bit much, but this one is a good quality rager! It’s a double CD too. I challenge you to listen to both CDs in whole in one go! You will have a headache (or am I just getting old?).. Lots of unknown bands, the best known of the bands include ABSTAIN, ROT, UNHOLY GRAVE, BLOODSUCKERS, KENT BROCKMAN, MIGRA VIOLENTA, SCUMBRIGADE, THE PUBLIC etc etc. 41 bands altogether! CIVILISATION RECORDS / OLIVER SCHWARZ / PARKSTRASSE 39 / 89312 GUNZBURG / GERMANY.

IN THE SHIT World of… LP Good to see this South Wales band back. At one time they used to be playing at loads of gigs and picnics around here, then it all went quiet for a couple of years, some lineup changes took place and now they’re back with this their 2nd full album. Despite the lineup changes, they have maintained pretty much the usual ITS sound – crunching anarcho punk rock, raging but with a hint of a tune. Angry political lyrics too that match the music perfectly.  UK promoters – get this band some gigs will ya! SCHANDMAUL RECORDS / P O BOX 61 06 17 / 10937 BERLIN / GERMANY. Or in the UK, visit

DOGSHIT SANDWICH Murdering Bastards CD First album from these Brummie streetpunks.. I wasn’t too keen on their previous releases, but this album is half decent. They sell themselves as streetpunk which ain’t really my thing, but these are faster and more raucous than the simple 3 chord stuff that most of those bands come up with. DIY as fuck and lyrics hitting the nail on the head, covering the Northern Ireland situation, the US obsession with glorifying the death penalty, the meat industry and show-off PC punks…. WEIRD RECORDS / 61 LONDON ROAD / BALDERTON / NEWARK / NOTTS / NG24 3AG.

HIGGINS +++ Commercial Brake CD As you might expect from the title, there are plenty of samples of TV adverts dotted about in between songs, the songs being the solo project of the singer from Blackpool punk band Erase Today. There’s some good social commentary in these songs, but the Billy Bragg musical style didn’t really do it for me I’m afraid. Just not really my thing. JSNTGM address elsewhere.

LOST Fear LP I suspect a few people might buy this cause it has the singer from all-time classic Polish hc punk band Homomilitia… but if you’re expecting Homomilitia style here you will be disappointed. This is slower crust punk style with Agnes’ female vocals. I’d heard a few tracks by Lost before so I wasn’t expecting Homomilitia but I was still rather disappointing.. this is a bit too slow for my liking and I found a whole album a bit tough going… but if slow crust punk with female vocals is your thing then give it a go. It’s all pretty well done but I just didn’t like it much. Some good lyrics about faith in religion being repaid by death and destruction, and all wars being planned and controlled by the need to sell arms and make continual obscene profits. SCHANDMAUL RECORDS as above

RASHIT Kapak guzelleri LP I’ve been putting Rashit songs out on tapes and compilations for a while now but this is their best stuff yet. Better production than they’ve had in the past makes this a classic LP !! Quite hard to pigeon hole and original sounding, mainly cause of the Turkish vocals, there haven’t been too many Turkish punk bands over the years to most ears. Fast singalong streetpunk is my description of this, with some influence of traditional Turkish sounds mixed in…. political as fuck in the lyrics department, with translations to French and English provided. These lyrics put most bands to shame and fair play to them still speaking out against all the shit considering Turkey seems to be a pretty repressive regime….STRONGLY OPPOSED / FLURWEG 29 / 2504 BIEL / SWITZERLAND.

THE BRAINS OF HUMANS Humanity 12” More from Pablo at Strongly Opposed Records, and this is one of the bands he used to be in years ago. This was originally recorded in 1989 but so far as I can tell these tracks were never released til now.  Simple beats but passionate tuneful anarcho punk that would have been fairly typical of the time. Its funny to hear this sort of stuff nowadays cause it makes you realise that the music has evolved/changed over the years and you didn’t really notice at the time… I wouldn’t say this is a classic band from 1989 that you should go all out for, but its pretty decent stuff! STRONGLY OPPOSED.

DIOXIN 12” More Swiss punk from a bygone age! Dioxin recorded this in 1988, but an address and lineup is given with the lyrics, so I wonder if they are still going or reformed? It’s not made clear. Anyway, again this is typical from the era is was recorded.. this is fast chaotic and in places rather messy punk… with some slower bits, but some chaotic rhythms and time changes. There were quite a few bands like this around, particularly in Europe, before everything went superfast or became crust! The emphasis of these type of bands was more passionate protest punk and lyrics/attitude and in a way the music is sometimes secondary… political as fuck lyrics here, about apartheid, national service, and Nazis. Good to heat but not really amazing. STRONGLY OPPOSED

BATHTUB SHITTER Fertilizer 7”EP This band seem to have made a bit of a name for themselves in the grind scene, but I thought this was rather weak… they are from Japan, but give me Gauze or Deathside anytime !! Manic fast crust but the sound is really shitty on this record. Pointless lyrics about shitting throughout the entire record which I guess you can either find hilarious or just plain stupid ! FIRST BLOOD FAMILY / P O BOX 1766 / MADISON / WI 53701 / USA.

BRUTAL MASSACRE Braindead 12” Pablo from Strongly Opposed Records has more or less decided to stop his label activities, the main reasons he cites are less interest in vinyl these days compared to CDs, and the fact that most distros etc don’t want to write letters in these days of computers and email….. I think some of his points about email etc are valid, its certainly true that less and less people are willing to keep in touch if you don’t have email.. but I think there is still a lot of interest in vinyl, especially in the DIY scene, and although my own label is mainly releasing CDs and CDRs, I am still planning to release occasional vinyl as well. Well Pablo is going out with a bang, having released 5 12” records in a short space of time! This one’s back to present, with a 45rpm 12” by this new Swiss band, who play typical modern day fast crust punk. Decent but not amazing. STRONGLY OPPOSED.

ACTIVE SLAUGHTER ‘Ave A Butchers CD Top notch anarcho punk here from London, good to see this sort of style and passionate political protest still around in these modern times of fads, trends and general punk apathy… I know AS aren’t that keen on being labelled with the Conflict tag, but you can’t help but describe their music as raging punk In the Conflict vein and in general a strong London anarcho-punk sound, helped by the heavily accented vocals. Chris from Slug and Lettuce would love this! Maybe a bit slower than the classic Conflict era albums, but this is raging and packs a punch, and this band not only rage about animal rights, farmers, paedophiles, the Middle East and rapists, but they also mean what they say and fuckin live up to it! No empty gestures here…. SLAUGHTERED RECORDS / P O BOX 35913 / LONDON / N17 9YP.


CEREBRAL TURBULENCY Germ Of Error CD More from this Czech grindcore band who’ve been reviewed in past issues… Fast technical heavy sounding grindcore here, still very fast in parts but one or two slower bits creeping in here and there compared to the last album, along with I think a more polished production and more of a metal influence…. They are definitely not mellowing though, this is very brutal metallic grindcore music to the max! KHAARANUS PROD / HVIEZDOSLAVOVA 2 / 716 00 OSTRAVA / CZECH REPUBLIC.

INOKENTIJS MARPLS Speks No Tetiem LP This one completes the batch of 5 Strongly Opposed Records releases, this one is the full album of this longtime Latvian band whose EP I reviewed last time. Good LP this and you can tell this band have been going a lot of years. It’s quite hard to pigeonhole this band, as they are very original sounding for a punk band and they have different influences, varying from eastern European punk sound, to singalong streetpunk, folk, reggae, ska and even psychobilly! You get a small booklet too with English translations of the lyrics and a short history of the band. STRONGLY OPPOSED.

RACAK / AK47 split 7”EP Strong European crust 7”.. AK47 are from Croatia and play soe great fast crustcore that rages and tends to be a little spastic in its delivery, like a lot of the past Balkan bands, they like to keep it chaotic and play fast one minute, slow the next and stop/start the next. Racak are from Germany and are also sound good to these ears, a little more typical fast crust punk style here. But just as good as their Croatian counterparts. The EP comes in an impressive booklet-cover, with lyrics, song explanations, pictures etc, highlighting their stance on fascism, war, capitalism and state oppression. SCHANDMAUL RECORDS address elsewhere


SEUCHENHERD 2nd Edition 7”EP More European crust stuff… I like this one.. its rough around the edges, but I kinda like the lo-fi ENT meets DISRUPT/EXISTENCH sound…. 9 songs, some fast and some slow. Short lyrics but not much info about the band provided. European crust/grind bands seem to have a particular style and this fits into that.. pity there’s not much of this sort of stuff about in the UK these days… CIVILISATION RECORDS / OLIVER SCHWARZ / PARKSTRASSE 39 / 89312 GUNSBURG / GERMANY.

NAILED DOWN "Resurrection" CD (First Blood Family) Nailed Down from down under have been going for quite some time now, and this is their newest release. They lay down the law with some absolutely unrelenting and pummeling hardcore, taking heavy influences from early '80s US hardcore, particularly Boston. In fact, they cover Negative FX's "Nuclear Fear". Although Nailed Down takes strong influences from early '80s Boston hardcore, it's not exactly in that style. The catchiness and hooks of those bands are substituted with blasting brutality, sort of like the way in which Infest was influenced by Boston hardcore. The noticeable exception being track 13, "You Tell Me" which is the catchiest song on the album. Either way, a really good album all around, and a good place to start if you are looking to check these guys out. (Erik SN) First Blood Family/P.O. Box 1766/Madison, WI/53701-1766/USA.

PUBLIC EXECUTION Eye For An Eye CDEP A 5 track debut CD from a new London band which I think has someone out of Bug Central. 80s style politically charged punk with female vocals is what you get here, so think Dirt etc, rough around the edges, but there’s plenty of promise here that could turn into something good. Done well, 80s anarcho punk with female vocals can sound really refreshing in these times where everyone’s either doing the fast stuff or doing pop-punk… if you like Dirt, Anarchy Spanky, Lost Cherrees (recently reformed and sounding great!) then give this a go!  NO ADDRESS

MIDAS CDR Heavy duty crust attack from France here ! ENT style crust punk with dual male vocals, but done faster and  with bigger grind influences. 7 tracks here of chaotic crust, the drumming is all over the place and its kinda hard to keep up with whats going on! Not for the faint hearted that’s for sure! Lyricsd about hunting, religion, and alcohol seems to come in quite a bit eg. “We don’t care, we booze, We don’t Care, we are drunk, There’s no time to lose, More beer, more grind, more punk”.  You can imagine these crusties at a gig near you drinking some obscure 40% alcohol can’t you!? One interesting piece of lyric though about governments (and I think this applies to various countries) that fund drink driving campaigns and the like, while taking tax from the sales of alcohol! Then they spoil it a bit further in the song “We’re treated as delinquents because we drink and we drive” and “ Drinking gives us good health, we’ve got a cirrhosis to work upon”. Ha ha!! So I guess a mixture of lyrics between funny and serious!!! SKUD RECORDS / BP 515 / 33001 BORDEAUX CEDEX / FRANCE.

OBLITERATE / DIN ADDICT split CD Heavy duty grindcore here from Eastern Europe where they seem to specialise in this style…. Great production on this CD and 2 decent bands playing technical grindcore, Obliterate from Slovakia give us 5 tracks, fast in parts but notable for being slower grind style with an emphasis on heaviness, while Din Addict give us 16 short sharp blasts of super fast technical grindcore like early Carcass or similar. Cool split. SKUD RECORDS as above.

ROT A Long Cold Stare LP Brazil’s ROT are back with a brand new album and this is their best yet… fast and furious, no-nonsense grindcore here that’s been going years now. If you like old fashioned no-frills grindcore with more punk than metal sound, then this is for you. Rot are DIY as diddly too,  grindcore for life these lot, with lyrics about the system, work, religion, intolerance and more! BUCHOS DISCOS / CX POSTAL 12 / STO. ANDRE / SP 09015-970 / BRAZIL.

ULCERRHOEA Line And Row LP This is an absolute stormer !! Fuckin crazy fast as fuck thrash punk with exceptionally pissed off vocals in the vein of the mighly Fuck Hate Propaganda! Not let up here, no dud songs, no slow bits, just some good old fashioned non-metallic thrash! This one took me by surprise cause in the past they were more of a grind band, that was steadily improving, but with this new release they have changed somewhat, and its for the better! Pissed off lyrics as well as you’d expect. These lot don’t think much of fascism, the system, and conformity.. I’d say this is essential…. BUCHOS DISCOS address above

LAST UNDER THE SUN Windfall CD Tuneful well crafted hardcore here from this Birmingham band, you’d probably class this as emo, but in a good sense, not that whiney Bradford style emo you get these days! Mostly slowish, complex but catchy tunes here that remind me of Fugazi and Sensefield more than anyone. This Business and Stop The Engines are particularly catchy tunes. A definite grower. IRON MAN RECORDS / P O BOX 9121 / BIRMINGHAM / B13 8AU.

SWELLBELLYS Never Give UP CD EP Good stuff here from the bellies… much better than what I’ve heard before which was too Exploited sounding, and we all know how shit Exploited are! But this is faster, angrier sounding raucous punk rock… this is more like what I’ve witnessed when I’ve seen them live. The vocals still sound like Wattie in places – have a listen and see if you think Nazi Police sounds like Sex and Violence !! SWELLBELLYS / 109 HIGH STREET / DALKEITH / MIDLOTHIAN / EH22 1AX / SCOTLAND.

BOTTOM Hateful Music Terrorism Demo 2003 CD A CDr demo from Poland here… BOTTOM – terrible name for a band if you ask me. The demo is ok. Metally sounding grind here, but a little too metally for my liking for the most part. Lyrics printed on the cover, all in Polish. 10 tracks. An OK demo but nothing more.

COACCION Invertebrado CD Just played this straight through twice and it is absolutely awesome! I had their 1st album on my distro list, that was good but this is even better….. quality hardcore punk from Mexico is what you get here, real wall of noise hardcore here due to good production, not sounding as raw as their mid and south american counterparts, coming across more in the vein of modern US hardcore and Swedish bands. Fuck, I dunno, I hate describing stuff sometimes, this CD is just brilliant in my view. Fast, noisy, angry! Lyrics provided with translations. International HC/crust punk at its best! FIRST BLOOD FAMILY / P O BOX 1766 / MADISON / WI 53701 / USA.

NAILED DOWN Resurrection CD Good fast shit from Australia here, and more from First Blood Family Records. This kinda reminds me of what bands were doing in the late 80s, short fast and tight songs with some twists here and there, straightforward hardcore before all the crust and more metal influenced stuff came along…. So think 80’s style fast hardcore, and think especially old US bands… includes a Negative FX cover on here to give you a clue… like it. FIRST BLOOD FAMILY as above

THE BIGOTS Axles of Evil CD Good stuff from Australia here, their 3rd release (I think I reviewed one of their previous ones here), Australia’s answer to Active Minds, with them being a two-piece band. DIY, politically motivated crusty punk here, slowish to mid-tempo for the most part with some decent tuneage here and there. Worth a look. P O BOX 152 / CAMPBELL / ACT 2612 / AUSTRALIA.

DISCIDER Drinking To Forget The Future 7”EP First Blood Family have a fuckin hectic schedule at the moment for their label, hope they are not taking too much on.. well I loved the other stuff they sent but this one’s rather disappointing. Basic crusty hc punk that sounds rather weak. Best thing here are the lyrics, great lyrics about the shitty society around us, TV control, and the US Government (George the Ripper).  Maybe they just recorded a 7” too soon and there’s an awesome band in the making? FIRST BLOOD FAMILY address elsewhere.

LIMPWRIST / KNIFED split 7”EP Homocore to the max here! These bands aren’t singing about gay rights, they’re glorifying in the acts of gay sex! Limpwrist from the States is the singer from Los Crudos, and they play that similar style of raging hardcore punk, although I do miss Los Crudos and the Spanish vocals.  Good raging shit though! Their tracks here are 3 from compilations and 1 previously unreleased. Ireland’s Knifed are similar, but Mero’s vocals are higher pitched. They were awesome when they did some dates in England earlier in the year, look forward to a full length from them (if you get my meaning!) CONTROL RECORDS / P O BOX 6591 / DUN LAOGHAIRE / CO. DUBLIN / IRELAND.

FUCK HATE PROPAGANDA s/t 7”EP Debut EP from this Stoke band formed out of the ashes of Egg Raid, and featuring the Kismet HC guitarist… Dischordant, fast as fuck (mostly) spastic thrash is the order of the day, think later Egg Raid stuff and you’re on the right lines… one of the best new political UK hardcore bands going about, and here at RT HQ they are so revered that soon we will be doing a split EP with them and Sick Terror from Brazil (June 2004).  Fold out cover included with all the lyrics and an article on the rise of fascism. Get this! ALEX / 9 THURSFIELD PLACE / NORTON / STOKE-ON-TRENT / STAFFS / ST6 8HD.

HATE NO. 3 The Voice Full Of Hate From Far CD Got this sent out of the blue from Japan, and as I love Japanese HC then I was intrigued! It’s a EPCD (but comes in a proper CD case!),  so its only 3 songs in 8 minutes, but pretty good stuff.  You do have the staple Japanese kinda sound in places a la Deathside etc, but this ain’t just fast thrashy stuff, slower parts in places with some music where the vocals are spoken… kinda hard to pinpoint but maybe a cross between Jap HC and UK anarcho iunfluences… ?? Good tho but its over too quickly! Seems to be strongly political which is cool to see and sometimes unusual in Japanese bands, especially in the covers and printed texts… TOSHIAKI IKEJIRI / 8-1-39 SUMIYOSHIYAMATE HIGASHINADAKU / KOBE / JAPAN 658-0063.