This is the section dealing with Ripping Thrash zine. Nothing much has been posted here for some time, but the idea is that old content from the zine gets posted here when the hardcopy version of that issue is sold out. Its not a regular webzine or blog or some such.



A Network Of Friends #4 omnibus zine, of which Ripping Thrash (#32) is a part, along with Our Future, One Way Ticket To Cubesville, Gadgie + 3 more. Its 108 pages and is book form. 


August 2017: Another new issue out.... continuing our look at the early years of R/T zine. Features Electrohippies, Seein Red, Larm, Concrete Sox and more!

£1.75 ppd in the UK


March 2017: NEW ISSUE out at last....  #30 is a 56 page mammoth effort with a compilation CDr as well!

The zine featured new interviews with LAST UNDER THE SUN and NOFU, plus a reprint of old interviews from the early issues of the zine, featuring NAPALM DEATH, HEIBEL, ATOXXXICO and CITIZENS ARREST. The comp cd-r features a load of bands including POLICE BASTARD, DECLARATION OF WAR, VILE DISPLAY OF HUMANITY, FORGED IN THE FURNACE OF THE SUN, AGATHOCLES, ASSERT, EASTFIELD, THE DOMESTICS and more.

Its £3 ppd in the UK.

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October 2013: #29 has chats with CATHETER, DYSMORFIC, AGATHOCLES, NU POGODI, & STREETWALKER.  32 pages, still £1 + SAE.

Its been several years since posting any content here from issues of the zine that are long since sold out. Will try to catch up on this!


#28 has chats with HIBERNATION, LYNCANTHROPY and JOHN WHY, plus there's too many reviews, a bunch of photos and more!  £1 + SAE once again for 48 A5 pages. Still plenty of copies left.

#27 has chats with Steve Hyland, See You In Hell and Active Minds. Massive backlog of reviews.. photo page and more!  £1 + SAE. Still plenty of copies left.

#28 + #29 together - £3 postpaid. #27,#28,#29 together for £4.50 postpaid.





Distros/trades, get in touch!

And we still have copies of #25 left (the split with Hell and Damnation)


Plenty of copies of R/T #25 are still available for ther reduced price of 30p + SAE. This is the split issue with Hell And Damnation. Features Active Rebellion distro, Step On It, NK6, Vi Gruer Oss, Agitate zine, plus all the usual zine shit!



A Network Of Friends #3 is the latest omnibus zine and is co-ordinated by Ripping Thrash spring 2007. 100 A5 pages! Contributions from the following zines: AGITATE, ATTITUDE PROBLEM, BORN CAUGHT, DOMD, GADGIE, HEADWOUND, INITONIT, RIPPING THRASH, TOILET PAPER BIBLE & WHY. Interviews with KISMET HC, FRAMTID, RAJOITUS, KVOTERINGEN, LIES FEED THE MACHINE, GENERACION PERDIDA, CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR, THE MINGERS, AFTER THE BOMBS, BALLAST plus the wide mix of reviews, rants, tales, tour diaries, gig reviews and scene reports that you’d expect from so many different zines.   - NOW SOLD OUT.




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Very Old Stuff:

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