Ripping Thrash #23 reviews (from the split issue with Gadgie)


V/A Anti-War Vol I CD This is an excellent release! It’s a document of UK anarcho punk bands from the late 70s/early 80s… kinda odd that Crass are missing, but you get other classic bands from this era like Dirt, Faction, Zounds, Political Asylum, Astronauts, A-Heads, Anthrax, Lost Cherrees, Riot/Clone, Rubella Ballet, Omega Tribe and so on.  There’s also some other bands that I am not familiar with at all such as Metro Youth, Sanction, Blood Robots, Psycho Faction, The Snipers. you get a booklet enclosed which has an introduction by the guy who compiled this, and then there’s also info on all the bands and in some cases what the members are up to now! Great stuff! OVERGROUND RECORDS / P O BOX 1NW / NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE / NE99  1NW.

THE RED EYES Norah Louise Kuzma EP This is truly awful.. I don’t know if their previous release I reviewed was this bad or whether I’m just less tolerant these days.  4 tracks on this CDEP, one of which is a Ruts cover. I’m not into 77 punk and never really have been, so maybe I’m not qualified to review this, but to me this ain’t even 77 style punk, its not aggressive enough for that, its more like rock and roll with a punk edge maybe? It’s just too nice sounding and too bland for me.  THE RED EYES / 11 DIRLETON GATE / WESTERTON  /BEARSDEN / EAST DUNBARTONSHIRE / G61 1NP / SCOTLAND

AIRBOMB Pnuk CD This ain’t bad. It’s tuneful 70s/80s style punk which ain’t usually my thing, but it has a bit more oomph than the CD I reviewed above, and quite catchy in places too, mainly cause of the sung vocals. I’ve seen em a couple of times live and they’ve been ok, not sure if I could listen to this CD a lot though, more something I could give an occasional play to.  AIRBOMB / P O BOX 2335 / ROMFORD / ESSEX / RM7 9AW.

AMBULANCE The End Of Our Time CD Powerful sounding stuff from Sweden here. This is a new crop of Swedish bands that follow the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise style rather than the Swedish old style kangcore that personally I prefer. This CD will go down a storm though with folk who don’t live in the past so much! Its certainly heavy and powerful, top production, and overall competently done. There’s certainly a lot worse bands around than Ambulance.  WASTED SOUNDS / SKOLGATAN 110 / 903 32 UMEA / SWEDEN.

V/A Direct Action Arkangel CD A benefit for various animal rights organisation, put together by the folk from the now disbanded Active Slaughter. Great comp of many of the bands doing the rounds in the UK, at least, those ones from the anarcho scene who care about animal rights. 24 traks from the likes of Anti Product, Kismet HC, Lost Cherrees, The Mingers, Conflict, Severed Head of State, Icons Of Fith, Cop Car Pile Up etc.  Your support is needed. It’s £5 ppd, though no postal address is given. Check the website At the time of writing we have some copies here at Ripping Thrash distro.

MISERY Next Time/Who’s The Fool.. CD Profane Existence are certainly prolific these days, with both the label and the mag, I don’t how they manage the workload! Anyway, this is a sort of discography, of this US crust punk band from the 90s. There’s some EP tracks on here, plus their second full lenth LP, and an unreleased track, so 19 tracks in all. If you like Extinction of Mankind, then you’ll love Misery too. Old style crust, slow and heavy in places, sometimes atmospheric, think Antisect, Amebix. I remember not really liking these much when they were going, but listening to them again after all the years, they are growing on me. Maybe cause this sort of band is rarer in the scene now. I should also mention that the packaging is great! Plenty of artwork, some old photos, and the lyrics.  If you like old style crust punk with some metal influence, check this out. PROFANE EXISTENCE, address elsewhere.

COMA Demo This is a cool cdr that I picked up at Coma’s recent gig in Nottingham.  This is the new band from Goz who used to be in Spanner, Oi Polloi, Avaricious, as well as a few other bands. They are from London and to me they do have that London anarcho punk, hard and angry kind of sound, with dual female vocals. I am probably not doing it justice here cause I really like this, both the music and the vocals. Only 4 tracks, but it is their first release.

GURKHA Death To All Fanatics Demo  Another CDR that I picked up at the same gig as the Coma demo, although I’d see Gurkha play a couple of times and also got their tracks on the Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru compilation CD on Blind Destruction Records. Anyway, Gurkha’s latest offering is 6 tracks of fast crust punk, with pretty guttural vocals. Fuckin evil sounding. No melodies here, this is downright nasty. The result of too many cider hangovers maybe? Good shit, but certainly not soothing to the ears!

DISRESPECT Justice In A Bag CD I like this band. I reviewed their Justice In a Bag EP but it never got to print due to not doing a zine for so long, but that review is on my website. This is that EP, plus another EP also released in 2004, on one handy CD, and at the end 3 cover versions of songs by L7, Abrasive Wheels, and Turbo Negro.  Tuneful punk with the bass prominent in the sound, they have 3 singers, one female (and most prominent). Very UK anarcho influenced. It amazes me that these days anarcho punk is more popular in the US than it here, and there’s lots of US bands with UK influences, whereas all UK bands seemed to be influenced by bands from the US! Anyway, this is really worth getting. They also have a new EP available, also on Profane which I’ve yet to hear. PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

SEND MORE COPS Demo 2005 A decent demo here from Boston USA. 7 tracks, but no info on the band or lyrics. It’s a pity bands these days don’t make booklets etc unless they’re putting out an album or something. I remember bands years ago releasing several demo tapes, all with fold out covers.  Anyhow, the music here is shouted fast hardcore with one or two slower parts. Typical old style Boston style really, and they do a decent job. Just had a look on their website, and they’ve split up! The demo is still available though. SEND MORE COPS / 898 HUNTINGTON AVE, APT #3, BOSTON, MA 02115, USA.

THE ADULESCENTS UK Banging A Shovel Against A Shed CD  Easily the worst thing I’ve reviewed this issue. When I saw the union jack flag on the cover and the words British punk rock you know what to expect.   Awful plodding and repetitive 77 style punk, which I’ve never been into I’m afraid. And I’ve noticed that bands that make a special point of being “British” and “punk rock” are usually shit, or is it just me? YAKAKAA RECORDS / 137 DONCASTER ROAD / TICKHILL / DONCASTER / SOUTH YORKSHIRE / DN11 9JD.

AUKTION D-Beat Rock N Roll Mayhem CD  Hailing from Sweden, I’m sure Adulescents would hate this! And like above, I don’t know why Auktion choose to describe their sound in the title of the CD. Surely that may put off some people who might actually like it? I dunno why we have to fuckin label everything, although I guess I am guilty of that myself too.  I must confess though, the cd title is a fairly accurate description! An ace CD it is too, yeah there’s the Discharge influence, and there’s a r’n’r feel in places with some of the guitar pieces, and you also get heavy dose of that Swedish speed and intensity which reminds me of Totalitar in a lot of places, which gives it an edge for me.  A nice thick booklet with lyrics, in Swedish but with English explanations provided. One of the best items received this issue!  WASTED SOUNDS address elsewhere.

MOUTHGUARD / DRONGOS FOR EUROPE split CD  Not a bad CD this. Old style streetpunk here, which is not really my thing, but this is OK. Mouthguard are from Australia, a bit basic. Drongos are from Birmingham and have been going now for at least 20 years now (or is it longer? I’m sure I first saw them in the mid-80s).  They are playing old style but aggressive tuneful punk, and I liked their side of this split, I’d never actually heard them before other than live). Worth checking out.  BULLPIT RECORDS / P O BOX 8232 / WOOLLOONGABBA / OLD 4102 / AUSTRALIA. (Available in the UK from Retch Records I believe).

LAST UNDER THE SUN All Empires Crumble MCD I like Last Under The Sun – I liked their album even though its more melodic than the stuff I mostly listen to, but its emotive hardcore and interesting all the time, they remind me of an old US band Sensefield. This MCD is a response to the Iraq invasion (ok I reviewed this a little late!) and the band are involved in the Stop The War coalition – as a result this release is angrier and thrashier, from the first short number “Fuck The Government”, the other tracks are more like their albums tunefulness but with a harsher edge throughout. IRON MAN RECORDS / PO BOX 9121 / BIRMINGHAM / B13 8AU.

DETESTATION Discography CD Great stuff from Profane Existence again! It was good to hear Detestation again, as I used to listen to them often in the 90s and had their releases in the Ripping Thrash distro. Angry and passionate anarcho punk crust in the 90s style, with shouted female vocals, more stripped down and less heavy than todays crop of US bands, but I still prefer this kind of sound. More punk than metal influenced if you like.. anyway, if you missed out in the 90s, then pick up this handy cd, which contains their LP, tracks from various EPs plus covers by Crucifix and Kaaos! PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

PROVOKED Prepare For The Cold CD Awesome crust punk from the US here, on Profane Existence once again! Maybe the best of the bunch of stuff they’ve sent me for review… this one is what I’d call 90s style d-beat crust.  Fast beats in places, mixed with some intricate rhythms and some metally guitaring… the music reminds me more of (East) European crust punk than US bands, and set to growled female vocals from one of the editors of the Profane Existence mag, which are in the style of Harum Scarum from the first album. Nice booklet enclosed with their political lyrics open for view. I love this one, more please! PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

PROVOKED Infant In The Womb of Warfare CD Awesome cd from Minneapolis, this is their album from 2003, with a different singer. The female vocals on this are more tuneful and more obviously female, but still with plenty of venom. I wasn’t going to review both albums what with lack of space this time, but its so awesome it deserves a mention! Both albums are awesome although I think I marginally prefer this one! CD includes 3 tracks from a previous split 7” as well. PROFANCE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO Helvetin Elementit 7”EP Awesome stuff from Finland here! Not listened to this for ages and I had forgotten how good this band are. In fact, Ripping Thrash was meant to collaborate in a 7” of them with some other labels, but for whatever reason it never happened. That’s how high we regard them here! I hope they are still going. Not sure what the band name means, but the title of the EP means Elements of Hell!  Fast hardcore punk here with plenty of speed changes and with the classic style Finnish vocals, and no metal or crust influence, just straightforward fast thrash punk. Can’t say enough good things about this one!

DISRESPECT Wartorn 7”EP The newest stuff from this US band that I also reviewed earlier. I only just realised that they have Dan from Profane Existence singing for them! UK 80s anarchist punk in style, with two male vocals and one female vocal.  Lyrics mainly concentrate on war issues (appropriate really as the US is always at war with someone), and one song about the evils of all religions.  You should definitely get this if you’re needing a change from all the noise and crust stuff that’s about! PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

HERO DISHONEST / MUKEKA DI RATO split 7”EP Saw a review of this that described both bands as ripping thrash, so I guess they must be suited well to the pages of this ere zine! Is the description accurate? Well Hero Dishonest I’ve reviewed in these pages before, and they are from Finland, playing straight ahead fast and raging non-metal influenced thrash punk, like the old days. Raw sounding but tuneful at the same time and with very short songs! Energy! Oh, one track is a Joy Division cover. Mukeka Di Rato are from Brazil and I found them a bit strange. Starts off with a reggae number, then goes forth into some short raging stuff, but does have a habit of flitting from style to style here and there. It passed me by a bit really. IF SOCIETY RECORS / JYRÄNGÖNTIE 7 AS 1 / 00550 HELSINKI / FINLAND

FILTHPACT / ATOMGEVITTER split 7”EP Good to see the UK (Scotland in this case!) is still producing some top brutal bands! This is a bit old now, but is a good taster for the upcoming Filthpact / Atomgevitter split LP that we at Ripping Thrash are helping to put out (should be out June 2006 plug plug!).  Filthpact are brutal fast grindcore with screamed vocals. Some of the best grindcore around at present. Atomgevitter play more straightforward thrash punk, angry sounding with some twists and turns here than there. Kinda like Fuck Hate Propaganda but with slow bits more often.

HANGOVER HEARTATTACK s/t 7”EP This one’s been out a while, but is worth a mention.  A very young band from the Leicester area (at least they all look very young when I’ve seen them play), but they play fast and amazingly tight thrash punk with spastic twists and turns and screamed vocals. Fans of Fuck Hate Propaganda take note. Hope there is more from this band soon! FORCE FED RECORDS / C/O DUANE FARROW / 25 BELGRAVE AVENUE / LEICESTER / LE4 5PB.

HELLSHOCK Warlord 7”EP  Good political crustcore out of Portland USA here. This one came as a pleasant supruse as I’d never really come across them before. They have other records out too I believe. Coming from Portland, they are bound to be influenced by many crust type bands. There’s a big Amebix feel to these 2 songs as well. Warlord is a mainly slower number with as dark atmospheric crust feel to it, while Legion is a faster crust number with galloping drums and some guitar solos. I shall look out more for these. If there’s a criticism its that there are only 2 songs! PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.

MIHOEN! s/t 7”EP 10 awesome Dutch ragers here! Think old school Dutch bands like Larm and Seein Red and you can’t go wrong. Short songs, fast and tight as hell, and no metal influences anywhere! This whole thing is impressive – it’s a thick slab of vinyl, enclosed in a cardboard double gatefold hand sillk-screened cover, with a 16 page booklet with lots of texts, lyrics plus explanations in English of the songs, topics covered include the evils of capitalism and big business, the death of the right-wing Dutch politican Pim Fortuyn, cctv etc. Fantastic! TRABUC RECORDS / P O BOX 160 / 46470 CARCAIXENT (VALENCIA) / SPAIN.

SICK 56 / HIGGINS ++ split 7”EP 1 track from Lancashire’s Sick 56. Traditional British punk rock sound here.  Their track is called Losing The War, not sure about the lyrics, are they advocating locking up lots more people into prison? Perhaps an explanation would have been useful? On the Higgins++ side, Andy ditches his acoustic guitar this time, and teams up with Sick 56 to do a cover of Got A Revolution. Ouch! Pretty awful record I thought. JSNTGM RECORDS / P O BOX 1025 / BLACKPOOL / FY3 0FA.

CONSTANTE ZERO / ADIAPHORIA split 7”EP This is a bit of a strange one. I usually love Spanish hardcore and punk, but I found this one hard work, although certainly not dull! Constante Zero kick us off with some really dischordant kind of sceamo hardcore, sometimes fast, sometimes slower with metal influences. Adiaphobia are similar, especially in the screamo vocals but its less dischordant and more ‘traditional’ hardcore punk sounding. Kinda hard to describe. If it just sounded a little better and had shouted vocals instead I think I’d probably like it? Lyrics in Spanish with no translation. The only thing I could pick up was ‘copyright is shit’! TRABUC RECORDS address elsewhere.

NOSFERATUS SUBWORLD / ULTIMO PRESO split 7”EP More from Spain here. No label is mentioned and I can’t remember who sent it to me, probably Trabuc Records again, so try there if you’re interested. Nosferatus Subworld kick us off with 2 longish tracks of metallic crust thash sort of stuff. Pretty good although I thought the guitar was too low in the mix.  Ultimo Preso are metallic crust hardcore as well, with short fast songs. Decent but nothing amazing.

BOLZ’N 7”EP This one’s a difficult one to describe… from Germany, this is grindcore but in a very dischordant style, heavy and experimental, kinda like Headache and Cerebral Turbulency mixed up with twice the heaviness. This is truly fucking insane, difficult to describe and pretty difficult to listen to as well to be honest, I didn’t like it at first, but at the same time I appreciate what the hells going on. Fuck, I give up on this one! Fuckin amazing and awful at the same time! ULAN BATOR / POSTFACH 350212 / 10214 BERLIN / GERMANY.

S.I.K.A. / KOBRA XI split 7”EP S.I.K.A. are from Slovakia and they play what I’d call old style Eastern European hardcore punk. They play fast, fairly simplistic stuff with a lot of energy, and they definitely have that east European feel to them, with no metal influences. Ace stuff! They do a Raw Power cover too. Kobra XI are from Czech and do grindcore, pretty average for me and it was disappointing after hearing the S.I.K.A. side.  They do a cover by Monster X. Multi label release. To be honest I can’t remember who sent me this one! Think it came from one of the following 3 people: TEMPLETTON RECORDS / HONZA KARASEK / SLADOVNI 1291 / 752 01 / KOJETIN / CZECH REPUBLIC. or SUKKPRODS / SEMIH ORHAN / FETHIYE MAH / ISIKTEPE CAD. AKKENT SITESI / N/3 NILUFER / BURSA / TURKEY.

STRONG AS TEN s/t 7”EP Fast as fuck thrash punk from France here. Stop/Start mayhem from start to finish with hardly any slower parts. Fast and furious and with a nice and powerful sound. Finishes off with a Minor Threat cover. (I Don’t Wanna Hear It).  SHOGUN RECORDINGS / 2 RUE DE LA COLINETTE / 51110 BOURGOGNE / FRANCE.

STRONG AS TEN / SHALL NOT KILL split 7”EP This one confused me, as its all in French and it took me a while to figure out this was actually a split!!1 doh.. Strong As Ten give us some more fast thrashy numbers, the same style as the record described above. Shall Not Kill are also from France. They are pretty awful, 2 songs here of slowish metalcore, which didn’t interest me at all. SHOGUN RECORDINGS, as above.

SUBMERGE / KARRAS split 7”EP 2 more French bands, but unfortunately of the slower plodding metalcore variety. Even the faster bits are way heavy. I just found this boring to be honest.  SHOGUN RECORDINGS as above.

V/A Nuestras Voces.. Son Vuestras Pesadillas CD I love these kind of packages.. a comp CD enclosed in a 7” sleeve with a full booklet.. awesome! Its all in Spanish so I can only get vague ideas, but as with a lot of Spanish releases, there’s a lot of work gone into it, and it seems a political as hell. The booklet is more or less like a full zine – 40 odd pages with each band getting a page, and then there’s half of the booklet which is partly about Radio Bronka (which the CD is a benefit for) and some pages which seem to be just unrelated texts and articles. Bands are from all over and are in the noise/crust/punk ein, such as KOBAYASHI, EXECRADORES, DISFACE, CATHARSIS, HUMAN BASTARD, ATROCIOUS MADNESS, MACHINE THAT FLASHES, with the occasional more melodic band, most notably COJOBA. RADIO BRONKA / P O BOX 25102 / 08080 BARCELONA / SPAIN.

YAKUZA HORROR Demo Wow! The only tape review of this issue! I don’t get many tapes these days, I think hardly anyone puts out a tape nowadays… well I’ve always said that as long as it gets the message across then I’m into any format/medium… if its political/in the spirit of DIY etc etc then go for it! This is another band from the excellent Trabuc Records in Spain. Downtuned crust punk in the old style E.N.T. style, this band being a side project of members from KARNVAPEN ATTACK and DOWN TO AGONY. Decent enough fare. TRABUC RECORDS, address elsewhere.

CAOS OK / NO CONFORME split LP And the Spanish revolution here at RT HQ continues….great front cover artwork on this one… but unusually for these Spanish releases, no booklets or texts other than the lyrics on a printed sheet. No Conforme win this one hands down. Fast Swedish style crust with male/female dual vocals. Short sharp songs, with a Mob 47 cover. Only clocks in at 9 minutes though, so could have been an EP, especially as I couldn’t get into Caos OK at all. Slower crust sort of stuff, quite metally, but has a kind of punk n roll feel to it throughout as well, which a few bands are doing these days, I’m afraid it passes over me! TRABUC RECORDS address elsewhere

DERROTA s/t LP This is the Spanish band that toured in 2005 and played the Means To An End fest at the 1 in 12 in Bradford (they toured with fellow countrymen Leadershit). This is one heavy record, in more ways than one! A heavy slab of vinyl, enclosed in a really thick card cover, it must cot a fortune to post these LPs out everywhere… the music is modern day crust punk, ie really heavy, sometimes fast but with a fair few slower bits as well, and incorporating todays influences such as Tragedy etc. I find this stuff pretty samey, but its done competently here and with enough slower pieces to vary it up. Near on 40 minutes on this 12” as well which is unusual these days.  I think the band released this themselves, but my copy came from Trabuc Records who are handling its distribution. Address elsewhere.

HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD s/t 12” I list it as a 12” cause it plays at 45rpm so not a full lp. Full on fast D-beat Swedish style crust here. Has got the usual ingredients and a modern crust feel here sometimes, but I think the fast nature of most of the songs stop it going from into boring metal territory, although there is a lot of guitar riffing. Think Skitsystem or Wolfbrigade at their best and mix in a few of the modern crust bands and I think you’re there. Reminds me of Ambulance to be honest.  Decent stuff coming out of Spain once again.  TRABUC RECORDS address elsewhere.

INTENT Double Positive CD Not sure if these are still going, as I got this for review ages and ages ago, but I believe Suspect Device have still got some for sale.  Mostly fast paced tuneful US hardcore sort of stuff, this genre is pretty predominant in the South Coast hardcore scene I believe, although I’m not really an expert in the genre, but to me it sounds a bit like Pilger who are from the same area.  Fast, to the point, no metal, and positive, fists in the air sort of stuff done in an 80s/90s way. It’s a good un. SUSPECT DEVICE RECORDS /  P O BOX 295 / SOUTHAMPTON / SO17 1LW.

FRIVOLVOL Frivolous Volume 2: The False Security Program CD A Finnish band here playing tight and fierce as hell hardcore, done in the modern way which reminds you of Tragedy and the like, but typically of Finnish bands with plenty of twists and quirks in this. For a couple of songs I was really into I, but after a while I became samey and pretty annoying I’m afraid. I guess I just prefer the fast up and at em stuff! IF SOCIETY RECORDS, address elsewhere.

BATHTUB SHITTER Dance Hall Grind CD The second album from these Japanese grinders, still obsessed with shit too judging by the lyrics. Vocals are sometimes and sometimes screamed/cackled, musically, sometimes fast grind, but too much of the time its mid-paced grind, sounding much more thrash metal influenced which put me off large parts o this cd I’m afraid.

HARCIALEM s/t CD Here’s a demo of a new band to me, from Turkey. They are playing modern sounding punk rock, they seem to have quite a lot of influences judging by the sound, hard to compare though, as they have those typical Turkish vocals which give it a unique style, if you’ve heard any other Turkish bands eg. Rashit, you’ll know what I mean. Interdispersed you also get some ska bits.  The tracks that are mid tempo driving punk are pretty good, but at the same time there’s too many outside influences going on and it starts to annoy me as its just too varied.  Available in he UK from: DAVID PENGILLY / 101 MANOR ROAD / HULL / HU5 5NS.

LAMANT s/t CD Their second demo so far as I am aware. I have the songs from their other demo which I am supposed to be releasing on a comp cdr when I eventually get my arse into gear…Short sharp fast non-metal crustcore punk here with short songs, 14 songs here in 9 minutes. A few slower parts here and there. Oh, and they’re from Belarus.  Its an old style and certainly nothing new, but done competently, with plenty of energy and rage! GREEN / P O BOX 205 / MINSK 220107 / BELARUS.

THE MERCURY LEAGUE La Libertad Es Un Show CD A new band name to me, these are hailing from the home of Leatherface, and The Bunker, ie Sunderland!  Powerful melodic hardcore punk, which brings to mind Propagandhi, albeit a bit less aggressive sounding.  This is a decent CD if you’re into that style. -

FORCED MARCH Six Songs CD This is a good demo cdr that I got sent out of the blue by this band.  Angry pissed off sounding political hardcore punk in a 90s style, with 2 vocalists. They sound a little like INFEST, cause of the vocals, but the music’s probably more downtuned and crusty, without ever being metal influenced whatsoever, and they slow it down a bit more often than Infest.  Think they have a CD album out now which I am sure is better and I wouldn’t mind checking it out. FORCED MARCH / c/o J. HUGHES / 2619 NE 6th PLACE / PORTLAND / OR 97212 / USA.

SMASH ‘N GRAB s/t CD A decent demo from Down Under. Cider fuelled crust punk with metallic tinges here and there. Sometimes fast as fuck, but some slower parts too. You’d expect some guttural vocals to go with this, but instead you get a shouted, sneering vocal style, which I’ve heard before in a few Aussie bands. Which makes it a little less generic and a little more punk sounding I reckon.  Lyrics are about police brutality, killing the bosses, nuclear power and smackheads. Hope to hear more sometime! P O BOX 1239 / STRAWBERRYHILLS / NSW 2010 / AUSTRALIA.

EBOLIE Elevation Into Disintegration CD More from Down Under, this is insane technical grindcore, played fast as fuck, with growled vocals, this has all the ingredients of classic grindcore, although this has more leanings to death metal as well, which isn’t really my thing. Older Napalm Death is about as far as I go with that. Unlike some grindcore, this has top-notch production, so everything sounds really brutal and crystal clear, and played flawlessly.  GRINDHEAD RECORDS / 69 MELROSE AVE. / SYLVANIA / NSW / AUSTRALIA 2224.

V/A Conspiracy Of Giant Noize Woodpecker Mutant From Outer Space CD Noisy comp out of Indonesia with 27 tracks in 24 minutes! Nice little booklet. On the CD is I OBJECT (USA, tuneful hc with female vocals), TRAIN IN VAIN (fast noise Indonesia), KOBRA XI (Czech, crust/grind), JACKSTONE (Indonesia, fast hc/punk), DICK CHENEY (Sweden, punk/crust), POWERCORE (Indonesia, fast punk), and SUNPOWER (Belgium, old BGK style). Good comp, although each band seems to be over in a flash. Standouts for me were I OBJECT and JACKSTONE. TIME UP RECORDS / JL. MUHAMMAD ALIF No. 4 RT04/05 / DEPOK 16425 / INDONESIA.



(always include a SAE when sending for a zine)

SLUG AND LETTUCE #85 Great to see that Chris is still going on with this zine, which is still free, but if sending for it, include postage. Alternatively, it’s available in the UK from Active distro, London. Essential DIY hc punk resource, and tons to read inside the pages for a free zine.  The advertising pays for it, but they don’t over-dominate like in some free zines. If you’re looking for people to write to, or if you are involved in the scene somehow, this is an essential resource.  Inside the pages you’ll find tons of reviews, and Chris always writes a lengthy piece on the front page about what she’s been up to or thinking about, and there’s a bunch of guest columns too. Awesome! P O BOX 26632 / RICHMOND / VA 23261-6632 / USA

HEADWOUND / BALD CACTUS split zine (£1.00) Awesome split zine this. Two long running and hardworking Leeds zines get together. There is absolutely tons to read in this, no space is left unused, tons of rants, reviews, gossip, list of reliable distros, as well as the usual band interviews and articles etc. Headwound has interviews with Insurgence Records, No Respect, Opcio K-95, Burn All Flags, Forced Entry. Bald Cactus has chats with Peter Bower Records, C.D.S., No Substance, a review of the Stig (Icons of Filth) memorial gig in London and more!). Both zines contactable c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

BARBIES DEAD #17 (50p + SAE) Long running punk zine, definitely old school and in chaotic cut and paste style nowt wrong with that!). For an A4 zine though there isn’t really a lot in this… its only 50p, but it is really a short read. There’s a PILGER interview, plus some reviews, info on the Plymouth Punks picnic, a couple of short rants (one about the death of pets, and one about the deportation of a local Kurdish family). ALEX / WOODHOUSE / THE SQUARE / GUNNISLAKE / CORNWALL / PL18 9BW

POOR AND FORGOTTEN #21 Latest issue I have of this mini zine, done by Matt, who so far as I know is still doing this zine from the inside. This time it’s a double-sided A3 sheet folded up into a handy pocket size little zine. An interview with a US punk radio station DJ, a few ads and contact addresses, cartoon strip and an article about prisoner abuse.Send a dollar to: MATT / P O BOX 59 / LINWOOD / MA 01525 / USA.

AGITATE #6 40p + SAE At last Chris has got Agitate back to a ‘proper’ zine format, still in the same style, think back to the Aversion days, but with a few less pages. Focusing strongly on the anarchist crust punk scene.  Interviews with Ruin, Extinction Of Mankind, reviews, and stuff on the Cardiff Anarchist Network, Black Bloc, and National ID Cards. CHRIS /  P O BOX 202 / SHIPLEY / W YORKS / BD18 3WB

PROFANE EXISTENCE #49 ($5) Wow! I don’t know how Profane manage it, their zine has now become really regular again, this one is the latest of 3 issues in 2005. I think #50/51 is maybe out now too, a double issue with a comp CD. And its now more like a book, with a glossy full colour cover, it looks awesome, but still with the great enthusiasm and quality of content inside. Interviews with bands such as Voetsek, Schifosi, Mutiny, FxPxO,  Christine who does Slug And Lettuce zine, an article on the Italian Anarchist Fedration, an account of the La Rivolta anarchist-punk fest in Boston, recipes, and a stack of reviews.  Essential.  P O BOX 8722 / MINNEAPOLIS / MN 55408 / USA.

VIOLENCE #6 (2 Euros) Fairly regular mag now out of Poland. Very professional looking 76 page A4 zine with glossy colour cover. Covers music at the extreme end of the spectrum, still some h/c and grind in here, but each issue seems to be more and more metal influenced. Thus, there are a ton of bands I’ve never heard of. The ones I am familiar with are: BRUCE BANNER, FUBAR, er, and that’s it! Lotsa ads and TONS of reviews.  Cheap cover price due to the revenue gained from ads, so worth a look. SMG /  P O BOX 46 / 21500 BIALA PODL / POLAND.

PROFANE EXISTENCE #50/51 ($10) Awesome resource from P.E. as always… this one’s taken a bit longer than the last few issues, but its well worth the wait and it’s a double issue along with a compilation CD.  The good thing about the new format is that they are able to put much more content into it and everything is much more indepth, including photos, artwork etc etc. This one has interviews with Imperial Leather, Mass Genocide Process, Ruin, Sick Terror, Apatia No, and there’s also a massive interview with Skuld Records, which also documents their entire back catalogue. Lots more in the zine besides! The compilation cd is interesting as it features tracks from all their back catalogue, so you get 80s/90s raw European punk and moving through to more modern and powerhouse crust bands. Best of the bunch are CONTROPOTERE, AMEBIX, LA FRACTION, CRESS, OI POLLOI etc. One thing that’s a bit frustrating though is that I couldn’t find a tracklist for the CD, at least, there wasn’t one with my copy, and there’s plenty of bands I didn’t recognise. Other than that, top notch package! PROFANE EXISTENCE address elsewhere.


BALD CACTUS #24 (50p + SAE) A brand new Bald Cactus, this time reverting back to the much superior A5 format following the split with Headwound.  This time interviews with Abrasive Wheels (ouch!), Andy Higgins, The Dauntless Elite, and the Restarts, and seems to be more reviews this time around. Plus the usual rants and opinions, all with the Bald Cactus sense of humour thrown in. A good read. BALD CACTUS / c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

LAST BREATH #1 A new zine on the block, which is always welcome. Hailing from Serbia, unfortunately none of it is in English, but it looks very good! Interviews with I Object, Insted, Rambo, Prank Records and more.A4 size zine and tons of content, lots of reviews too and some guest columns. NEMANJA BOSKOVIC / V. VLAHOVIC D3 1/7 / 19300 NEGOTIN / SERBIA & MONTENEGRO.

PERRO MALDITA #3 This one’s a year or so old now, but I think the zine is still going with a new issue planned. A good zine from Italy, all in English, thankfully for us illiterate Brits! Nicely laid out and crystal clear printing, and features stuff from around the world (noisy and grind genres), although surprisingly little from Italy. Anyhow, interviews with Warsore, and Vitamin X, plus old interviews with Infest and Death Side re-printed, plus some reviews and articles. Hope to see a new issue soon! PERRO MALDITA / RAFFAELE SIRONI / V. BIFFI 11 / 20050 SULBIATE (MI) / ITALY

BLACKPOOL ROX II #8 Bit of a strange one this. This issue comes with a comp CD, the Ugly Truth About Blackpool. Andy Higgins who puts this together is obviously a stalwart of the Blackpool scene and has done a lot of research and put a lot into this project, which is a documentation of the Blackpool scene since 1976. But the whole thing just makes me think the scene in Blackpool really is pretty shit! Hardly any bands who interest me at all. Its obviously a very 77 oriented scene, which I suppose is bound to put me off.  The other problem with this is the inclusion of Skrewdriver. They have a track on the comp CD, although it’s a track from the band before they originally split up, and before they were reformed as a nazi band. So I suppose its difficult to do a Blackpool documentary without them, but on the other hand, everyone associates with them with the nazi stuff, and personally I’d prefer that the band is ignored and erased from the memory banks forever.  I guess this one is going to divide folk.  Personally I’m going to erase from memory this whole zine and cd, cause it just ain’t what I’m into musically or politically.  P O BOX 1025 / BLACKPOOL / FY3 0FA.

CODEYE # ? (50p + SAE) Long running punk rock zine from Middlesbrough. No issue number on this one? Also no editorial, which is unusual, instead the address is on the front cover, and the first inside page has an interview with the awful Red Eyes. Would’ve preferred to read an editorial meself. A short read, and mainly focuses on the older style UK punk. Also has a very short int with Poundaflesh, stuff on the Damned and Discharge, review of a Goth fest in Whitby, lots of reviews, although there seems to be a fuck up with the printing, as a load of reviews appear twice, including a review of one of my own comp CDs. Cheers for reviewing it twice, Rob! ROB / 23 FALKLAND ST / MIDDLESBROUGH / CLEVELAND / TS1 4JH.

TOXIC STRESS #20 (50p + SAE) Think this one is a little old now (1 year?) but I’ve not heard of a new issue from Ade. Long running zine from Derby that used to be a newsletter but now seems to be firmly entrenched in full on punk zine status. This one has an interview with Plum who for years has organised the Derby Punks Picnic on Bass Rec. Very interesting to hear what he has to say, gig promoters often get pretty much ignored in zines. Other chats are with The Meanwells and Anarchoi zine. Plus the usual reviews. Good to see there’s still a zine operating in Derby, keep up the good work. ADE / 26 RUTLAND AVE / BORROWASH / DERBY / DE73 3GF.

PLOPPY PANTS #4 (50p + SAE) Awful name but this is a great little zine from north of the border.  An interview with O.C.D., the rest is rants, some serious, and lots of silliness abounds too, plus a bunch of reviews. And there’s a free cdr with the zine, lots of bands, like OI POLLOI, DUCKSTAB, FILTHPACT, ATOMGEVITTER, AFTERBIRTH, WARDEAD, EASPA MEASA etc.  A true bargain for only 50p! RODDY PLOPPY PANTS / PILLARS OF HERCULES ORGANIC FARM / FALKLAND / FIFE / SCOTLAND.

BEAT MOTEL #4 (£1.50) Wow! This is a fuckin thick zine. 80 A5 pages, done pretty much by one bloke, and not that many months it seems since #3. Dunno how he manages it. We don’t really share the same outlook in bands etc, but you can’t criticise the effort that’s gone into this. Tons of bands interviews, reviews, articles, opinions,humour, guest columns, its all here. Reminds me very much of Real Overdose from a few years ago. Bands featured are THE DUEL, CHARLIE BROWN, PELICAN, and THE REAL MCKENZIES. There’s also a very useful 2 pages of listings of current labels / zines / distros! BEAT MOTEL / 71 RECTORY ROAD / IPSWICH / SUFFOLK / IP2 8EQ

YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO HOPE #6 & #7 (send a stamp) Another cool 8 pages from sunny Nunny… no bands or reviews, which is how Jon likes it. This time there’s a rant on how wrestling is shit (agreed!), how to make bat boxes and a veggie beer guide! #7 carries on with a list of some more veggie beers, plus how to make a log pile, a rant about walking, and a rant about letter writing instead of using email.  Send off for it! JON WEST / 71 MERLIN AVENUE / NUNEATON / WARKS / CV10 9JY.

TRUST #117 This one’s been around longer than Ripping Thrash! International type zine from Germany, with professional looking layouts and print, with the usual guest columns, ads, reviews, list of tourdates and things that you come to expect from the bigger mags. Its all in German, except the reviews of non-German zines. Interviews with Pansy Division, Propagandhi, Razorcake zine etc.  A good place to go if you want your zine/record etc reviewed as I’d guess its got a large print run. TRUST / POSTFACH 11 07 62 / 28087 BREMEN / GERMANY.

INITONIT #19 (50p + SAE) Paul is certainly knocking these out regular now, putting me to shame he is.  Interviews this time with MDC, Deadline and Bonesplinter,  but the thing I enjoy most about this zine is the short to the point no bullshit reviews, and the short angry rants, which are blunt as fuck but get the point across. Subjects this time are Rules, Chip Shops, city life, Supermarkets, and tons tons more! One day I will count up the number of swear words in this zine, its rising with every issue.  And if the f word is too tame these days (I mean lets face it everyone uses it now!) then the c word crops up a nice number of times too. This editor is angry! Let em ‘ave it Paul!  This cunting zine is fuckin ace! PAUL / 10 REGENTS COURT / PRINCES ST / PETERBOROUGH / CAMBS / PE1 2QR.

AGITATE #7 (40p + SAE) It shows you how long its taken me to get this zine done, cause it only seems two minutes since Chris put out the last issue of this, but then in his editorial he bemoans the fact that its taken him 6 months to get this one finished! Well I suppose in Ripping Thrash time-speak, that is a short period of time!  Anyway, another essential zine here from Chris, anyone into brutal punk/crust etc should have this. Interviews are with GASMASK TERROR and LEBENDEN TOTEN and there’s the usual smattering of sorted political articles and reviews. Address elsewhere.

BORN CAUGHT #2 (50p _ SAE) Good to see Si and Jayne from Proof Distro doing another zine. I didn’t know there was an #1, the last zine I saw from Jayne was the Names Have Been Changed zine which I reviewed in a previous issue. Good stuff this. As with most Leeds/Bradford zines, a good mix of intelligent and searching interviews with bands at the noisier end of the spectrum, and politial articles etc.  This one has an interesting interview with Ireland’s EASPA MEASA, one with Colombian punks ANTI TODO, plus a Colombian scene report, women in prison, why prisons should be abolished and more. Get it! P O BOX 53 / LEEDS / LS8 4WP.

GADGIE #20 (50p + SAE) Well if you’ve read the other side of this split zine then you know that Marv has a writing style all of his own and can certainly tell a good yarn. It always amazes me how much detail he can remember stuff of as well, especially in relation to years gone by, childhood stories etc!  Well if you want more of the same from Marv as in this split issue, then this is his latest available ‘solo’ issue.  Most interesting read for me this time was the account of a trip to Antigua where the singer from Brezhnev now lives building boats! Lots of other stories and silliness, which I still haven’t read all of yet, plus a Flyblown interview, stuff on Urko and related gigs, and on the back page is a listing of all 100 Boston Indian Queen gigs! P O BOX 93 / BOSTON / LINCS / PE21 7YB.

MARSULI #3 A cool Finnish zine with plenty to read. Ersuli writes quite a few reviews of gigs, which makes me think he gets to see some good finnish bands, although his reviews are totally honest and quite often critical, which makes it interesting to read (and criticism is often a good thing). Interviews with Abduktio, Catheter, hardly any record/zine reviews (which I guess makes a change!), 1 book review, stuff on the hypocritical attitudes of the mass media to Israel and Hamas, guest columns about work and an interesting one by Janne from Flagburner zine about technology, advocating that technology is actually good and that it is abused by corporations / capitalism. Fucking good zine! At the time of writing I have some of these for distro too.

THIRSK FIRST #1 (50p + SAE) This is a new zine in which the editors from various other previous Thirsk area zines have got together, plus some contributors from other places too, I’m not totally sure if this is going to be an ongoing zine, but what you do get is a pretty comprehensive zine with plenty to read. Int’s with the Foamers, The Mingers, and featured artist Kristen Ferrell, guest columns, which are good and take up 8 pages of the zine. Good to see enough writings of people in a zine of this type, cause they’re usually only prevalent in the larger newsprint type zines. Good zine I hope they can get it together for another issue. P O BOX 132 / THIRSK / YO7 1WR.

MAJOR MALFUNCTION #2 A short zine from the Philippines. Interviews with S.B.V. (USA), HOLIE R THAN THOU (USA) and A.F.M (Philippines), reviews, and some short articles about types of stroke disease, Vietnamese fear of the internet, and animal testing. Not much to read really, it’s a shame there’s not a bit more in there about the Philippines.  WALID ‘LED’ MA’AROUF / #11 ST MARTIN ST. ROSALIA VILLAGE #2 . TADANG SORA / QUEZON CITY / 1116 PHILIPPINES.

MOST PUNKS ARE TOTAL ARSEHOLES / STICK 2 FINGERS split zine Cool split issue, and hadnritten throughout. Stick 2 Fingers is Mick Lightweight and its his last ever issue. An interview with RAW POO, P.A.W.N.S., reviews, a Casualties gig review, and not much else really. Didn’t really hold my interest for long. MPATA is a bit more serious and seems to have more effort put in. An interview with Intensive Care, a rant against students, silly stuff on raves & gay people in history, plus the obligatory reviews (well a page of them anyway!) MPATA / P O BOX 35913 / LONDON / N17 9YP.

TOILET PAPER #12 Plenty to read in this unusual German zine. Interviews with Le Tigre, Del Cielo, Ani Di Franco, plus random articles and ramblings, mostly stuff about or related to feminism, all in a rather chaotic cut and paste layout.  I guess this must come out pretty regularly, as the last time I reviewed this it was #2, and it wasn’t that long ago! ALVA DITTRICH / JOH.-KOHLMANN-STR. 8 / 53913 SWISTTAL / GERMANY.

Phew! That’s the end of the reviews at last! Its been a long haul and slightly rushed as I did the reviews all at once (well over a few weekends) where normally I’d review stuff when I received it.  I will be going to back to reviewing stuff when I get it from now on, in keeping with the hopefully new regime of getting the zine out a bit more often, ahem!