Ripping Thrash #22 zine reviews


AGITATE #2 (free) Free, but send a stamp for postage. This is the newsletter from Chris who used to do Aversion zine. Future issues are going to have a few more pages, but for this time its 4 A4 pages, with some news and classifieds, a page of zine reviews, a page of noise reviews, and a page about punk/anarchist literature, in particular concentrating on the Slendermeans collective and the Kate Sharpley Library. CHRIS / FLAT 5 / 7 WESTGATE / SHIPLEY / BD18 3QX.

DOOM’S DAY #5 Plentiful hardcore punk and politically slanted zine here from the Czech Republic, its all in the Czech language unfortunately, so I cannot read any of it. The editor also distro’s Czech stuff, so get in touch… Bands featured include Cementario Show, Kent Brockman, Milkman and more, plus scenes, stuff on DIY, Shell, Malaysian scene report etc, so it’s a pretty international zine! c/o PRIKRYL / MASARYKOVO NAM. 17 / BOSKOVICE 680 01 / CZECH REPUBLIC.

STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE #6 (Free, but send an SAE for postage) An occasional newsletter from Ewan who does Infinite Monkey zine and puts on gigs in Bradford among other things. You get 4 A5 pages here of reviews of music and zines that the editor has been sent recently. c/o INFINITE MONKEY / 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

ARTCORE #19 £1 + postage One of the longest running UK zines here, started in 1986 just like myself, and amazingly has put out even less issues than me! But to be fair to Welly, there is far more inside each issue of Artcore than there is of Ripping Thrash, and Welly also must spend a hell of a lot of time on layouts etc, cause this looks really snazzy and professional, puts me to shame really, ha!  The zine concentrates mainly on the American tuneful punk end of things. The first half of the zine has interviews with End On End, Epoxies, Freaks Union and more, then a few pages of reviews, and the second half of the zine is a section called Vaultage Archives, which is a series of retro articles on bands such as The Subhumans(the Canadian version), The Avengers, Th’Inbred (fuckin’ ace US band from the 80s), and the Offenders. 1 ABERDULAIS ROAD / GABALFA / CARDIFF / CF14 2PH / WALES.

SUSPECT DEVICE #42 £1 + postage This zine is knocked out at a rate of knots these days….  But no let up in the standard, there is always plenty to read in this, and although it’s a quid, you get your money’s worth.  Interviews with The X-Possibles, the guy who runs Jade Tree Records, Manifesto Jukebox, and the drummer from Good Riddance, plus The Good Time Charlies tour diary, lots of reviews and quite a few guest columns also! P O BOX 295 / SOUTHAMPTON / SO17 1LW

GADGIE #17 50P + SAE Another long running UK zine… Marv seems to get about 4 issues done per year! I suppose with being a PE teacher its cause he gets lots of time off work, ha! Well, dunno about being a teacher, Marv is a big kid himself! Lots of funny stories are always present in Gadgie and Marv can certainly tell a good yarn. And he must have a hell of a  memory to remember all those pranks and experiences from his school days!!  Half the zine this time is filled with Marv’s stories, and a couple that are more in the rant vein (eg. Hidden tracks on CDs getting his goat)… also an interview with Icelandic hardcore band I Adapt, plus the obligatory reviews. I’m sure another couple of issues will be out by now! P O BOX 93 / BOSTON / LINCOLNSHIRE / PE21 7YB

IN IT ON IT #16 50P + SAE Initonit is another zine from Fen country..  showing there is more to Lincolnshire than the Cuntryside Alliance and Skeggy!! Initonit is getting regular as clockwork as well now, up to #16, here we have chats with Drongos For Europe, Poundaflesh, Swellbellies, Send More Paramedics, some reviews, and I love Paul’s rants on things such as racism, factory farms, work etc.  To the point and no bullshit! PAUL / THE FLAT / 56A UPGATE / LOUTH / LINCS / LN11 9JN.

BALD CACTUS #21 50p + SAE Another long running UK zine this, and one of the best! DIY anarcho punk zine is the best way to describe this, with some interviews, columns lots of rants but all interdispersed as usual with Andy’s irrepressible humour. Interviews this time with The Mingers, No Choice, Pilger, rants on blaggers at gigs, band nerds with backpacks, the TV License, and funny bits like the smutty places names piece! Send off for it now! ANDY / c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / WEST YORKSHIRE / LS6 1LJ.

HEADWOUND #15 50P + SAE Another of the UKs finest, and proving that the diy punk zine scene is pretty healthy in the UK.. although sometimes it does seem that it’s the same people that have been doing zines for years that are still the most active.. but compared to other countries I’d say its pretty decent, I know people from other countries I write with say there’s hardly any zines or distribution of zines in their country…. Anyway, I digress! This issue of Headwound is brilliant !! They’ve gone A4 size, not my favourite format I must admit, but they have crammed absolutely loads into this issue… there is a hell of a lot to read – they interview local bands The Mingers, Broken Access, plus their printers Footprint, and there’s also interviews with Cop Car Pile Up, Wasted, and Bastards Trained By Bastards, all of the interviews are really long and in depth, and they’ve made a policy of asking every member of the bands to supply answers (Wasted excepted). It’s a good idea and one I’d like to explore more, it does make the quality of the interviews betters. Lots of reviews and no bullshit opinions, great sorted rants on tabloids, the depoliticisation of punk, greedy promoters, and more! c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

SLUG AND LETTUCE #77 Free, but send money for postage. Another issue of this fine tabloid resource zine, a zine that’s like virtually no other… the original free newsletter-cum-zine with a few columns (one by Steve Attitude Problem zine this time) plus a whole stak of zine and noise reviews, this zine is pretty essential if wanting to keep up with the international hc/punk/political scene.. but there’s a lot less classifieds in this time, usually there’s a whole host of classifieds for punk stuff, looking for penpals, friendship and more. Essential resource anyway.. P O BOX 26632 / RICHMOND / VA 23261-6632 / USA

ANARCHOI #7 £1? 100% DIY punk rock it says on the cover! A4 zine, glossy pages throughout, but strangely not that much to read, maybe cause of the large font… the reviews were the best bits here…  the interviews are with The Disrupters, Drongos For Europe, Intimidation Records, and Abusive Youth. c/o JAMES GEMMELL / 3 HAZEL GROVE / KILWINNING / AYRSHIRE / KA13 7JH / SCOTLAND.

VIOLENCE #5 (price of postage only) Glossy mag out of Poland that is getting quite regular these days.. lots of ads which is what is keeping the zine free, there’s tons to read in this, total of 84 A4 pages, I guess its typical of what can be done when there’s a team of people working on the zine together…. International zine, but concentrates on the grindcore/extreme end of things..  Contents: tons of reviews, and I mean tons, plus a lot of interviews, but this issue the interviews seem longer and a bit better quality. (although some of them aren’t so good) Interviews with Head Hits Concrete, Deathcharge, Haymaker, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, My Own Lies, Deadfall, Wojczech, DFA, and loads loads more. Too many to list! P O BOX 46 / 21500 BIALA PODL. / POLAND

REASON TO BELIEVE #10 (Price of postage only) This is the UK’s only free national tabloid type punk zine now that Fracture has stopped… still keeping up the good work here, help them to continue by supporting this zine and if you are active in the scene, distro some copies, take out a classified, ad or whatever, I think they are still losing a lot of money on this. Although its based in the UK its got quite a European focus when compared to the type of zines it emulates such as MRR, Heart Attack etc. I’ve heard some say that there’s no bands in there they’ve heard of but I guess that’s cause in the UK we are much more narrow minded about the European scene than our continental neightbours…. Anyway, in this issue you get chats with Knifed from Ireland, I Shot Cyrus, Project Hopeless, Vialka in China, plus stuff on Ungdomshuset squat in Copenhagen, on Bayer (biotech company), and a F.P.O. / Threat Of Riot European tour diary.. RTB / c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

MURDER CONTEST #1 (price ?) A new Leeds zine here concentrating on the american influenced fast hardcore punk spectrum of things.. plenty to read in here and its mostly interesting, as the interviews are detailed with good questions and good answers from all the bands eg.  Striking Distance, Ruination, Tear It Up, Void, Haymaker, and an LP profile of Ripcord’s Poetic Justice album, plus one or two short articles. Great debut! GLORIA & SIMON / 43 HAROLD VIEW / HYDE PARK / LEEDS / LS6 1PP.

BARBIES DEAD #12 50p + SAE Punk rock chaotic cut n paste here, yess!!! But not a nostalgic HITS style punk zine here, but current bands, and some politics and passion! Quite a lot of reviews, an interview with Active Slaughter who always have a lot to day, an interview with the editor of Anarchoi zine, plus some footie stuff, a good article about what lies behind Disneyland, a review of last years excellent Plymouth punks picnic, and a review of a Levellers festival. ALEX / THE WOODHOUSE / GUNNISLAKE / CORNWALL / PL18 9BW.

DEATHS HEAD #1 (50P ?) A new UK zine here, but from someone who has been around in the scene for a long long time and I think this zine was a few years in the making..  A4 size, cut and paste style, and concentrating on the crust, grind, extreme side of things…. Lots and lots of reviews, interviews with Sacrilege BC, Nerve Not Found, Extreme Decay, Gronibard, Drogheda, plus some rants (a good one about war), and stuff on the Four P movement, Russian cannibals, and stuff on cults etc. Good one! MARK / c/o FLAT 7 / 43 IPSWICH ROAD / STOWMARKET / SUFFOLK / IP14 1BW.

LIVING ON THE EDGE #1 50p ? When I first saw this I immediately thought there was going to be loads of straight edge stuff cause of the name… but there’s virtually no mention of the dreaded SE here…. A new zine concentrating on the south coast (ie Southampton area) scene… chats with Intent and Neglected Youth and some reviews etc. Focuses mainly on the tuneful hardcore end of things, which is a genre that seems to typical in that area of the country. An okay first issue. MIKE / 38 GATCOMBE / SOUTHAMPTON / SO31 5PX.

THE RISE OF THE BNP AND HOW TO COUNTER IT A small pamphlet here which is more of as discussion document than an actual strategy of how to attack the BNP, but a good introduction to the various issues and reasons why the BNP has been growing in popularity in the last few years, this is armed with some good facts and analysis to support your arguments when confronted with any potential BNP sympathisers (as opposed to ‘real’ fascists who just need a good kicking). REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE / BCM BOX 3328 / LONDON / WC1N 3XX.

PERRO MALDITO #2 ($2?) A good new international grind/crust zine from Italy here, chats with Discarga, Melt Banana, Headless Horsemen, Cripple Bastards US tour report, some articles by guest writers and quite a lot of reviews.  Nice layouts and easily readable, looking forward to more! RAFFAELE SIRONI / V. BIFFI 11 / 20050 SULBIATE (MI) / ITALY.

SUCK TIL I SAG #1 (£1) A bit pricey at £1 this, there aint’ that much in it really! Kind of a strange zine this in that its in the toilet humour non-PC style, but features bands from the height of the anarcho scene like Conflict, Zounds, Lost Cherrees, but there’s almost no mention of the bands politics in those interviews, especially the Conflict one is pretty piss poor.  Out of the rest of it, chats with Dead Pets and 3CR (who’re like the Macc Lads!)… some other funny bits, some other bits totally unfunny. 23 ST THOMAS RD / NORMANTON / DERBY.

LA BEAN #8 ($2?) A Croatian hardcore/punk zine, written in English. I think a new issue is due out but for now we just have this Sept 2003 issue, which has interviews with Amok, Dickless Tracey, Pointing Finger, TSOL, Boy Sets Fire. I wasn’t too interested in the interviews to be honest, but there is plenty to read in this A4 zine, like some columns, articles, short local area scene reports, some letters and a few reviews at the end. Good East European zine! MARIJAN GALOVIC / KATURE 9/1 – 15 / 52220 LABIN / CROATIA.

ANARCHOI #8 (£1.50PPD) Not sure if there is much to read for your £1.50, alright its A4 and plenty of small text, but although theres some good bands featured in here like Assert, Eastfield, Intensive Care etc, the interviews aint that good, and there’s also interviews with fuckin boring bands like Barse and 3CR crop up again as well, oh and the god-awful Hotwired. JAMES GEMMELL / 3 HAZEL GROVE / KILWINNING / AYSHIRE / KA13 7JH / SCOTLAND.

UPS / PLATFORM split zine A little old now but plenty to read in this split issue.. #9 of UPS which means Underground Punk Support which is a very apt name as it is an underground punk resource and has its roots in the international diy punk world – this time chats with Gritos de Altera from Brazil, Vitimin X, & I Shot Cyrus, scene reports from Pozega (Croatia), Serbia, and an account of the editors trip to Brazil (where he has been back to again recently!). Platform is also a Dutch zine, interviews with Narcosis, Lomb, and DanDare, plus a tour report by Skull And Flames (Dutch band) which is quite interesting cause its their account of a tour to the UK, alas I never heard of the band or went to any of their gigs! UPS / c/o MOS / VLIEGTUIGLAAN 3 / 3769 JM SOESTERBERG / NETHERLANDS.

INFECTED BY DEMENTIA #3 This zine specialises in grind and noise/industrial stuff, from Lithuania.  The editor has moved away a bit from the hc/crust stuff of previous issues. This time interviews with Hinyouki (Spain), and Neo zine, Nova-Sak, Grimness, plus a Belarus scene report. Fuck, the scene is so diverse these days, I am not familiar with a lot of this shit at all…. !! ARMANTAS GECIAUSKAS / P O BOX 186 / VILNIUS LT-2000 / LITHUANIA.

GRAN PELIGRO #2 Great little zine this from the Philippines! International hc/punk/crust zine featuring stuff from all over, truly international. Chats with Agonia (Mexico), Social Napalm Records (USA), Shrapnel (Philippines), FPO (Macedonia), Uphill Battle (USA), plus some features/bios on other assorted bands, local news, and a Czech scene report, President Bush in the Philippines, and more! Definitely worth checking out! JAY GARCIA / CLUSTER-M / LOT 72 / BAGONG NAYON 1 / ANTIPOLO CITY 1870 / PHILIPPINES.

SLUG AND LETTUCE #78 (FREE) Up to 20 pages now (newsprint size) and still free! Truly amazing. I still miss the classifieds section, it’s a lot smaller these days, maybe cause people are using email/internet more these days to spread messages and look for lost contacts, friends etc! But there are a lot more columns/guest writers in the zine now, plus a comprehensive section of music and zine reviews of all the important political diy hardore punk and crust bands, this is a very down to earth and inspiring punk resource! CHRISTINE / P O BOX 26632 / RICHMOND / VA 23261-6632 / USA.

WARNING #1 Hardcore political punk zine out of Portland USA. Its got a good punk black and white look to it with a lot of black backgrounds, if you’ve seen Diminuitive Rage zine you’ll know what I mean, also from Portland that one I think. Maybe there’s a few other US zines in this style, I dunno, I’ve not seen to many of the smaller US zines… this is a good zine. Has an interview with 80s legends Wretched from Italy, an interview that never got printed at the time, also an interview with Joel Peskin who was the tour manager for Discharge on their “Grave New World” US tour, some other stuff on Discharge, an interview with Blood Spit Nights, and some photos of various bands such as Cress, Excrement of War, Kaaos etc. Punk as fuck zine! P O BOX 40113 / PORTLAND / OR 97240-0113 / USA.

POOR AND FORGOTTEN #18 A new zine to me from the USA but obviously been going a while if 18 issues have been made… a small read with handwritten bits,  a bit rough around the edges, but considering the editor is current in jail, then fair play to him for putting a zine out at  all. Interviews with Divorce and Cthuwulf, plus some short stories, radio show reviews and a punk rock word search! MATT JOHNSON / P O BOX 59 / LINWOOD / MA 01525-0059 / USA.

AFTERMATH #2 ($5) Shannon’s back with the follow up to #1 which was a result of the 9-11 ‘attacks’… #1 was mostly articles and poems, but this issue is mostly articles rather than prose, and there’s some letters and responses to the 1st issue printed. I’ve hardly read any of this yet to be honest cause it looks quite detailed and its 52 pages and I’m rushing to get these reviews out.  Opinions and articles to do with all aspects of the 9-11 attacks and conspiracy theories etc etc.  A sound zine. Also check out Shannon’s other current zines: Flashpoint #4 (ethics issue) and S.H.E.E.P. (poems). Absolutely tons of reading material here! SHANNON COLEBANK / WHIZZBANGER PRODUCTIONS / P O BOX 5591 / PORTLAND / OR 97228 / USA.