Question* by Vesna the rest of the questions by Dariusz

1.) Prologue.

-Kungfu Rick is a six piece band from Chicago,  IL. 

Members of the band have also played in Hewhocorrupts, Authority Abuse, Littleman Complex, and the Tale of Genji.  Currently the band has released a new LP (CD soon) full length entitled "Coming To an end" on 625 Thrashcore.


2) Has the time come for us to put our foot down?

Well, it may have sounded like an allusion which I had no intention of doing. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day anyway :-))

-Yes, hahahaha.  Good use of lyrics there.  I think it's much better to say something up front then to keep it inside.  I think the more you grow older the more you realize this.


3) "...and nothingness"? Can you feel frustrated when dealing with it?

-I guess it's only frustrating if you let it be.  You can look at life in many different ways.  One way is that nothing you do really matters.  So you could do things for the sake of doing them or you could just sit on your ass and do nothing.  I prefer to do things and not worry about if they matter or not.  I'd rather be doing things then sitting on my ass.


And Nothingness.

Your existence here is unveiled.  Just posit another to compensate for your fear.  Fear of truth.  Comfort in lies.  Bad faith.  Realize.  Relationship superfluous.  Giving in is so damn comforting.  Coward.  Move on.  Possibilities endless.  Possibilities super sized.  End up like the tongue of a beggar.  Dried up, forced to lie.  Saddle up, paddle up, take a swim, take it in.  Your dreaming, your dreaming.  Make a mold of the old for the coffin your living in.  Quivering.  Your dreaming, your dreaming.  Shivering.  Your dreaming, your dreaming.  (Lyrics by Brandon and Ryan)



4) What about Public Smoking Banishment? What do your polluted lung friends think about it? Never in me whole life have I smoked any fucking cigarette, would you believe it?

Public Smoking Banishment is about people smoking in public places.  Case in point, I use to ride the train a lot, especially in the winter when it was freezing out and in order to stay warm I had to stand inside the train depot with a couple others that constantly smoked.  I was pissed and thought why the fuck do I have to suffer because some shithead wants a fucking smoke, why don't they go outside.  Af far as smoking in general.  I have no problem with people who smoke.  It's a personal decision.  I'm only pissed when I have to pay for their choices.



5*) What is the bigger problem with American urban planning. Are there large problems with it like those rich neighbourhoods and slums?

-I don't think urban planning issues are unique to America.  I think you can find this problem in many parts of the world.  In Chicago the north and south are divide into this type of subdivision.  The rich usually live on the northside and the poor in the south.  Chicago has begun to knock down some of its projects but I think this is just ignoring the problem.



Pill People.

Prescribed treatments.  Patient submits.  And your relationship with your medication shit will get you no where.  Victim of health care.  Focused on meeting goals not to follow what you swallowed.  Heart crashed on Rolaids, I'm not living my life that way.  Hardened to kill.  Life based on pills.  Your just part of this no good nation.  Your just part of this crap we're placed in.  Tolerate these devastations.  Tolerate these revelations.  Broken pieces feeling ceases.  Self chose inflections cause mental addictions.  It's time we woke to a heartbeat protest breathing though our tv's.  Scripting words in metaphors while drifting off in our sleep.  Apply for a coma .  Social paranoia.  So attached.  Problems are inevitable.  You're not fucking metal.  (Lyrics by Ryan)

6*) Do you take any sleeping pills if you suffer from insomnia? What kind of treatments do you suggest instead of drugs then?

-I don't suffer from insomnia.  I don't think I'd take pills if I did.  I'd want to look for something that could help assist me that I didn't have to rely on as a crutch.  Too often today, everything is treated with pills.  Yes, some things need pills, like pain and such.  But other things don't. Again, it's a classic example of ignoring the problem and putting forth a temporary and faulty solution.


7*) What's your biggest fear?

-Not getting to ride every roller coaster in the world before I die.


8) Is really nothing accomplished by whining about the past?

-Not if you are whining.  Rather if you are reflecting about the past in order to understand it so you don't replicate something that you have already seen as a failure, then I'd say reflecting about the past is a good thing to do.



9*) What's the most depressing song to you and or which of  bands have the best lyrics written?

-I don't really think any of the songs are depressing because I don't think in terms of what is depressing or not.  I think in terms of how things can get better.  My favorite lyrics are the ones that capture what I'm thinking  about the most.





10*) Did you see Bowling for Columbine? What's your opinion on it?

-Compared to the other garbage in the media, I thought it was pretty good.  However, I don't think it really brought out the full truth.  There's much more to gun violence then what was said but you can't expect a quick movie to bring it all out.  If anything, I'm glad it was released so it could trigger some thought on the topic.  And it least it wasn't another piece of  shit action/teen comedy movie.


11*) Would you carry a gun for whatever reason and why yes....or why not? Why so many americans have guns...

-No.  If I'm going to die, I'm going to die.  And if someone wants to shoot me then fine.  I refuse to be apart of the gun culture.


12) Nothing personal! but have you ever carried a torch for anybody?

-Probably, I don't remember anything off the top of my head.


13) Would you venture to take a stroll through Milwaukee Avenue in the dead of night?

-Yeah.  It's sort of like the gun issue.  The fear is inside your head.  If you realize that no one is after you then you will realize that it is ok to walk around in Chicago at night.  Milwaukee Ave. is not bad at all.


14*) Can you give some cooking recipe? What is your favourite food?

-My favourite food is Fig Newtons.  I don't have any recipes.  Sorry.


15) From the KFR message board I have read that it seems like KFR video is going to generally be released. Can you tell readers anything about it?

-Yes, our final discography should have footage of our last show on it for all to see.  It should be out sometime early next year.


16) Epilogue.

-Thanks again Dariusz.  You are a great friend!


Ryan Durkin

196 Fairfield


IL 60126