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V/A Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru CD This is a fuckin awesome compilation… usually with comps there’s a band or two that don’t cut it, but all 6 bands on here are great! Definitely in the old school of UK hardcore punk and crust, its nice to see some UK bands doing this sort of stuff. On here are established bands like In The Shit, Poundaflesh and Bomb Blast Men, along with newer bands like Gurkha from Bristol, This System Kills and Da Capo from South Wales, these newer bands having some long time scensters who’ve been in previous bands. Da Capo and This System Kills are raging but still tuneful, in the old In This Shit vein, with some Cowboy Killers influences showing in TSK, Gurkha and Bomb Blast Men meanwhile blast off for the crustiest band on the CD award.  Best UK comp in years! BLIND DESTRUCTION / 35 BRYNTAF / ABERFAN / MERTHYR TYDFIL / S WALES / CF48 4PN.

EXTREME DECAY / PROLETAR split CDR Fast raw grindcore here from 2 Indonesian bands. This style is quite common in South East Asian bands. Sometimes its horrible, but this one’s ok. Not awesome, but not bad either. Standard fast rough sounding grindcore, 25 tracks in total. EXTREME RESPONSE PRODUCTIONS / c/o BORA YILDIRIM / PK 282 / 16372 ULUCAMI-BURSA / TURKEY

V/A Inner City Blues CDR Not such a good comp. it’s a comp of Leeds bands, but there’s only Broken Access who I’ve heard of and for that matter, want to hear again. The rest of it is poo… unless you’re into indie, pop punk and dub etc. Best thing about this is that its obviously a grass roots DIY comp, with a list provided of local venues (a few of which I’ve frequented!) and a list of rehearsal studios.

APOCALYPSE BABYS 7” Plus! CD Not really my thing but fair play to this Derbyshire punk band, they’re still at it! This is a collection of tracks from various 7”ers over the years. You’d probably label them a cross between 77 punk and pop-punk. Meat and two veg punk rock with annoying whiney vocals… VINYL VERA / 23 MONSAL DRIVE / SOUTH NORMANTON / DERBYSHIRE / DE55 2BG.

BLACK RAG Anarchy In The EU CD Derby’s own Black Rag sadly split up a few years ago after this album was recorded, but Joe (aka Saddam) has been tirelessly pursuing this project ever since to get the album released… noisy 3 chord distorted punk thrash in the vein of Doom is the order of the day here. Its good to see this has finally seen the light of day. You get a full colour booklet with this, which has all the lyrics and associated imagery which shows that Saddam must have escaped from custody and is alive and (almost) well in Derby!

HERO DISHONEST Let Your Poison Scream CD Hero Dishonest are from Finland and have just toured the UK, awesome they were too! Raw sounding but still tuneful fast hardcore, they were really tight and energetic, influences no doubt by old school US hardcore and by bands like What Happens Next? Strange thing is that I’m not so keen on their records! Some tracks are awesome, but I don’t think the records do the band justice based on their live performance.  The Juggernaut CD is the best I’ve heard them on record, while Let Your Poison Scream is their newest album, but I was disappointed on the first listening, it sounds a little rushed and has a kind of ‘trashy’ production.. having said that it is growing on me a little more on the last couple of plays…  check em out for yourself! IF SOCIETY / JYRANGONTIE 7 AS1 / 00550 HELSINKI / FINLAND

FILTHPACT Demo CDR This is the best demo of a new UK band I’ve heard in a while..  this Scottish band has a couple of people that did Fastard.. and more recently Voice of Aggression. Filthpact are not quite as extreme as Fastard were, but they knock out a mean racket. Very fast in places but some slower bits too, but sounding really angry and brutal all the way through. Good thrashy crust punk here!

STATE OF FEAR Discography CD Awesome stuff from the Profane Existence label… you know with PE that this is going to be top notch political crust punk, State of Fear do the Swedish style punk crust style, and here you get their classic The Tables Will Turn LP, as well as their s/t 7” from 1995, and the Wallow In Squalor 7” from 1996! Cool artwork and all the lyrics are included. PROFANE EXISTENCE / P O BOX 8722 / MINNEAPOLIS / MN 55408 / USA


WITCH  HUNT EPs and Crucial Chaos Radio Session CD  More good stuff from the P.E. camp…  you can usually trust anything that comes out from the P.E. camp… not heard this band before but this is a discog CD of 2 different EPs (one was a split) and a radio session. Witch Hunt is a guy and 2 women playing fast raging but non-crust political hardcore punk… influenced by a few US bands I think but Harum Scarum spring to mind. Best songs are for me are when the women are singing, I’m not so keen on the drummer’s vocals… but still decent all the way through, although the radio session isn’t too hot sound-wise, but is significant because it was recorded on the day the 2nd Gulf War started.  Lyrics mainly about feminist issues, with a couple about 9/11 and the war on terror.  PROFANE EXISTENCE as above.



WITCH HUNT As Priorities Decay CD Witch Hunt’s debut album, and no disappointment here. More raging political punk.  The songs on here are a bit more drawn out and complex, less fast, but no less raging.  Same lineup but the drummer seems to sing more on this one. Graphically and lyrically this one leans more towards war issues and the aftermath of 9/11, one or two songs about feminism. Spot on lyrics, and there’s explanations to all the songs printed.  Check this one out! PROFANE EXISTENCE as above

AFTERBIRTH America Uber Alles CD This hits the mark… good demo CD from Scotland. Crust punk with hints of grind, noisy stuff indeed and nice to see some of that in the UK these days.. Think standard crust, add some grind and think Extinction of Mankind but less metal influences… the theme for this CD as you might expect from the title is war, American imperialism and the so-called war on terror.  Its strange how America bangs on about weapons of mass destruction, considering their own lax gun laws.. is a gun not a weapon of mass destruction? I want to see and hear more Afterbirth. These along with Filthpact and Ruin are fuckin sound bands from north of the border.

SICK TERROR Re-Monsters 7”EP Sick Terror have a slew of releases out, including the split 7” with FHP that we released here… anyhow, Sick Terror are from Brazil and are a hardcore holocaust, fast and furious, heavy but not cheesy, and tight as fuck. They have so many releases out that I am still catching up, this one’s a little different to the others as the songs are interdispersed with the noise/weird sample stuff of Ajax Free, aka. Fabio who does the artwork on a lot of records of Brazilian punk/hc bands. I was sceptical whether this formula could work to begin with, but it grows on you. I still prefer their own straight up and at em hardcore holocaust though! Shame they didn’t make it to the UK this year, maybe next time?

NIKMAT OLALIM / YOUR KINGDOM IS DOOMED split 7”EP  Is Brazil exotic enough for your hardcore/punk fix? Well maybe not cause Brazilian bands aren’t that rare, cause there’s tons of them… but here you get bands from Israel and Turkey! Nikmat Olalim win this split for me, with their quirky old hardcore/punk sound with melodies coming through among the rawness. I dunno if its just co-incidence but they sound like an old Israeli band NEKHEI NAATZA (had 12” out on Beer City), similar style of punk. Newer tracks are available on their website and are ace too! Lyrics cover Israeli issues as you might expect, and the band also make a point of stating they’re against all animal abuse, and included in the record is an animal rights leaflet from One Struggle. Cool.  Your Kingdom Is Doomed are from Turkey, and play similar old fashioned raw hardcore/punk. Its okay in places, but the production ain’t the best and spoils it a bit for me. Plus on my copy it jumps a bit on this side.  They also have some new tracks recorded since this EP, this band is worth checking out. AMA / c/o BARIS SILAY / LEVAZIM SITESI / AYDIN B4 NO. 41 / LEVENT / ISTANBUL 34340 / TURKEY.


ABNORMI Avunhuuta 7”EP I’m glad I decided to give this one a second hearing cause on first play I didn’t like it that much, but now I love it! But I find its best to turn the treble button down and turn up the bass... then the result is some short sharp Finnish hardcore/punk, similar to what it used to be like back in the day. Sounds a little like old school US hardcore and Finnish label mates Hero Dishonest at times, but the rawness and Finnish vocals definitely keep it in the old traditional Finnish way!  More please! IF SOCIETY, address elsewhere.



SICK 56 / HIGGINS++ Out of A Black Pool 7”EP Decent enough single this. Not sure if Sick 56 are from Blackpool or not, but they are certainly from Lancashire somewhere…. They play competent 80s style powerful punk rock with singalong choruses. 2 songs. Higgins++ is Andy Higgins doing solo, but on this EP Sick 56 do the backing music for Cool Britannia Uber Alles which musically is a cover version of the Dead Kennedys, but with updated lyrics by Andy on the UK/US war machine/war on ‘terror’ theme. Oh, almost forgot, it comes on very thick, bright pink vinyl! JSNTGM / P O BOX 1025 / BLACKPOOL / FY3 0FA.


IMPERIAL LEATHER A Nobis Factum Optime Est 7”EP This ones really hard to describe, its original and totally not what I was expecting from a Swedish band… this is mid-tempo punk, kind of rocking and tuneful but still harsh, with male/female vocals, sung in places…hard-assed punk with a rock n roll edge if you like.. apparently they played London punks picnic in 2003… dunno who this to compare to, and definitely not your typical Swedish band! Sort of quirky sounding and like something from the 80s when bands didn’t play to the pigeon holes they were meant to… I enjoyed it! COMMUNICHAOS MEDIA / BOX 825 / 101 36 STOCKHOLM / SWEDEN.



HEN ‘Pre-demo’ Demo Not many bands do demo tapes anymore but this is one. Very little info about the band comes with this cassette, but they are from Singapore, and they play real old school grindcore like 80s Napalm Death… this could be a band to watch out for if they do more stuff, this was good in places, but it’s let down by the poor recording quality. KELVIN ONG / BLK 150 #09-02 / YISHUN ST 11 / S760150 / SINGAPORE.

OPSTAND Noise Grinding Violence tape I have never before heard this French band who were going for a few years but split up in 1998, but some guys in Czech have released this pro-job discography tape, with full cover. Note that there is already a discography LP/CD released by Bad Card.  This one includes stuff from their own EP, plus split EPs with Spazz and Seein Red, plus a couple of unreleased tracks, a demo and a live set. Sound quality varies quite a bit as you’d expect with different releases presented. The title of the tape sums it up really, very noisy grinding hardcore noise, with some slower and quirky bits in places. Fans of FHP might get into this a bit…. Translations of explanations to several of the songs are provided and sound views expressed there. BEER IS NOT DRINK / PETR SVANCARA / NAM.OLD.BLAZKA 75 / BREZOVA N. SVITAVOU 569 02 / CZECH REPUBLIC.

BURN ALL FLAGS Demo CD Good little CDR demo here from this Manchester band with ex-Grover and Propagumbies members. Good band name too!!  Especially relevant in todays Britain where we’re even stopping tourists and visitors coming into the country if they’re not white and middle class, or if they’re from the ‘wrong’ country…8 short tracks here of powerful hardcore, very American influenced, but in a good way, not copying, just good solid tuneful hardcore. Lyrics and a sticker included!

PATIENT ZERO / HRYDJUVERK split 7”EP This is the debut release on the label started by Mez from Leeds and what a corker! There is nothing I don’t like about this record! Patient Zero are a young band from Boston that I’ve seen live at the Indian Queen a few times and so far as I know this is their debut release… short sharp fast screamed hardcore punk here, done well and pretty tight. Impressive! Hrydjuverk are one of the two Icelandic bands to hit these shores in 2003 but I missed em both, shame really cause this band are right up there too! A good compliment to Patient Zero cause they are a bit different, employing more of a rockin’  slower sound but still raging as fuck. Fans of Tragedy and Severed Head of State take note of this band. Sound lyrics by both bands too. HOLY SHIT RECORDS / c/o ZANDOR RECORDS / CARDIGAN CENTRE / 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

FILTHPACT / AFTERBIRTH split 7”EP I am a lucky man! I’m getting some great stuff to review lately, and nice to see some fuckin ace 7” vinyl releases about too. North of the border in Scotland is producing some great grinding crust bands at the mo, these 2, along with Ruin have been getting some play at RT HQ a lot lately.  This is a really thick piece of vinyl too – neat! Filthpact give us 5 short songs, fast crust/grind with good lyrics about credit culture, celebrities, the work ethic and intolerance. Afterbirth have a crustier style, a bit slower but dirty sounding and its great! 3 tracks by them, with lyrics concentrating on war.  Awesome!

SWELLBELLYS You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry 7”EP This one is a bit of a strange one from the ‘Bellys… the first (title) track is awful, and the last track is called We Will Rob You, using the music of We Will Rock You and its very irritating! In-between are 2 good songs of simple, fast raucous punk rock. Still think these lot are better as a live band than on record…PETER BOWER RECORDS / P O BOX 132 / LEEDS / LS6 2RR.


DISRESPECT Justice In A Bag 7”EP Really good stuff here from Profane Existence…. Good pedigree band that I’d not heard of before but have members who’ve been in bands such as Misery, Destroy, Pissed, Civil Disobedience and more. They have 3 singers (1 female) and a sound that’s high on bass and drums, and their roots in pissed off but tuneful well-crafted anarcho punk 80s/90s style. The second track Hung Drawn And Quartered (about rapists) has it all  - female vocals making it sound tuneful and bits of streetpunk and oi creeping in! Unique sounding stuff and I love it! PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.



SAINT BUSHMILL’S CHOIR LP This is a bit of a diversion from Profane Existence’s usual pissed off punk and crust stuff! Former members of the Gits, Subvert, Christdriver and more, form a band playing Irish-influenced punk. They’re quoted as being comparable to Flogging Molly or Firewater but I’ve never heard these bands. But if you like The Pogues or Greenland Whale Fishers then you’ll probably be into this.  Mostly Irish folky punk stuff but veers into Clash style punk at times. Didn’t like this much on first listen though its growing on me. Preferred the Irish style songs to the ‘pure’ punk ones. Not sure what that says!? PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

BIOPSY Games Of Death CDR For some reason I was expecting way out grindcore here, but this one is a little gem. 80s/90s style anarcho punk with male/female vocals is the order of the day here and this is great, never heard of these before so a total surprise! Think Kismet HC as a reference point, with maybe a little Scandi core interdispersed…. Only 4 tracks on this demo cd but I want to hear more. PROLE RECORDS / VEIKKI JANHONEN / YRJONKATU 3 B 22 / 20810 TURKU / FINLAND

APOCALYPSE BABYS Alcoholacaust CD More from this long running Derbyshire band… fair play to em staying DIY all these years, but I’m still not into their brand of 77 style melodic punk. But this is a good CD if you’re into that sort of stuff. A few political leanings shown in songs about the Army, MTV punk, and Guantanamo Bay. APOCALYPSE BABYS / c/o VINYL VERA / 23 MONSAL DRIVE / SOUTH NORMANTON / ALFRETON / DERBYSHIRE / DE55 2BG


BLACK MARKET FETUS Mid West Meltdown CD Good stuff as you normally get from Six Weeks Records, this one was a nice surprise. This lot from Iowa USA give us 40 minutes of grindcore, crust and metal all rolled into one!!! And it works cause its quite varied compared to most bands who stick to pretty much one style. OK, the metal stuff and manic guitar leads aint usually my thing, but on here it works!! I like it. SIX WEEKS / 225 LINCOLN AVENUE / COTATI / CA 94931 / USA.



SENSA YUMA Up Yours! CD This was better than I was expecting… Sensa Yuma have been going on and off since the 70s, now Stu-Pid has relocated to Spain and recruited a bunch of new people to play in his bands and they have been doing a lot of touring. Raucous anthemic old style UK punk rock here with biting social commentaries, and from what I’ve heard this is for sure Sensa Yuma’s best release. Not usually my sort of thing, but its done with a lot of conviction and I’m sure loads of folk will like this one. IRON MAN RECORDS / P O BOX 9121 / BIRMINGHAM / B13 8AU.

FORCED ENTRY Scream For The World CD From the ashes of Anarchy Spanky, come Forced Entry, and this is the debut release.  This is Anarchy Spanky without the singer, and with an extra guitarist/vocalist added. The style is similar, cause of the pace and the drumming style, ie. Old style UK mid-tempo punk, but here with a bit more bite cause of the extra guitarist, and more venomous in the vocals as the dual male vocals trade off each other, with Michelle the bass players vocals present in quite a few of the songs too.  Mostly mid-tempo, but Police Informer is a catchy faster number which seems to go down well when I’ve seen them live. COLIN AND MICHELLE / 56 HOLDEN LEA / WINGATES / WESTHOUGHTON / BOLTON / BL5 3PA.

V/A Norrland D-Beat compilation CD A classic compilation here showcasing newer bands from the northern part of Sweden, the area of the country that’s most sparsely populated but has some great bands and things going on. Most bands are in the D-beat and classic Swedish hardcore punk sound, the most known bands on here are Uncle Charles and Human Waste, but Ana Barata, Dagar av Synd and Urug are also good. 9 bands, 58 tracks of distort, crust, grind etc. Nice and noisy. Good comp! WASTED SOUNDS / SKOLGATAN 110 / 903 32 UMEA / SWEDEN.

4 PAST MIDNIGHT Trials And Tribulations CD Good to see a new album from these longtime Scottish punks, who I feel are underrated by most. This is their best stuff yet, and its nice to see a bunch of new songs as they’ve been re-releasing their older material for a while.  Old style tuneful punk is the order of the day here, catchy too, with lots of chorus bits, and a nod towards pop-punk here and there.

ATOMGEVITTER demo CDR 4 interesting tracks here. Harsh thrash/grind here without the heavy sound or metallic influence, another in the line of good hardcore punk bands coming from Scotland just now. These are touring the UK with Finland’s Unkind in April, and they will be worth checking out live! 0/2, 146 DARNLEY ST / POLLOCKSHIELDS / GLASGOW / SCOTLAND / G41 2SX.