UK PUNK/HC GIG GUIDE  Updated 06/05/2019 10:22:25






Thu 9/5/19 Guns N Wankers, Spoilers, Pizzatramp Canterbury, Lady Luck Bar  
Fri 10/5/19 Guns N Wankers, Spoilers, Misfortune Cookie, Beverley Kills Stamford, Mama Liz's SOLD OUT
Fri 10/5/19 Eastfield Blackpool, Waterloo Music Bar  
Sat 11/5/19 Guns N Wankers, Spoilers, Misfortune Cookie London, The Lexington SOLD OUT
Sat 11/5/19 The Crippens London, Overdrive Studios  
Sat 11/5/19 Varukers Nuneaton, The Crew  
Sat 11/5/19 Eastfield Chasetown, Cottage Of Content  
Sun 12/5/19 Tunkio (Finland), Tolerance, MethCamp, Fidget, Your Dead Nan Bristol, Stag And Hounds 5
Fri 17/5/19 Cockwomble, Skurvi, Rabies Babies, Army Of Skanks, Dog Mess London, The Gunners N5  
Sat 18/5/19 The Crippens Glasgow, Audio  
Sat 25/5/19 Pizzatramp, The Deadites, South Holland Indecency Team, The USA Boston, Britannia Inn  
Thu 30/5/19 Drunk In Charge, Tin Fish, Bombs For Breakfast, Dogs Mess, Demented Ferrets Birmingham, Dark Horse, Moseley  
Fri 31/5/19 Warwound, Dehumanise, Virus, Constant State Of Terror, Indecent Assault, Cryo-Genics Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge  
Sat 1/6/19 Slaughter And The Dogs, UK Subs, Anti Nowhere League, Subhumans, Conflict, Discharge, Dirtbox Disco, Crashed Out, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Kid Clumsy, Vomit, Litterbug Manchester, O2 Ritz North West Calling. 28 adv. From 12 noon.
Fri 7/6/19 Alvin Gibbs and The Disobedient Servants, Criminal Mind Birmingham, Castle And Falcon  
Fri 7/6/19 The Lowest Form, Extended Hell (USA), Farce London, New River Studios  
Fri 14/6/19 FUK, Molisma (Greece), The Domestics, Migraines Bristol, Stag And Hounds  
Sat 15/6/19 Drongos For Europe, Mangled, Complete Dysfunction, One Man Stand, Vomit, Unholy Alliance, The Sentence Wigan, The Boulevard  
Sat 15/6/19 The Domestics, Molisma (Greece), Incisions, Better Reality, Drug Vulture Manchester, Fuel Cafe, Withington  
Sun 16/6/19 Varukers Blackpool, Waterloo
Sat 22/6/19 Citizen Fish, Bus sation Loonies Falmouth, Rugby Club 10 adv. 15 door.
Sat 29/6/19 Riot Squad, Foreign Legion, Braindance, Boots N All Plymouth, Underground  
Sat 29/6/19 Warwound, Social Insecurity, At Their Mercy, Iron System Edinburgh, The Banshee  
Fri 12/7/19 Guns N Wankers, Spoilers, Misfortune Cookie, Splitbox Leeds, Wharf Chambers  
Fri 12/7/19 Desacato Civil, Burning Flag, No Pulse Bristol, Chelsea Inn  
Sat/Sun 13-14/7/19 Guns N Wankers, PAIN, Fredag Den 13 E (Sweden), Spoilers, The Leif Ericsson, Poisonous Cunt, Rash Decision, Rat Cage, Atterkop, Rotten Foxes, Sallows, Monolitian, Luvdump, The Lab Rats, Better Reality, Hoax, Follow Your Dreams, Spillage, Qfolk, Lazlo Baby, Gurnal Gadaffi, Matt Woods Levenshulme (Manchester), The Klondyke Pumpkin Levy Weekender
Sat 13/7/19 Axegrinder, Burning Flag, Scum system Kill London, New Cross Inn  
Sat 13/7/19 Guns N Wankers, Spoilers Gateshead, The Black Bull  
Sat 27/7/19 Guns N Wankers, Wonk Unit, Frankie Stubbs, Get Dead, Maid Of Ace, Goober Patrol, Aerial Salad, The Murderburgers, Pizzatramp, Blind Man Death Stare, The Human Project, Laserchrist, Burnout, Eastfield, The Barracks, Project Mork London, The Dome, Tufnell Park Wonkfest 7. Doors 11:15am.
Tue 30/7/19 D.I. (USA), Pizzatramp, Blind Man Death Stare, King Ruckus Bristol, The Fleece  
Wed 31/7/19 Poison Idea (USA), Incisions, + 2 TBC London, New Cross Inn  
Sat 10/8/19 Grand Collapse, Pizzatramp, Rash Decision, Rotten Foxes, Cydernide, Migraines, Deathtraps, The Broken Bones Gentlemens Club, Los Savages, Goatorcycle (TBC) Bristol, Dean Lane Skatepark 12pm
Fri/Sat 30-31/8/19 FUK----Pizzatramp----Disorder----Contempt----Alcohol Licks----Cydernide----Spanner----Werecats ----The Menstrual Cramps----Migranes----Kiss me, Killer--
--Social Experiment----Plus more TBC
 Sat 12pm before gig -Picnic in Castle Park.
Bring some food to share.Fri -The Chelsea Inn, Bristol Sat- The Exchange, Bristol
Bristol Punks Picnic
Sat 7/9/19 Zounds, Bus Sation Loonies, Virus, Self Abuse, 51st State, cydernide, Butt Plug Babies Plymouth, Underground  
Fri-Sun 6-8/9/19 Chimpyfest London, New Cross Inn  
Tue 24/9/19 Asphalt (Japan), Pot Pourri London, Birds Nest, Deptford free!
Sat 9/11/19 Anthrax, Icons Of Filth, Civilised Society?, Sanction This, Active Slaughter, Bug Central, Brain Anguish, Decontrol, Truth Equals Treason, All Out Attack Bradford, 1 in 12 3pm. 15 members.  17 non members
Sat 16/11/19 Culture Shock/RDF/Nosebleed/Rash Decision/Dead Framed more TBA Falmouth, Rugby Club  
Wed 4/12/19 UK Subs Birmingham, Castle And Falcon  
Sat 14/3/20 The Ramonas Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge warm up for noise not music festival
Fri/Sat 24-25/4/20 Discharge, Axegrinder, Icons Of Filth, Varukers, P.I.G., Cress, Insurrection, Extreme Noise Terror, Billyclub and loads more TBC Birmingham, Castle And Falcon Noise Not Music Festival. 15 adv.