UK PUNK/HC GIG GUIDE  Updated 09/11/2018 19:51:45






Sat 10/11/18 Menace, Eastfield, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Ambition Demolition Addlestone, The Cave At The Holly Tree 10 adv
Sat 10/11/18 Nothing Clean, Hoax, Nazi  Killer, Better Reality, Fatalist Manchester, Fuel Cafe, Withington  
Sat 10/11/18 Radical Dance Faction, Killdren, Sleeze, Uprisin Roots London, Empire Bar  
Sun 11/11/18 Eastfield, Surgery Without Research, Felons, Russ Crimewave, more TBC Canterbury, Lady Luck Bar early gig 5-10pm
Fri 16/11/18 Culture Shock, Charred Hearts, The Mistakes, Ghost Of The Avalanche, 51st State Chippenham Chippenham Punk Fest
Sat 17/11/18 Discharge, Conflict, Billyclub, Dragster, 4 Past Midnight, The Liabilities, Snide
Sun 18/11/18 Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Warwound, Screaming Dead, Blatoidea, AOA, Borrowed Time, Drunk In Charge, Complete Dysfunction
Fri 23/11/18 Eastfield Glasgow, Ivory Blacks  
Sat 24/11/18 Intense Degree, Gas-Tank, Insurgency, Ballpein, Salvo, Loose Nuts, Better Reality, Timmy Trampeater Liverpool, Drop The Dumbulls  
Sat 24/11/18 King Kurt, Surfin Wombats, Eastfield., The Brothel Corpse Trio, The Bastard Sons Of Cavan Kirkcaldy, Windsor Hotel 5pm til late. 15
Sun 25/11/18 Eastfield, The Mighty Uprisers, and more TBC Gateshead, Black Bull Afternoon gig
Fri 30/11/18 Eastfield, Steven Cooper Leighton Buzzard, The Wheatsheaf FREE!
Sat 1/12/18 Napalm Death, Madball (USA), Doom Birmingham, The Mill, Digbeth  
Sat 1/12/18 Eastfield, Steven Cooper Kettering, Three Cocks FREE!
Wed 5/12/18 UK Subs, Cracked Actors, Rotunda, Born To Destruct Birmingham, Castle & Falcon, Moseley  
Fri 14/12/18 Anthrax, Active Slaughter, Mindframe, Bug Central, Sanction This Manchester, Fuel Cafe, Withington  
Sat 15/12/18 PAIN, Certified., more TBC    
Sat 15/12/18 Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, Billyclub, The Fuckin Glorious Manchester, Star & Garter  
Sat 15/12/18 Dirtbox Disco, Hard Skin, Geoffrey Oi!cott, System Of Hate, Paul Carter, Boilermaker, Unholy Alliance, Litterbug Leeds, Brudenell Social Club  
Sat 15/12/18 Headsticks, Eastfield Newcastle Under Lyme, The Rigger  
Sat 22/12/18 Eastfield, TV Smith, Spaunk Volcano And The Eruptions, Fire Exit Manchester, Star & Garter STP Xmas Gig, 4.30pm start. 10.
Sun 30/12/18 Eastfield, Hacksaw and more Bath. Belvoir Castle  
Wed 9/1/19 Subhumans London, 100 Club  
Thu 10/1/19 Subhumans, Warwound, Ambition Demolition Bristol, The Fleece  
Fri 25/1/19 Conflict, ,Hospital Food Leeds, Brudenell Social Club  
Fri 15/2/19 Mob 47 (Swe), The Wankys, Urko, Rat Cage, Timmy Trampeater Nottingham, Alberts  
Sat 16/2/19 Mob 47 (Swe), The Wankys, Human Leather, Atavistik Death Pose, Farce London, New Cross Inn  
Sat 2/3/19 Extreme Noise Terror London, New Cross Inn  
Sat 2/3/19 Conflict, Poundaflesh, WORM, Radioactive Rats Nottingham, The Maze  
Fri 5/4/19 Crutches (Swe), The Domestics, Do One London  
Sun 7/4/19 Crutches (Swe), The Domestics, Regret, Do One Bristol  
Sat 13/4/19 Civilised Society?, Decontrol, more TBA Derby, Sitwell Tavern  
Fri 19/4/19 Doom, Agnosy, Haavat London, New Cross Inn  
Fri-Sat 19-20/4/19 Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, Deviated Instinct, DSA, Civilised Society? and loads more TBC Birmingham, Castle & Falcon, Moseley Punks Alive birthday bash 2019
Sat 1/6/19 Slaughter And The Dogs, UK Subs, Anti Nowhere League, Subhumans, Conflict, Discharge, Dirtbox Disco, Crashed Out, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Kid Clumsy, Vomit, Litterbug Manchester, O2 Ritz North West Calling. 28 adv. From 12 noon.