UK PUNK/HC GIG GUIDE  Updated 10/12/2017 12:56:37






Thu 21/12/17 2 Sick Monkeys, Eastfield, The Lab Rats Lancaster, Yorkshire House 5
Fri 22/12/17 Eastfield Kettering, Three Cocks FREE!
Fri 29/12/17 Eastfield, The Skalinskis Newcaslte Under Lyme  
Sat 30/12/17 Eastfield,Hacksaw and more TBC Bath, Bath City Lotto  
Fri 5/1/18 Culture Shock, RDF, Back To The Planet Bristol, The Fleece  
Sat 20/1/18 Police Bastard, Cress, Grand Collapse, Youth Avoiders, Brassick, Casual Nausea, Regret, Vitriolic Response, The Migraines, Feral Existence, Do One, Davey Psychotronic Manchester, Gullivers 8 adv.
Sat 3/2/18 Armoured Flu Unit, Rash Decision, Active Slaughter, Hello Bastards London, Hand In Hand, Brixton  
Sat 3/2/18 The Crippens Lancaster, The Bobbin  
Fri 16/2/18 Mob 47 (Sweden), The Wankys Sheffield, The Lughole  
Sat 17/2/18 Mob 47 (Sweden), The Wankys Sunderland, Pop Records matineee gig12-2pm
Sat 17/2/18 Mob 47 (Sweden), The Wankys Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy  
Sun 18/2/18 Mob 47 (Sweden), The Wankys Edinburgh, Banshee Labyrinth  
Sat 10/3/18 Ill Guerra (Spain), The Domestics, Satanic Malfunctions, Pat Butcher, Social Experiment, Habits Manchester, Fuel Cafe Bar, Withington  
Sat 14/4/18 Civilised Society?, Burning Flag, Truth Equals Treason Leeds, Wharf Chambers All proceeds will go to Leeds Anti Fascist Network. 6 adv. 7 door.
Fri/Sat 20-21/4/18 Antisect, Discharge, Hellkrusher, more TBC Birmingham  
Fri/Sat 27-28/4/18 Celebrating 30 years of the 1 in 12 club Bradford 1 in 12  
Sat 19/5/18 The Crippens Buckley, The Tivoli  
Fri-Sun 22-24/6/18 PAIN, GBH, Varukers, The Lurkers, Riot Squad, The Vile, Drongos For Europe, Crashed Out, Criminal Mind, Happy Spastics, Dragster, Butcher Baby, Mangled, Rotunda, The Cundeez, Brassick, Critihill, Cracked Actors, Contempt, Balsall Heathens, Contempt, Suckerpunch, Burning Flag, The Ten Bags, Leech Bleeders, Face Up, Complete Dysfunction, Immaculate Deception Birmingham, Wagon & Horses, Digbeth Punk For Pam. Weekend 25/30