2005 zine reviews. New reviews to be added soon.

INFINITE MONKEY #5 (60p + SAE) Good read this from the guy who plays in the Devils and puts gigs on at the 1 in12 club Bradford. So there’s an intro about putting on gigs, what he’s been up to, plus reviews of some gigs he’s put on and some other gigs attended. Interviews with Apatt, Hero Dishonest, Like A Kind of Matador, & Narcosis, plus some other rants and the reviews, which are quite harsh in places although Ewan feels he has been at times TOO lenient this issue!! Ewan has odd tastes to a certain extent, lots of things he doesn’t like, and what he does like is very varied… fair play though, his individuality comes through and he is saying what he genuinely thinks, which makes this an interesting read…  EWAN FRATER / 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

ATTITUDE PROBLEM #34 (50P + sae) Great read this. Plenty in this, all done handwritten, but still legible, kinda in the Hell and Damnation style but less ‘arty’…  the theme of this issue is the war on terrorism and war in general with some heartfelt writings on the subject from Steve. Band-wise, Attitude Problem is into the same style of noisy political hc punk as myself so enjoyed the band interviews here with Uro, Severed Head Of State, Born/Dead, and Pilger. Good zine!  STEVE HYLAND / P O BOX 326 / LEEDS / LS7 3YR.

BALD CACTUS #22 (50P + sae) The new Bald Cactus, and I read all of this pretty much the same evening… very interesting interviews with Active Minds and Conflict, plus one with Indicator too, and the usual humour, rants and reviews that you expect from Bald Cactus. This issue though the interviews are the best bits! ANDY CACTUS / c/o 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

PROPAGANDA #3 £1 First time I’ve seen this zine from Nottingham, it’s a interesting read. Good interviews with Kevin Seconds, Anti-Flag and Strike Anywhere, which explore politics etc quite well. There’s also one with Dillinger who come across as being rather arrogant to me… also some reviews, editors thoughts, and some guest writers. There’s some interesting bits on the British constitution (comparing it to punk ethics!!?), and the WTO. EDDIE / 279 MAIN STREET / CALVERTON / NOTTINGHAM / NG14 6LT.

YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO HOPE #3 (SAE) Jon gives us another 4 page cut and paste style little zine, with no punk rock whatsoever !! just a few rants and bits and pieces… this time How to make a Bird Feeder, a guest writers page, and a rant by Jon in response to a newspaper article about Solihull being ‘one of the least gay towns in the country’ !! You only need to send an SAE to: JON / 71 MERLIN AVE / NUNEATON / WARKS / CV10 9JY.

INITONIT #17 (50p + SAE) More of the same from Paul, the things I said about his last issue are true here. Short zine, minimalist layout, short and to the point rants on a slew of subjects and no-nonsense reviews. This issue has chats with Lost Cherrees and Fuck Hate Propaganda. Ace zine! PAUL / 6 HIX CLOSE / HOLBEACH / SPALDING / LINCS / PE12 7EN.

SUSPECT DEVICE #43 (£1 + SAE) Long running zine here from the South Coast.  2 people are doing this zine and they get quite a few regular contributors, so it ends up pretty varied….. interviews here with Intent, Discharge, Assert, and No Substance. There’s guest columns (lots of em!), and a lot of reviews by the different people, and there’s usually quite a bit of info on what's happening in the south coast scene. Good regular zine! P O BOX 295 / SOUTHAMPTON / SO17 1LW.

PROFANE EXISTENCE #45 Wow, this is a smart package!!!! This time they’ve gone full magazine size, with a colour gloss card front and back cover, and you get a compilation CD with the zine.  Recent issues have been free newsprint zines, and mainly politically focused, this one is more equally shared between punk and political I would say. Inside you’ll find chats with Phobia, Behind Enemy Lines, Garmonbozia, Marald (punk artist), articles on the effects of globalisation in Cuidad Juarez (Mexico),  VRAH squat in Czech,  punk vs. sexism, and much more.  You get the usual letters and columns and the CD is a 15-anniversary of PE’s label releases. Bands include Doom, Nausea, Hiatus, State Of Fear, Detestation, Extinction of Mankind etc. Oh, and in total the zine is 100 pages. Absolutely essential punk/anarchist resource zine! P O BOX 8722 / MINNEAPOLIS / MN 55408 / USA.

ANARCHOI #9 (?) Not sure of the price of this one, its A4, so probably a pound. James is knocking these out pretty regular these days…. This is the third issue of this I’ve reviewed this year! This one’s a better issue than the last I feel because of the bands interviewed, which include Bastards Trained By Bastards, Scunnered, Eastfield, Wasted Nation and Apocalypse Babys… there’s also a couple of non-band interviews which is always a good idea, in this case Retch Records, and Psycho Fish videos. Add to that a lot of punk rock chaos, lots of humour and lots of reviews. JAMES GEMMELL / 3 HAZEL GROVE / KILWINNING / AYRSHIRE / KA13 7JH / SCOTLAND.

THE PUTANG INA MO TURBOCORE ZINE #2 Free newsletter offshoot of Gran Peligro, international hc and punk zine from the Philippines. This is just 4 pages and has an interview with Organ Grinder, grind band from France, plus an interview with Serbian zine Akupunktura. JAY GARCIA / CLUSTER-M / LOT-72 / BAGONG NAYON 1 / ANTIPOLO CITY / 1870 PHILIPPINES.

HEADWOUND #16 £1 Rachel and Chip’s 2nd issue now in the A4 format, and another cracking issue….  This is coming out more or less every six months and fair play to them for that cause there’s a hell of a lot of work gone into each issue, and its all their own work, puts me to shame really…. This issue sees the usual indepth interviews, this time with CDS, Apatia No, Fighting Chance, Slendermeans Distro, Belligerent Declaration, Proof distro and Positive Creed distro. Lots of sort rants here there and everywhere, no space on the pages are wasted. Quite large review section, even the reviews are long and indepth too. Fucking impressive.. C/O 145-149 CARDIGAN ROAD / LEEDS / LS6 1LJ.

ARF #1 (£1) New zine from deepest West Country here.. cut and paste style with a good punk attitude and DIY ethic. There’s an interview with Brighton’s Anal Beard, the rest of the zine features more local stuff, chats with S24, Violent Basket, Weapons of Brass Destruction, and Consumer Radio..plus short interviews with some people involved in putting on gigs in the Yeovil area, plus there’s a Yeovil scene report. 49 ST JAMES ST / SOUTH  PETHERTON / SOMERSET / TA13 5BN

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE (50p?) “A magazine of stuff and things” it says on the cover… mainly a zine of political infos, articles etc with an emphasis on all things Leeds… no punk rock in here for ya, but you get an interview with SchNews (Brighton direct action newsletter), Leeds hip-hop artist Scott (Beat Inspection nights), an article on grass roots  resistance in Argentina, plus other rants and resource information etc. encyclomaedia@hotmail.com

PUNK SHOCKER #11 (£1.50) Been going since 1989, this one is Andy’s last issue. Strangely, as both our zines have been going ages, and Andy also loves Japanese hardcore, somehow or other our paths haven’t crossed much and I’ve only seen I think 2 issues of this zine ever!! Kinda strange but that’s how it goes sometimes. This issue is a massive double issue and Andy goes out with a bang! There’s a short Punk Shocker zineography to begin with, there’s a very long Poison Idea interview, as well as chats with Sensa Yuma, The Gits, and Icons of Filth, all the interviews are quite long and come out in a good conversational type way, good interviews! TONS of reviews, and a long outro at the end from Andy which nicely brings everything to a close.  Sad to see a long running zine calling it a day.ANDY / P O BOX I.T.A. / NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE / NE99 1TA.

LA BEAN #9 Very good Croatian hardcore punk zine, I reviewed the last issue too. A4 size, 32 pages, so plenty to read in here. One band interview – the Real McKenzies, scene reports from Croatia, NE area of Germany, and the Pampanga region of the Philippines, plus some columns and stuff by the editor and one other, plenty of reviews, a short zineography of La Bean… and there was an interesting set of small interviews with various people in the scene asking them about their thoughts on marriage and whether it is important or not! MARIJAN GALOVIC / KATURE 9/I-15 / 52220 LABIN / CROATIA.

YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO HOPE #4 More from Jon in sunny Nunny… free but send a stamp for postage. 8 A5 pages, this time with the main feature being on how to make a hedgehog house,  a list of better things to do than watch TV, people taking photos at gigs, and why Jon doesn’t want to do reviews. JON WEST / 71 MERLIN AVENUE / NUNEATON / WARKS / CV10 9JY.

BLACKPOOL ROX II A good dose of punk here from Blackpool. Not too much in it really for a quid.. but maybe cause it’s a bit too old school punk rock for me?  Has quite a local feel as there are a whole page of contacts of Blackpool bands, and there’s a few pages of Blackpool gig reviews as well as some other gig reviews.. to be honest there must be more going on in Blackpool than I thought and not just Holidays In The Sun! Some music and book reviews too round this off. JSNTGM / P O BOX 1025 / BLACKPOOL / FY3 0FA

SMASHED IMAGES #2 Good second issue of this zine from Holland.  Some colour printing that reminds me of Bobprint printing from Blackburn from years ago if anyone remembers them? Thankfully though much better quality here, and it is all readable. Interviews with Attila The Stockbroker, Daddy Longleg, Heros & Zeros, Counter Attack, plus some reviews, and an interview with a guy who’s involved in the Palestinian solidarity movement in Holland. P O BOX  1184 / 6501 BD NIJMEGEN / HOLLAND.

PLOPPY PANTS #3 50p + SAE My first sight of this Scottish zine, but its ace. Typical UK DIY punk zine really, with some good doses of humour. Good quality interviews with Oi Polloi and Eastfield, there’s a Fighting Cougars tour report, reviews, plus rants on the prices of records/gigs in the scene, Shit jobs, McShit, and working on an organic farm.  Looking forward to the next issue! RODDY PLOPPY PANTS / PILLARS OF HERCULES ORGANIC FARM / FALKLAND / FIFE / SCOTLAND.

WATER INTO BEER #9 £1 + SAE This one is well worth a quid, theirs is TONS to read in this, 64 A5 pages, another in the line of UK DIY cut’n’paste zines, this one is from Leeds, and I’ve only recently come across it (via Gadgie) even though they’ve obviously done a few issues. Too much in here to list everything, but there’s interviews with Shotgun Democracy, Same Day Service, Quatermain, Boxed In/Unkind tour report (from the perspective of a fan), actually I preferred the articles, as the interviews were kinda boring, maybe cause I wasn’t familiar with any of the bands? But there are tons of articles, probably helped cause there’s 3 editors for this zine. There was an interesting article to mark the 20 year anniversary of the Miners Strike. TIM LIVESEY / 48 WEST PARK GROVE / LEEDS / LS8 2DY.